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You're Mine Now

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED- AUTHOR THIRD FAVORITE PICK) Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called "friend" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!! View table of contents...


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Chapter 15

The End of Him

I woke up and I looked around. This place looks so familiar and I looked around some more and my heart raced. This is the playroom in Darin's place. Actually, his name is Oliver, right? I heard the door creak open and the female voice I heard in the bathroom grunted. "Fuck, she is awake, Oliver," she said and he walked in and smiled at me, that creepy, eerie smile.

"Miss me baby?" Darin, or Oliver, asked and I began to try to let myself free, but I am tied down. I am tied down with two scarf's.

"Darin…Oliver, please let me free! If you just leave me alone…"I was stopped by a slap across my face. He kneeled down and he smiled at me and touched where he slapped me.

"See, that is where I fail at, I cannot leave you alone, or little Oliver…" He said as he touched my stomach where my baby slept and I jerked away. How the fuck did he find out about the pregnancy?

"Leave my baby alone! He will never know of you!" I screamed and he hit my face again.

"Actually, he will. I am not going to let that stupid Carter dude raise my baby!"

"What will you train our baby to do, hit women? Kill women when they become boring subs?" He punched me across the face and I spit out blood and cried even harder.

"You bitch, where did you get that information?"

"Carter has connections with the FBI. Amy and Carter knows I am missing again and they will be here any moment…"

*Carter's POV*

"Bryan, Darin took her again, in a public place!" I screamed into the phone.

"Dude, we got the address and we will get her as soon as we can. A team is heading that way, so meet us there," Bryan said and I thanked him and got off the phone. Amy is still crying about letting her use the bathroom. I sat down beside her and grabbed her hands. It's been about six hours since Darin, or whoever the fuck he is, took Summer again. We tried calling the police, but they ain't no good at all. "Amy, it's not your fault, she needed to go take a pee break and she hates when people is around," I said and she nodded. "Bryan, my friend with the FBI, his team is going out there. I will go out there and meet with them and call her dad, he probably wants to see this," I said and she nodded. I ran to Amy's car and drove to the bastard's house and there is nobody there yet. There is one dim light on and two people standing over something and one is a female. That must be the woman that took Summer. I hope she is okay and not in pain…

*Summer's POV*

"OW, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I yelled as he use the flogger against my thigh again.

"Why can't you just fucking take the pain like the others?" Darin said and he slapped me. The woman, which I come to find out as Maggie, touched his arm and excused them from the room. When the door shut, I began to try to escape. His ties are very weak, so I wiggled myself free. I also found out that I have been knocked out for six hours. When I got free, I walked silently to the door and I didn't hear any voices. I opened the door and the whole hallway is clear. I looked down at myself and I am only in my bra and thong and I cursed. I ran down the hallway and I heard some clinging and the maid seen me. She knew I hated it here and wanted to help me leave the last time I was trapped here. I shushed her and she continued to walk pass me like she never seen me. I heard laughter and I jumped into the closet behind me and its Oliver and Maggie. "Oh Oliver, we can have so much fun before we kill her. She broke your heart and went to another man, she needs to go," Maggie said and I covered my mouth to stop a gasp. They do want to kill me!

"I know Maggie, but I love her so much, maybe just torture her until she wants to die?" He said and she made a evil sounding laugh.

"Sounds wonderful, baby. After we kill the bitch, we can go to Paris and enjoy our riches for the rest of our lives, as Dom and Sub."

"Mmmm, I love the sound of that!" Shit, I need to get out of here! I waited until I didn't see or hear them anymore and I ran out of the closet and I bumped into the maid and I tripped on her shoe. I screamed and I fell down the staircase until I felt the cold marble floor and taste my own blood. I began to lose consciousness and I seen Oliver and Maggie run down the stairs freaking out about me or something else…

*Carter's POV*

Five Minutes Earlier

"Bryan, you finally got here! I know she is in there!" I said and Mr. Young joined me.

