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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Yes, I am updating like crazy since I didn't work all last week, UGH! Yes, something happens in this set of four but that is not the only thing that happens. This event is a piece of cake next to the other event! Enjoy*

Chapter 9

Mother Knows Best

As we lay in his bed after our lovemaking the next day, I began to think. I have a man that loves me, and proclaims his love by making love and making me feel cherished. "You have to go home soon, baby," Jake said and I groaned. He sat up and gave me my clothes and underwear and he is frowning as well. "I don't want you to go either, but you need to. I don't want your dad to try and find you at the school and you are not there."

"I know, but I hate to leave," I whined and he touched my cheek.

"We have Friday through Sunday again. We will see each other every afternoon and if you can get away from lunch."

"I cannot wait till I graduate already. As soon as I graduate, I am home free and I can announce to the world that I am in love with Jacob Lancaster!" I threw myself on him and he is laughing.

"Same here baby, same here." I got dressed and I can feel Jake's eyes on me. I shimmed myself in my underwear and I turned around and I put my bra on me, making sure he sees me. When I put the bra around my breasts, I purposely grabbed my girls and pushed them up. "Quit that, Carmen, or I will take you again," He said and I put my hand on my hip and smiled.

"And that's a bad thing, why?" I asked him and he sighed.

"It's not, but your parents are expecting you home," He frowned and he began to put his clothes on. I finally got dressed and we went to his motorcycle and he took me home. When we got there, I can see that Jake is resisting to kiss me and hug me. I want to hug and kiss him so bad as well. "Jacob, Carmen, about time!" Dad yelled from the front porch.

"Hey Dylan, sorry we took so long, we had a test and a few homework assignments to grade," Jake said and my dad nodded.

"Care to join us for dinner?" Please Jake, say yes!

"Sure, I can use a home cooked meal," Jake said and winked at me. He had a home cooked meal last Saturday! Jake grabbed my things and he carried them inside for me and my mom is standing there with a huge smile on her face.

"Glad you can stay and eat with us, Jacob," Mom said and Jake smiled.

"Well, I should stay for at least one dinner with my star student's family, and a colleague of mine," Jake said and I bit my lip. Shit, my parents need to leave the room so I can give my boyfriend a kiss! Jake handed me my stuff and I went upstairs and closed the door behind me. I sat on my bed and try to calm myself down. I love that he is staying with me for dinner, but I hate that I cannot show my love for him. Someone knocked on my door and it's my mom. "Honey, can I talk to you?" She asked and I nodded. She sat herself down and grabbed my hand. "I know that you two are dating," She said and my heart stopped beating. Oh shit, what is going to happen now? I cannot deny it or it will make things worse!

"I cannot help it mom, he is so enticing and he really cares for me," I said and she is smiling now.

"I can tell; he cannot keep his eyes off of you. You father should see it as well, but we don't want that to happen. Baby girl, I will keep this a secret from Dylan as long as I can. You eventually have to tell your father. Have y'all have sex yet?" I looked away and I blushed. "Where? When?"

"Last Friday, at his place. I was never at Ellen's last weekend and I am going back this weekend. It felt so good, I never felt anything like making love with him…" someone knocked on the door and mom let him in. It is Jake. He closed the door behind him and Mom stood up. "Go ahead, kiss your girlfriend, Jacob," Mom said and Jake darted towards me and wrapped his arms around me and placed his mouth on mine. He slid his tongue into my mouth and my tongue battled with his. When we let go, I am out of breath. I looked over at my mom and she is smiling. Ewww, did my mom watch us kiss? "That reminded me when Dylan and I first started dating. Jacob, be careful around Dylan. I don't care that you two are dating each other. I don't know if Carmen told you, Dylan was my math teacher in Oceanside and I fell in love with him when I was seventeen. I was lucky that my caregiver, my brother Jeremy, didn't really care. He was in love with his now wife, my friend Lauren. Dylan may not approve of your relationship with our daughter," Mom said and he nodded.

"Don't worry, Kylie, I will be careful with her and we will stay clear of Dylan with our relationship. As far as he knows, she is my star student, which she is my star student, and she helps grades my papers," Jake said and she smiled.

"She got her smarts from her father. I was only good at math and dancing. English is not my forte at all," Mom grinned and I know that is her private joke. She is really good at math, and she was the star student in dad's class, and in his heart. Dad barged in and we all jumped. "What are we doing in here, starting a garage band?" He said with a smile on his face. We laughed and mom went to dad and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yes honey, I am the drummer, Jacob is the bass player, and Kylie is the guitar player. All we need is a singer," Mom said and I laughed some more. Jacob smiled and leaned against the bed post.

