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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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Chapter 8

Truth Comes Out

I parked my car, which is a Toyota Camry Dad brought from Aunt Lauren's dad, in the parking lot the next day. Jake and I talked for about an hour over the phone last night. I didn't tell him that I loved him. How can I fall this deep in love with Jake this fast? I just know that I will feel lost without him. I got out of my car and Jake is getting off his motorcycle. I would run up to him and kiss him, but both parking lots are filled with students and teachers. Ellen ran up to me and hugged me. When she let go, she gave me a strange look. "What is wrong, Carmen?" Ellen asked me.

"Nothing is wrong, I want to kiss Jake, but I can't," I sighed and she nodded.

"Well, you get to kiss him once we get in the classroom and when you grade papers, maybe y'all can get it on."

"We can't, we are staying at the school today. We are going to his place tomorrow afternoon, though." I smiled and Jake looked over and make a kissing gesture with his lips and I did the same thing back. Ellen and I walked inside the school and we walked into English class. Jake is right behind us and Ellen excused herself out of the room. When the doors closed, I can feel the electricity build in the room. I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. My tongue invaded his mouth and he finally pushed his tongue into mine. When we let go, we are both out of breath. "Fuck, that felt good," Jake whispered and I smiled.

"It did and I wanted to do that all night last night over the phone and as soon as I seen you in the parking lot," I said and bit my lip. We let go and a few students, including Ellen, came in and Jake cleared his throat. He gave me a William Faulkner book for my project and I went back to my desk and he winked at me and I winked back. Class started a few minutes later and I just stared at him. He is wearing a tight black shirt and nice fitted blue jeans. He continued the book "Fallen Angels" and we are now half way done with it. When the bell rang for class to end, he asked me to stay behind. Ellen winked at me and she left the classroom with the other students. When the room emptied, Jake wrapped his arms around me and squeezed my ass. "Meet me here during lunch, I have plans for you," Jake said huskily. He pressed himself against me and he is hard as a rock. I reached down and I grabbed his erection through his jeans and moved my hand. He sucked in a breath and moaned. "Oh Carmen…" he moaned then he grabbed my hand. "You better go to class, I can handle this until lunch," Jake said and I blushed. I gave him a kiss and I left the class. When I made it to class, the tardy bell rang and I sighed in relief. Ellen smiled at me and math class began. We had a test and I barely passed it. Dad will be pissed off at me, since I didn't make a good grade. He knows literature is my thing, not math! During lunch, I told Ellen I have to go do something with Jake and she nodded with a huge grin. "He better have condoms!" Ellen whispered and I blushed.

"He does, I promise," I said and I walked out of the lunchroom and went up to Jake's class. When I reached for the door, I see Jake talk to Mr. Talbert, the principal. I hate the principal, he is such an ass. My dad even hates him, he says his policies are unruly for both students and teachers. If it was up to Mr. Talbert, we would be in school uniforms and never talk to our friends between classes and during lunch. Mr. Talbert walked out of the classroom and looked down at me. This man is fucking ugly with his balding black hair and huge eyewear. "Miss McKenna," He said and I nodded.

"Mr. Talbert," I said and entered the classroom. Jake is sitting at his desk and he is going through some papers. I can see that he is pissed off at something. I closed the door behind me and locked it. I pulled the door window cover down and walked over to him. I sat on his lap and he let me, and wrapped his arms around me. "What was he doing in here?" I asked him.

"He said I cannot take my motorcycle to school anymore. Several teachers are complaining about the noise and he hates the fact it's making the school look like, quote 'like a biker bar'," Jake said and rolled his eyes. "I told him it's my only way of transportation and I'm not taking the bus or taxi to school. He then decided that I can use my motorcycle to school, only if I don't wear my leather jacket."

"I hate that man, I love your leather jacket." I reached behind him and touched the leather jacket.

