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You're Mine Now

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED- AUTHOR THIRD FAVORITE PICK) Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called "friend" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!! View table of contents...


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Chapter 10

I Want to Be Loved Right

I sat on the couch all day and watch television. Carter has been in the garage working out for the pass two hours and it got me worried. I grabbed the robe to cover my lingerie up and I walked outside and he is punching his punching bag. He looks very mad and he is shirtless and in those shorts and he is very sweaty; it just looks so damn sexy. I licked my lips and my lower stomach began to stir up. My conscience came out from her lovely nap and told me to go up to him and talk. I shook my head and walked up to him. I touched his shoulder and he turned around and took an ear bud out and I heard loud metal music. "How you feeling, darling?" Carter asked and my heart went to my throat when he called me darling.

"Better, just bored. Carter, I am fine, you got me out of there in time," I said and he turned off his iPod and asked me to sit down. I sat down on the bench where he lifts over four hundred pounds and he sat down beside me. He drank down his water and he smiled at me.

"At first, I wanted to see you go off with men and have fun, you are twenty-one for crying out loud. Then, I realized something, I wanted you with me. You grown up since I moved in here and you are so beautiful," He said and I blushed. He grabbed my hand and kissed each knuckle and he smiled his beautiful, heart melting smile. "I want to take you out, somewhere Darin will not find us."

"He always took me to very expensive places downtown Miami, so just a regular ol' restaurant on the boardwalk?"

"Sounds good to me, we will leave at six, is that fine?" I nodded to agree and he leaned and kissed me and he tried to jerk back, but I grabbed him and held him against me. I want, no need Carter, to show me love. I know he loves me, he just doesn't know yet. Why would he go though all that shit to save me if I was just his friend? I clinged to him like it was the end of my life and kissed him with passion. He picked me up and pushed me against the garage door leading to the house. I pulled him closer to me, wanting so much more. His tongue touched every surface in my mouth and my hands went down to his hips and I pushed him closer, wanting to know if I can arouse him. I felt his hardness hitting my inner thigh and I let go and looked up at him. His eyes has darken and full of arousal and it looks hot. "I want you, Carter, maybe tonight…" I trailed off and he leaned down and nuzzled my neck.

"I will make it so memorable for you, baby," he said and I about cried. I never have been called that except for family. I think I am beginning to fall for this man.

I put on the outfit I began to wear today and Carter met me outside. Mom and Dad is standing outside and Carter is talking to them. My heart began to race because I knew what he is telling them. My dad had a stern look on his face and my mom looked kind of happy. I walked over there and Carter wrapped his arm around my waist. "I want your daughter to be with me, and I want your permission. I didn't save her because of friendship, it's because I really care about her more than friendship," Carter said and my mom smiled. I closed my eyes, waiting on the answer.

"You have our permission, Summer needs to feel what a man can really do for a woman, not hit and cause pain for sex," Mom said and I smiled and Carter opened the door to his car for me and we waved at my parents. He took me to this cute seafood place on the boardwalk and we sat down on the bench, facing the ocean as we ate. We didn't talk through the whole meal and it scares me. What is Carter thinking? He grabbed my plate and threw our plates away and grabbed my hand. When we got on the sand, I took my sandals off and we walked on the sand, still not saying anything. I miss the feeling of the sand between my toes. When we got to the part of the beach where there is nobody there, he sat me down on the sand. The sun began to sit in the horizon and I smiled. I always watched the sunset through windows and I miss this so much. Carter pulled me closer to him and I lay my head down on his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of a real man wanting me for me. "This is so beautiful," I said and he pulled some of my hair behind my ear and nuzzled my ear.

"Not as beautiful as you, Summer," he said and I looked up at me and I smiled. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down on top of me. He began to kiss me and his hands stayed on my waist, not moving. I want him to touch me, so I grabbed his hand and lead it to my breasts. He looked at me and I nodded. "I want to feel your hands on me," I said in a quiet voice and he cupped me. He knew I am not wearing a bra, don't need one when the shirt comes with a built in one. I closed my eyes and adored the feeling of being caressed right and I began to moan. He is very soft with me and he kissed my neck as he caressed me. I reached between us and touched his hard on and it's straining against his jeans. I squeezed it and he groaned. "I can't make love to you here," He said and I knew what he meant. We stood up, dust the sand off of us and went up to the sidewalk. We got in his car and it was nighttime by the time we got home. He opened the car door and looked around to make sure no body is around. He picked me up bridal style and carried me into the house and into the bedroom. My heart began to race and he came to me and held my face in his hands. "Are you sure you are ready?" Carter asked me.