"We would make an awful band, you know I cannot sing!" Dad said to my mom and she messed with his shirt collar.

"But you have the look of a eighties singer still," Mom said and I left the room and Jake is right behind me when they started to make out in my room. When we made it to the dining room, Jake reached over and he hugged me tight. "I love you," He whispered into my ear.

"I love you, too," I whispered into his shirt. We heard my parents walk down the stairs and we let go. My mom ran to the kitchen and my dad asked us to sit down. When we sat down, mom put a plate of beef pot roast with vegetables in front of us and my mouth watered. My mom can really cook! When she grabbed hers and dad's plate, she finally sat down. Jake and I are sitting together and dad is watching us, like we are a side show. Did mom tell him? I thought she said she will keep it a secret for us. "Where are you originally from, Jacob?" Dad asked him and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Montana, moved down here when I got a scholarship to UCLA," Jake said and put a piece of pot roast in his mouth. "This food is delicious, Kylie," He said to my mom and she smiled.

"Thank you, Jacob. So, Montana? What did your parents do?" Mom asked him, they are getting information out of him!

"Dad worked in a mill and my mom worked in a fabric factory. Both are still working there until they retire in a few years," Jake said and dad nodded.

"That is hard work, are they proud of you?" Dad asked him and Jake frowned. Oh no, you look pitiful Jake! I want to kiss your frown away!

"They were because I was going to college, not with my decision to become a teacher. I have not spoken with them since I came down to California eleven years ago." The room went silent. Mom cleared her throat and my dad fiddled in his chair.

"Wow, I am sorry to hear that. Have any siblings?" Dad asked him some more questions.

"Yeah, a little sister, I haven't spoke to her in eleven years either. She is twenty years old now," Jake mumbled and I can hear my mom kick my dad's shin and he winced. I guess my mom is signaling him to shut up. We all finished our plates and mom took them up. Jake told my dad that he has to go and dad shook his hand. "I really like you, Jacob, you are a wonderful teacher and my daughter speaks highly of you," Dad said and I blushed. I tend to talk about Jake a lot and Jake looked down and smiled at me.

"You don't say?" Jake said raising an eyebrow at me. Dad laughed and I told dad I will walk him to his motorcycle. Dad crossed his arms around his chest and sighed. "Dad, I'll be right back!" I said and he smiled. Jake opened the door for me and we went to his motorcycle and we just stared at each other. I looked over at the house and my dad is not at the window anymore, watching us. I leaned up and gave him a quick kiss and when I let go, he looked worried. "What if your neighbors seen us kiss?" he asked and I rolled my eyes.

"We don't even talk to our neighbors. They barely know us," I said and he gave me a quick hug and kissed my cheek.

"I love you, baby," Jake said and my heart raced. I will never get tired of him saying that. He got on his motorcycle and I watched him leave. I walked inside and my parents are on the couch watching a reality show. "I'm going to my room and do my homework," I said and my mom nodded. I walked upstairs and when I closed my bedroom door, I jumped on my bed and began on my research paper on William Faulkner. I decided to do a PowerPoint on him, it will make it exciting and I even add music from his era. Mom walked in on me and she sat on my bed. "Jacob is a wonderful man, and I know he will take good care of you. I just have one question…" Mom said and I looked up at her and grinned.

"What?" I asked her.

"Are you using protection?" I blushed and she laughed. "I know it's not a real comfortable subject to discuss with your mom, but I want to know. Me and your father never used a condom and I never got on a pill. I was lucky to not get pregnant at your age. I was fortunate to have you at twenty-one."

"Yeah, he uses a condom. We didn't use one once and we made love in the shower," I said and mom smiled big.

"My favorite spot, next to me laying on my stomach as your dad is on top of me…"

"MOM!" I cannot believe she is telling me her favorite position!

"Just giving you a hint, it feels really good and he will get deep, really deep, when you are on your stomach. Baby girl, I think the right time to tell your father about you and Jake is on your eighteenth birthday next month. I feel that when you turn eighteen, your dad cannot really do anything cause you are considered an adult." I nodded and that is a good idea. My eighteenth birthday is in twenty-three days on October fourteenth. Now, I have a day to count on. The day I reveal my love for Jake to my dad, and the day I become a legal adult!


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