You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 11,

Chapter 11

Obsessed with Her


*Darin’s POV*

“Darin, we looked all over the Haven Heights area for Summer, we cannot find her!” My colleague, Ryan, said and I stumped out my cigarette on my driveway. Summer has been gone for five days now. I heard something in the bedroom where Summer was the night she ran off and I went to the room and the window is open and I heard a car leaving. I ran out of the house and by the time I made it to the street, there is no cars in sight.


“Ryan, thanks for even trying, start looking at hotels to see if someone that looks like Summer checked in,” I said and Ryan ran out. I went to the playroom and touched the instruments I use on my subs. Summer is not my usual sub, she is much different. She has more fight in her and she cannot deal with pain as much as the others. I fell madly in love with her when I seen her at the club. I wanted her then. I wanted her tied up and I wanted to use the flogger and whip on her. When she laughed that day before I deflowered her, God, I can still hear it. I went to the bedroom and grabbed the pillow she lay on and smelled it. I closed my eyes and tried to remember her smile. She never smiled since she moved in. I went to the clothes dresser and I pulled out a piece of her underwear and sniffed it. It still smells like her sweet tight pussy. I need some release so bad, but I only want Summer. I need her so bad. I squeezed the piece of underwear then threw it. How can she fucking deceive me like this? Why would she leave me, didn’t she love me? I fucking love her so much I would die for her. I have problems and I know it. My step-father beat the living shit out of me from the age of five till I was fourteen. When I was sixteen, a woman name Maggie showed me the world of BDSM. I fell in love with it. I was her Sub and at the end, she showed me how to be a Dom. When I graduated high school, I went on to college and I met a girl name Heather. She was into the same stuff and she done what I told her and it got boring. One night, the night I was going to break up with her, I was choking her for pleasure and Heather didn’t say a single word. I felt her go limp and I let go and checked her pulse, she is dead. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran out of the college and away from that situation. I changed my name for the first time. That one time name change ended up with six more. Three months ago, I killed another submissive and I went to my computer and found a Darin Roberts. He was a fifty year old CEO of some big company and he is alone with no family or relatives. I stole his identity and had my men kill him. My real name is Oliver Jenkins. I am fucked up, I need control or I will go nuts. Summer keeps me in control and she is right for me. If I find her, she will get what she deserves. I just might fucking kill her!


About two hours later, Ryan came in with papers. “Summer was seen at a hotel not that far away from here with some man with dark long hair…” Dark long hair? Why does that sound so familiar? “…they left the next day,” Ryan said and I kicked a box. I thought we had her!


“Well, we know where she went after she ran. We need to find her, Ryan, she is the love of my life!” I said and Ryan slapped my arm.


“I will find her sir, and you know it!”


“You better or you’ll fucking regret it!” Ryan nodded and went back to work. When he left, I tried to remember what he meant by dark long hair man. Then, I remembered something. The doctor at the office I took her, his dark hair was in a pony tail. He is the one that took her! I don’t know who he is, I will find out and he will lead me to Summer.

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