You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 17,


What a Wonderful Life

Four Years Later


“MAMAAAAA!” My daughter, Jennifer, yelled from her playroom. I ran down with my five month old son, Jacob, in my arms to her playroom. My three year old daughter is standing in front of her potty chair and she is dancing. She has the genuine sweetness of her father and my looks. Jacob is just as shy as me and looks just like Carter. Carter and I got married three years ago, a year after he proposed to me. I was six months pregnant with Jennifer and Carter still gave me the wedding of my dreams. “Mama, me poopie in potty!” She said pointing to the potty and I smiled.


“Good job baby, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!” I said leaning down and kissing her. Jennifer’s blonde hair is in a mess, so I had to go and get a brush. I put Jacob in his play pen on his back so he can play with his toys as I fixed Jenny’s hair. “When daddy’s coming home?” Jennifer asked and I looked at the clock and it’s five in the afternoon.


“Any moment now,” I said and she got excited. I still remember the excitement when I seen that positive pregnancy test three years ago. I gave the test to Carter and he was in utter shock. He just kept saying, we’re are having a baby and I said yes every time. He picked me up and kissed me, and of course, made love. Carter and I still are madly in love and I think I cannot stop loving him. About a half hour later, Carter walked through the door and Jennifer ran and I gave up on trying to catch her. I went and got Jacob out of his playpen and we met with Carter in the living room. “Wow, my whole family is here to greet me,” Carter said picking up our daughter.


“Well, we all missed you,” I said and leaned in and kissed him. I looked down at his gold wedding band and I smiled.


“Jennifer, do you want to spend the night with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Vincent?” Carter asked and Jennifer got very excited. Three months after Oliver, I went to see my sister and we made up. She moved back to Miami and she met my ER doctor, Vincent. Carter and Vincent goes back to college and now Jessica and Vincent are happily married for four months now. She lost her baby three years ago, a miscarriage also, at four months. She is not pregnant or has any kids, but they are trying. “I wanna see Jessica!” Jennifer said and I laughed.


“Daddy will take you and bubba over there in a few minutes,” I said and she started to dance.


“Daddy, I poopie in potty today!” she said to Carter and he hugged her tight.


“Don’t grow up on me! You need to say little forever!” I know how he feels. It just feels like yesterday that I gave birth to Jennifer and Jacob. Jennifer’s delivery was very smooth and I had her fast, like in five hours. Jacob, on the other hand, I had to have an emergency c-section cause his heart kept declining with each contraction. He was about a month premature, but he has no problems. I went and packed the overnight bag for my kids and by the time I finished packing, Carter had both kids buckled in and ready to go. “Mama, lets go!” Jennifer yelled and I laughed. I ran to the car and we drove down about three blocks to Jessica’s house and we called her on the way. She is waiting outside for us and I smiled. Three years ago, I hated my sister because of my parents liking her more, or so I thought. When Carter rescued me the first time, I knew my parents loved us both equally. Jessica’s carefully clipped blonde hair is beautiful under the sun and she is anxiously awaiting for our arrival. I got out of the car and grabbed Jacob and walked to her. “I am so glad my niece and nephew is spending the night with us. Vinnie is already making a delicious dinner for us!” Jessica said and Jennifer smiled.


“Pizza?” Jennifer asked with her big brown eyes and Jennifer smiled.


“Of course, we always eat pizza when our niece is over!”


“Thanks Jessica for watching the kids for the night. I have a night planned for Summer,” Carter said and Jessica winked. I know something is going on, but I already know what it is. He will take me out to dinner without the kids, and we can finally have slow, lovemaking without any interruptions from Jennifer and Jacob. When we got in the car and watched Jessica get the kids inside, I smiled. “Just the two of us tonight,” Carter said and I blushed. I finally had my husband to myself!


“What are we going to do, husband?” I said playfully and he laughed.


