You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 16,

Chapter 16

A New Beginning


I was released from the hospital two days later to make sure I will heal good and I won’t bleed out from the miscarriage. I hate to sound bad, but I am kind of glad this baby didn’t live. I don’t think I would have loved it as well I should because it’s Oliver’s baby. Last thing I heard about Oliver and Maggie, they are waiting to be sentenced and they will be put in jail for a pretty good while. So, adios to Oliver! Carter asked me to move in with him, and of course I accepted it. My parents are glad since I will be next door. “When we get you home, I will make you a bubble bath and I will pamper you until you get better,” Carter said once we got alone for five minutes. I tried to move, but my chest hurts from my broken ribs. I have been ordered some bed rest for two weeks, so I cannot make love to Carter, and I felt so bad because he has needs and I want to fulfill them.


“We cannot have sex for two weeks,” I said sounding very sad and he laughed.


“I can live with that, you need to get better. Once you are better, we can go back to normal, okay?”


“Okay; I love you, Carter.”


“And I love you, Summer.”


My parents helped me move in with the rest of my stuff and I stayed in bed the whole time. Carter is setting up the bathtub with the bubbles and my mom and dad finally left. Carter came in and carried me to the bathroom and he undressed me and placed me in the bathtub. He began to walk out and I whined. “Aren’t you going to join me?” I whined.


“No, I got things to do for you in the dining room. I got a little surprise,” He said and I clapped my hands like a little kid. When he left, I sank into the warm water and closed my eyes. Wow, it’s like everything is back to normal now. No more Darin, no more Submissive shit, Carter is the love on my life, Amy is my best friend. What is next for me? I have online classes to start next week to get my degree in education. I want to be a teacher and teach young children. I pulled the plug and I reached up to grab the towel rack without hurting myself. I made it up without hurting myself too much and dried myself. I grabbed the robe and walked into the dining room, where Carter is talking to a man about the setting. “I want this perfect for Summer. She just went through hell this past couple of months and I want her to start a new life, with me,” Carter said and I smiled.


“Yes, Mr. Harris, we brought the finest white wine and the chef is cooking up some of the finest salmon and dessert in all of Miami. I think Miss Young will love it!” The man said and Carter smiled. I went back to the bedroom and Carter walked in and put his hands on his hips.

“Why did you get yourself out?” He asked and I smiled at him.


“Because I can!” I said and he laughed.


“You’re surprise is a private chef and a restaurant-like atmosphere, here.” I smiled and I knew there is something else. “It should be ready in about ten minutes, so get dressed. Do you want some help?” He asked and I nodded. I know we can’t have sex, I still want his hands on me. He grabbed the halter dress that is plum purple and help me put it on. I brushed my hair and watched Carter get dressed in a very sexy suit. “My, you look so handsome!” I said and he leaned in and kissed me and smiled.


“You look absolutely beautiful!” He said and I blushed. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the dining room and I gasped. The table has a beautiful cream colored table cloth with the finest dinnerware and the chandler is absolutely gorgeous. “Oh my God, this all for me?” I said and he kissed the top of my hand.


“For my love of my life, that lived through hell and here with me now,” Carter said and pulled out a chair for me. The waitress poured us some white wine and the chef came out with our salmon. I sniffed it and my mouth began to water. “Oh God, this smells so good!” I said and Carter smiled.


“Wait till dessert,” He said and winking at me. We ate and enjoyed the music that is playing in the stereo. This has to be the best dinner I had in a very long time. We both finished our dinners and the chef brought us a beautiful chocolate soufflé. Mine had a hole in it and I got a little frustrated cause they are suppose to be intact. Whatever, it still tastes good. Carter devoured his dessert and I took a spoonful of mine and bit into something metal. I spit it out and it’s a beautiful diamond ring. I held it in the air and Carter walked over to me and got on one knee. Oh my God, is this what I think it is? “Summer, I know we only dated for a month now, but we loved each other for years. Would you do me the honor of marrying me?” Carter said and his voice is full of emotion. My eyes filled with tears and I shook my head.


“Of course I’ll marry you!” I cried and he smiled and placed the ring on my finger. I reached over and I hugged him, despise the pain I am in and kissed him. I’m going to be his wife, OH MY GOD, I am going to be his wife!

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