"I need to be loved right, Carter, love me!" I said and he kissed me. He pressed me against the wall and I reached for his shirt and jerked it off. I finally get to touch his chest, I been wanting to for a long time. I ran my fingers down his hairy chest and them cupped his muscular chest and he groaned. "You don't know how long I've been wanting to do that," I said and he smiled.

"You don't know how long I wanted to do this," he said and his hands went to the bottom of my tank top and pulled it off and I covered myself. I am still the shy Summer he knows. He pulled my hands away and stared at my naked top half. "You are so beautiful, just for me," Carter whispered and he leaned down and kissed me. My breasts are pressed against his chest and the hairs are making my nipples pucker and he let go. His hands cupped them and I threw my head back, loving the feeling of his hands on me. He caressed them and I began to pant. His arms went around me and he picked me up and pressed me against his hard on. "That's what you do to me, Summer. You make me so hard that I have to get a cold shower and this happens everyday!" He said and I leaned and bit his lip as I unbuckle his waist snap then unzip him. Where is this coming from? I feel like a woman ready to be loved. Carter done the same thing, but he pulled my jeans off, and I am standing there in only my white lace thong. He told me to sit on the bed and I lay down and spread my legs and he didn't continue. He stared at me and I looked down and I cursed. The fucking whip mark across my pussy. "That was only one time, Carter. It doesn't hurt me, watch," I lean down and rubbed my inner thigh and then ran my finger up and down my wet slit and I moaned. Carter groaned and got on top of me and kissed my collarbone. "That just made me mad that he done that to you," Carter said and I kissed him as I held his face to look at me.

"Don't think about him, this is about us," I said and he nodded. His hand went down to my inner thigh and he cupped my wet pussy. Oh God, this feels so good! I pushed my hips up and he pulled my underwear off and slid one finger inside me and I moaned loud. He moved in and out so slow it drove me wild. He slid one more finger in and I just lost it. I began to pant because I never felt like this before and to make things feel even better, Carter leaned down and placed his tongue on my clit. I closed my eyes as his tongue goes around and around my clit and his fingers pump in and out of me. I began to feel my legs shake and I grabbed the sheets. Oh God, I am going to cum. "Cum baby, I want to taste you!" Carter said and I let out a loud scream and grabbed his head as my climax erupted and he pushed in one more time with his fingers and he climbed on top of me. After I can move, I lean up and began to take his pants and boxers briefs off. Carter helped me pull them down and I gasped. He is actually bigger than Darin and I closed my eyes. Darin hurt me when he went inside me, and Carter is bigger. "I will be careful baby, you are extremely tight," he said and I nodded.

"Carter, I want this to be my first time having sex. You are taking my virginity," I said and he smiled.

"I am honored to take your virginity, baby." He leaned over me and opened a drawer and he ripped open a condom and put it on. He hovered above me and I raised my knees up to cradle him. "You ready?" he asked and he pushed himself inside me. I gasped and grabbed him and pulled him to me. This has never felt so good in my life! So, this is making love, I love it! He slowly pulled himself out and pushed himself in. The feeling of Carter, my next door neighbor I am head over hills for, is making love with me, is fucking wonderful. I moaned and raised my hips up, telling him I want more, much more. "Make me feel your love," I said and he smiled and kissed my neck. He began to move faster and I moaned his name over and over and I ran my fingers down his beautiful face and he kissed my fingertips and I felt myself building up for another orgasm. I close my eyes tight and Carter began to moan. "Please baby, I want to look into your eyes as you cum," Carter said and I open them and its hard to keep them open. "Oh God, Carter!" I said as I grabbed him and pushed my body up as I climax and he cum not that far behind me. When he collapsed on top of me, I ran my hands down his back and he kissed my neck. I began to cry because I have been loved the right way. He got off of me and pulled me against him. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing, just so happy that I finally felt what making love should feel," I said and he smiled. I looked into his eyes and my heart raced. I love this man, I loved him for years. I was so scared because of my parents and our eleven years age difference. I am not scared of that now, it's just how he feels. "But I am scared, Carter," I said and he held me close.

"Darin will never have you again, not over my dead body!" Carter said running his fingers though my hair.

"It's not that, I…love you." I turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and held the blanket to cover my naked body. I heard Carter move and he is now sitting beside me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Why are you scared of because you love me?" he asked.

"That you don't love me, it's worse than Darin hitting me everyday," I said and he pulled me to his lips and he kissed my temple then my lips. When he let go, he is smiling.

"I love you, Summer, I have loved you since your graduation, probably before then." I smiled and kissed him. I am loved, the right way!


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