“Well, wife, I am taking you to the restaurant that set up the dining room three years ago when I proposed to you. Then, we are going home and I am going to make love to you until the morning,” Carter said and my bottom half began to tingle. Oh my! He drove us downtown Miami and the valets are waiting on us. They opened my car door and I looked at the restaurant and I smiled. These are the people that helped made wonderful memories three years ago. Carter grabbed my hand and we walked into the beautiful seafood restaurant and the receptionist is waiting on us. “Harris table for two,” Carter said and she grabbed the menus and lead us to the table with the view of the Miami skyline. He ordered us some wine and we began to look at the menu. I decided to order the salmon platter that the private chef made us that night. “That sounds intriguing, but the grilled halibut sounds very good,” Carter said and I smiled. We ordered and Carter poured our wine. “To my wonderful wife and mother to our two beautiful children,” Carter said raising his glass and I raised mine.


“To my wonderful husband that I loved since I was in high school and the best father to our kids, I love you,” I said and we clicked our glasses together and sipped our wine.


“I love you too, baby,” he said and I smiled. We ate our food when it came and we didn’t order dessert. My libido is doing somersaults and she is ready for action. I think Carter is too because when I bent over to get my purse, I seen him peak at my cleavage. I looked up and smiled. “Why, Mr. Harris, are you peaking?” I said playfully.


“Why yes, Mrs. Harris, I want your body right now!” He said and his eyes darken, he is aroused. He paid for our food and we went on home. I put my hand on his thigh and squeezed it and he groaned. I looked up to see my husband and his once long hair is chopped up, but it is wrapped around his ears. He looks very desirable right now. When we got home, he opened the door for me and carried me in like the first time we made love. He took me to the bedroom and lay me down crosswise. “I want to taste you, feel you climax underneath me,” Carter said in that sexy voice. He unbutton my slacks and revealed the thong I wore on our wedding night. It is a dark purple lace thong and its his favorite. “Oh, Summer, you know how I feel about that thong,” Carter said and he pulled them down then looked at them and smiled.


“I know, that is your favorite underwear,” I said and he nodded and winked. He took off his clothes and he began to kiss my naval. He opened my legs and touched the faint scar across my pubic area. It now very faint and fading away and I am glad. My back is still pretty scarred up, probably for life. I look at them everyday thinking what I went through, and its how I got Carter in my life. Carter licked his lips and looked at me. “Mmmm, dessert!” Carter moaned and began his torture on me with his tongue against my clit. I squirmed underneath his touch and I ran my fingers down his strong back. He still works out everyday, even with Jennifer watching him and try to workout with her daddy. I can feel his muscle moving with him as he tastes me and try to make me cum, which I don’t want to cum like this. “Carter, I don’t wanna cum in your mouth,” I moaned and he licked me one more time and then looked at me. He has never looked sexier with my arousal on his lips.


“How do you wanna cum, baby?” He asked.


“You, inside me,” I moaned as his finger goes up and down on my wet pussy. He climbed on top of me and kissed my neck as he slid his dick inside me and I gasped. I closed my eyes and absorb the awesome feeling of Carter inside me. “Ready baby?” he asked and I nodded. He began our lovemaking nice and slow and I wrapped my legs and arms around him. I really don’t want this slow, I want it fast. We have not had real sex in a month or so, I want him. “Fuck me faster,” I said in the voice that does not sound like me.


“Oh really?” Carter said in a husky voice, pushing me hard as he enters me again. I moaned to agree and he started to fuck me even faster, taking my breath away. My nails dug into his skin on his back and I began to breathe harder, my heart races as my orgasm builds. I began to moan loudly and I love hearing Carter in total ecstasy. “Oh baby, oh fuck!” Carter moaned out and I raised my hips, wanting my orgasm to start and I want it to take my breath away. My legs began to shake and I screamed out his name “CARTER!” I pant and finally relaxed on the bed and Carter grunted his climax with my name and fell on top of me. We lay like that for a few moments, absorbing what we missed for a month then he got off of me. He wrapped me in his arms and I closed my eyes. “I have a wonderful life, Carter,” I said and he got on his elbow to look me into his eyes.


“And why is that?” He asked and I touched the stubble on his cheeks.


“Because you gave me everything, especially your love.”


“You gave me love too. I never felt this much love in my life until I had you finally. I love you, Summer Harris.”


“I love you, Carter Harris.” He leaned down and planted his lips on mine and he slid his tongue into my mouth and I already feel his hard on against my leg. I let go and I smiled.


“Round two?” I asked and he chuckled and cupped my pussy. He can feel me already wet for him again. I am ready for round two!


“Oh yes, round two!”

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