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You're Mine Now

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED- AUTHOR THIRD FAVORITE PICK) Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called "friend" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!! View table of contents...


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Chapter 14

Safe, For Now?

Since Amy's dad is on a business trip for a week, Amy let Carter and I stay with her for a little while. Amy gave me a glass of juice and I barely can get it down. "Darin is nuts!" Amy said and I laughed. The same ol' Amy, slower than shit!

"We already knew that, Amy!" I said and she sat down beside me.

"You're safe here, unless he remembers me from the club."

"I highly doubt he will remember you. We are safe here, for now. We are heading down to the police station right now. We need to borrow your car, since he knows Carter's car." Amy nodded and gave Carter her keys and we are heading down to the police station. We told them about what I went through for about a month including kidnapping me, Darin's men attacking Carter's house, everything. The police let me put a restraining order on him and I pressed charges for kidnapping and rape, since he basically raped me for a month. "Miss Young, we will take care of Mr. Roberts for you. Don't worry, you two can move in whenever we catch him," the officer said and Carter shook his hand. We went back to Amy's house and we went inside with Amy and she is cooking us lunch. "So, how did it go?" Amy asked.

"There is a restraining order against him and I pressed charges for kidnapping and rape," I said and she smiled.

"Maybe this will end and we can go on with our lives."

"Well, I still have a piece of Darin with me, the baby." I reached down and touch my belly, I am not showing yet, but I have gained ten very needed pounds since I moved in with Carter.

"This baby will be nothing like him, baby!" Carter said and he kissed my temple. "He or she will be just like you!" I smiled and we enjoyed the rest of the day together. Amy had a date with some guy and she left us alone in the house. After she left, he tried to continue what we started before the attack at his house, but I have an awful headache and I pushed him away. "Sorry babe, I have a headache," I moaned and he nodded.

"Come on, let's go take a nap and later I will order us some Chinese take out, sounds good?"

"Yeah, sounds wonderful, babe." He carried me into the spare bedroom and we took a nice nap. I woke up around six that evening and Carter is already up. I walked into the living room and he is already ordering the food. I stretched my arms and that nagging headache is still there. It's a pregnancy thing, I guess. I went to the kitchen and got me some Tylenol for my headache and some water. Carter came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Still got a headache, baby?" Carter said and he rubbed my temples.

"Yeah, sorry, I just don't feel like making love tonight," I said and he kissed my temple.

"I don't care, your needs is more important than mine. I love you, so much."

"I love you too, more than life itself, Carter." I wrapped my arms around him and he placed his lips on mine and slid his tongue inside mine. I moaned and I hate myself for having a headache. Carter pulled back and smiled as he put some of my hair behind my ear.

"We can have fun tomorrow, okay?" Carter said and I nodded and smiled. The takeout came in and we ate and watched some television and about two hours later, Amy came in and she is smiling. "Had fun?" I said munching on a piece of orange chicken.

"I didn't know a man can be that sweet!" Amy said and I looked over at Carter and he is watching television still. I lay my head against his shoulder and I smiled.

"I know what you mean, Amy," I said and she knew what I mean. Amy went to her bedroom and then joined us and watched a few films. "Hey, Carter, I want to take Summer out tomorrow and have a girls day," Amy said and he nodded.

"Sounds good to me, just keep an eye out for that scumbag and his men," Carter said and Amy smiled. We all went to bed early and I lay there, staring at the ceiling. I looked over at sleeping Carter and ran my fingers down his face and I smiled. How can you NOT fall in love with him? He is sweet, caring, funny, and he loves me…ME!

"Come on, sleepy head! Carter already left and I got us a nail appointment in the mall in forty minutes!" Amy said and I groaned as I woke up.

"Who took…" I tried to ask but Amy interrupted.

"I took Carter to work and we have to get him at five thirty." I nodded and she threw one of her favorite tops and jeans at me. I put them on and she rushed me to the car. She drove the thirty minute drive to the mall and as we got our nails done, Amy began to talk about the guy she had a date with. "Peter was so nice to me, he even pulled my chair out for me!" Amy said and her nail technician agreed with her by saying "How romantic!" with her Asian accent and we laughed.

"Summer's man, on the other hand, is the most sweetest guy I ever met. He treats her like a queen!" Amy said and I smiled.

"I just wish I went with him instead of…him," I said and Amy nodded to agree and gave me the I-told-you-so look. We both got our nails done and headed out to the food court to get some ice cream, well I want ice cream and she wants a salad. We sat down and I looked at the little playground with kids in there, playing. Someday, my baby will be in there, playing. I will never tell him about Darin, his real father. His father will be Carter and he will be a wonderful father. I touched my belly and sighed, I just wish he would get a little bigger, he is freaking out his doctor. I wanted to use the bathroom and I stood up and excused myself. "Be careful, okay?" Amy said and I smiled and laughed because everybody is so worried about me. I went to the restroom and nobody is in there, so I done my business and went to wash my hand. I heard someone come in. I heard high heels and a blond woman with short curly hair, probably in her late thirties, putting some bright red lip stick on her lips. I smiled and tried to be polite. "Nice day outside, right?" I said and she ignored me. What a bitch, so I began to walk out and she finally spoke and her voice scared me. "Summer Young?" She said and I freaked out. How did she know my name? I turned around and she placed a cloth with weird smelling stuff and my world went blank…


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