"I would love to see you only in my jacket, I think it will look sexy." He nuzzled my neck and I sighed. I grabbed it and smiled at him. He grabbed my hand and took me to his office, which is connected to the classroom. He closed the door and then I began to strip for him. I only got fifteen more minutes until Gym class. Jake just stood there and watched me. I took my underwear off and grabbed the leather jacket. I put it on me and leaned against the door. "So?" I purred and Jake swallowed.

"Oh baby, it's better than I expected!" He said and he grabbed his cell phone. I covered my sex and breasts with the jacket, it goes down to mid-thigh, and modeled for him. When he finished, I slid the jacket off of me and he took me to his desk. He pushed all of the contents off and I lay tall-ways on the desk. He pushed down his jeans and put the condom he had in his wallet on and he shoved inside me. I groaned loud and he didn't really fucked me hard, but this is not making love slow. I squeezed my legs around his thighs and he went faster and I felt myself build up. Our eyes connected and it became hard to keep them open as I came. I moaned softly, since we're in school, as I quivered through my orgasm and Jake came not that long after me. He immediately pulled out of me and I rushed to get my clothes on. We still have five minutes to spare. I brushed my hair and I picked up his jacket. It smells like rawhide and Jake's smooth cologne. "That was amazing, even though it was quick," I said and he pulled me close to him.

"I know, sex with you is amazing. It's better than any other woman I was with because it's with you," Jake said and I smiled really big and tears built in my eyes. I feel so special! He wiped the escaped tears and kissed me. The bell rang and I frowned. Ellen is carrying my things to Gym, so I just have to make it there. I gave Jake a quick kiss and ran out of the classroom. The hallway is very crowded and I thought I would never make it to gym. I made it with about a minute to spare and I met Ellen in the locker room. She looked at me as she put her workout shorts on and she smiled. "You got laid, I can tell," She whispered and I blushed. "Shit, I need to get laid. There is no decent guys around here."

"Jake has a friend name Dave, but he is a bit overbearing and he is sort of cute," I said and her eyes gaped.

"I can handle overbearing, tell me about him tonight." I nodded and got dressed in my workout clothes and went outside in the gym.

After school ended, I went to Jake's classroom to grade papers. I never felt so excited to see him. I walked into the classroom and the last three students left. When they left, I closed the door behind me. Jake is in his office and I walked in there and I can see that he cleaned his office up and put the contents back on his desk too. I don't see any papers to grade, so I guess we are not grading today. Jake also looks distracted. "Jake, what is wrong?" I asked and he looked at me and then smiled.

"Nothing, just got some things on my mind right now," Jake said and I walked over and sat on his lap. He put one arm around me and he sighed. "Carmen, you are always on my mind. You been on my mind since the first day of school. I am going to tell you something and I hope you don't freak out about it," He said and I swallowed loud. Freak out, what will I freak out about?

"Nothing will freak me out!" I said and he swallowed, looking very nervous.

"Carmen…I love you." The room went silent. My heart raced and I felt like crying. My fears are gone, he loves me. This man, Jacob Lancaster, my teacher, loves me. Emotion filled up my throat and I couldn't breath at all. "I-I love you, too, Jake," I whispered and tears came out of my eyes. Jake leaned forward with a smile and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"God, you don't know how much better I feel to hear that you love me," Jake said and I laughed.

"I knew I loved you yesterday, one hundred percent sure I loved you. I was so scared that you didn't love me," I said and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Never be scared of your feelings, Carmen. I love you, and will always love you. Come on, I have no papers to grade. I'm taking you out to dinner." Jake grabbed my book bag and carried it over his shoulder. I put his leather jacket over my shoulders and I can smell him. We walked down the hallway, glancing at each other here and there. He is smiling really big and so am I. I am in love, and I am glad I am in love. Jake is in love with me, and that is the greatest feeling in the world.

*A/N: He he he, another note at the bottom! It's gonna be more interesting. Care to guess what happens cause I ain't telling!*


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