"Where is that son of a bitch?" He asked and I told him inside. Bryan talked into his arm and told Alpha Team to go inside from the back and Beta team, which is me and Bryan, we wait to go from the front. When the time is right, I nodded at Bryan and we ran in. Summer's dad decided to join us, since he was in the Army for a little while, and we ran inside. "MIAMI FBI, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" Bryan yelled and Darin and an older woman put their hands up and I looked down and I felt the blood leaving my face. Summer is laying there, unconscious and laying in a pool of blood and in only in her bra and panties. I feel the rage build up in my veins and I want to fucking kill this man, for doing this to my love of my life!

"Oliver Jenkins, or Darin Roberts, what the fuck did you do to her?" I screamed and launched at him. I punched him until his nose is broke and his eyes turn black. Bryan pulled me back and let the bastard talk. "I…didn't do anything, yet!" He said and began to laugh and I wanted to punch him again but Mr. Young stopped me. "She tripped and fell down the stairs, I am not lying!" Oliver screeched and Bryan got the handcuffs out and threw them at two agents.

"Oliver Jenkins and Margaret Timms, you are under arrest for kidnapping and Oliver is under arrest for kidnapping and rape," Bryan said and the two agents took them away. The paramedics rushed in and got Summer off the floor and I ran with them to the ambulance. "She lost a lot of blood from her mouth and vagina…" One of them, a woman, said and my heart stopped.

"She is pregnant," I said and the ambulance got quiet.

"By the amount of blood lost from her vagina, she had a miscarriage due to her falling down the stairs." I sank down to my knees and began to cry. Why am I so sad about this baby dying, it's not even mine. I should be happy that this baby will not live knowing his father is a nut job and a murderer and wanted to kill his mother. "I am sorry for your loss, now we need to save your girlfriend," The other paramedic, a male, said and I nodded. They hooked her up to an IV, put some oxygen on her and stabilized her head. Before we made it to the hospital, I looked down at her. She looks so ashen and I touched her skin and its very cold and damp. Come on baby, live! I need you, I love you so much! They drove fast to the nearest hospital, Miami-Dade Memorial and they rushed her in. They stopped me and told me to go to the waiting room. When I sat down, I put my head in my hands and I began to cry again. No Summer, you better not fucking die on me! I love you so much, I need you alive. I felt the box in my jacket and I took it out and opened it and looked at the engagement ring I bought her yesterday. Even though we "dated" for only little under a month, we loved each other for years. I want to marry her, make her my wife. I wanted this baby to have my name, but too late. Summer's parents and Amy showed up and sat beside me. "Did she really fall down the stairs?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, they confirmed it with the maid. She wanted her to run away since she got there the first time, so she ain't lying. She said Summer was hiding and when she seen that Maggie and Oliver, or Darin, left, she tried to run but tripped and went down the stairs. She lost the baby," I said and Amy slouched back and her parents got very quiet.

"I am very sad for her for losing the baby, but do I sound bad that I am glad its better off this way?" Mrs. Young said and I nodded.

"It will never know of his father now," I said and we sat and waited for at least two hours for them to save Summer. A male doctor, a ex-roommate of mine from college, came out and shook my hand. "Vincent, how is she?" I asked and he sighed.

"She is alive and stable. She lost three pints of blood and we gave her a transfusion and she indeed miscarried. She didn't severed her spinal cord, just broke some of her ribs. A couple of days in the hospital and she is free to go home," Vincent said and I blew a sigh of relief.

"Thanks man, for saving her life."

"Just doing my job, Carter." Vincent smiled and let us see her before they take her upstairs. I went inside first and Summer looked at me and then she began to cry. I ran to her side and held her head in my arms. "It was terrible. I heard them, they wanted me dead so they can run to Paris and play their freaky games. I feel so stupid and clumsy, I killed my baby!" Summer wailed out and I shushed her.

"It's okay baby, we will have another baby someday," I said and she looked up at me and she smiled.

"We will?" I laughed due to her feeling so much better and I wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled back at her.

"Yes baby, a couple if you like." She rubbed her eyes and then her parents and Amy came in a talked to her. Summer seemed to relax more when her family came in and me. Well, this shit is over with, Summer can relax with me now and we can go on without Oliver Jenkins to ruin it.


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