Without You, I'm Lost

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 4,


Chapter 4

The Night that Will Change Me


Thursday night, after Jacob dropped me off, dad is not home yet. Good, I really need to talk to my mom. The week seemed normal for us. Jacob and I maintained a student-teacher relationship during school hours and when we worked, I always put my feet in his lap as I grade papers. I think Jacob likes me doing that because he always rubs my feet and then I feel his erection hit my feet. It makes me jerk, but I am getting use to it. I am getting use to the fact that I turn on Jacob, it‘s such a thrill. When I walk into my house, mom is cooking dinner. I dropped my things on the couch and walked into the kitchen and leaned against the separating wall. “Mama, can I ask you something?” I said and she smiled at me.


“Of course, what is it?” She asked and I sighed. I been wanting to ask her this all week, but dad has been home. Now is my opportunity.


“Did it hurt the first time you made love?” I asked and she sat her spoon down on the stove and just looked at me. She looked shocked and wanting to know why I asked that question. “Um, Ellen and I talked about it today and she is wondering too,” I added in and she relaxed.


“You girls should not talk about that anyways. But, yes, it hurt. Of course it hurts, Carmen. It doesn’t last long and then it begins to feel really good. You will also bleed, so don’t be shocked,” Mom said and I swallowed. Bleed? Why would I bleed? “You bleed because you are losing your lining,” She answered my question, like she read my mind. “So, how is you and that Jacob getting along?”


“I have a crush on him, mama. I am so scared because I know he is older than me…” My mom wrapped her arms around me and she rocked me.


“Honey, it’s normal to have a crush on somebody. God, I had a major crush on Dylan before we had a relationship. If you and Jacob end up having a relationship, I’ll be okay with it, but your father…he is another story.” I know dad will not like the relationship between his daughter and co-worker. It can end nasty and it can ruin my father’s career! I smiled at my mom and thanked her. I went upstairs with my things and when I opened my door, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it’s Jacob. “Um, hi, Jacob,” I said and he laughed.


“So, tomorrow, how are we working it out?” He asked and I closed my eyes, remembering what I discussed with Ellen and my parents.


“I told my mom and dad that I am going to Ellen’s. Ellen will drop me off at the corner store on Baldwin and you will pick me up. Sunday morning at ten, Ellen will meet at the same place and take me home,” I said and I can hear him smile.


“A whole weekend, with you.”


“Yeah, a whole weekend. Do I need to bring something?” I feel like I should bring something.


“I got the stuff we need. I got a few boxes of condoms over here, for protection. I got an extra pair of sheets to change when you bleed…”


“I am so scared about that, Jacob and the pain!” I expressed my feelings. I am going to bleed, what if I bleed a lot and the pain doesn’t stop? Mom confirmed that it will stop and it will feel good.


“Baby, it will hurt and I am sorry that it will. It will go away and I don’t care about the blood. It will feel good, I promise. God, I need you so much, Carmen,” He said and I can hear the arousal in his voice.


“I need you too, Jacob. We have to wait till tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow is too far away.” I agree, it is too far away.


The school day went through like a blur. I was so distracted about tonight that I didn’t do anything. My dad is worried, of course, about me leaving for the weekend. This is my first weekend away from home, away from my mom and dad. “I’ll be fine dad, I love you, I’ll call you often,” I said and he nodded.


“I love you too, have fun,” He said and I hugged him and got in Ellen’s car. She drove me to the store and Jacob is already there. He is leaning against his motorcycle and wearing those sunglasses that just makes him so sexy. “Call me okay?” Ellen said and I nodded. I grabbed my things and got out of her car. Jacob turned around and he is smiling at me. “Ready?” Jacob asked and I just nodded. He gave me the helmet and helped me onto his bike and he drove us off. We finally made it to his place, which is a nice condo in Ontario, and my heart began to thud and my area between my legs began to throb. I’ve been waiting for this all day long, since yesterday. He helped me off the bike and we walked, hand and hand, to his place. He opened the door and I looked around, to figure him out. He likes neutral colors, nothing jarring in color. He has a nice leather couch and nice furniture. I looked up at him and he sat our stuff down on the floor and I wrapped my arms around him. I rubbed my lips on his and finally kissed him. Fuck, we haven’t kissed all day long, and now I get to have him. Jacob pushed his tongue into my mouth and he reached down and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He carried me to the bedroom and he closed the door with his foot. He sat me down on the bed and he took off his shirt, which is a regular black tee shirt with a breast pocket. When his shirt disappeared, I swallowed loudly. He does work out, he has a six-pack and a nice dusting of hair across his chest. He has a line of hair underneath his naval and it disappears into his jeans. I reach for my shirt and before I took it off, he stopped me. “Let me,” Jacob said huskily. He took my shirt off ever so slowly and my black lace bra is revealed. I am blessed with average size breasts, my mom is sort of flat and she hates that. “Wow, just wow!” Jacob said and I bit my lip. He reaches and he cups my breasts and I throw my head back. Oh shit, this feels good, just having his hands on me. He reaches behind me and then he is finally smiling. “I want to see your breasts,” He said and my heart skipped a beat. His voice, his voice is so sensual. He unhooked my bra and he tossed it to the floor. Why am I getting naked, I want to see him too! I stood up and I reached for the belt of his pants and unhooked it. I looked into his eyes and he is watching my hands and holding his breath. I reached for the pant button and unhooked him and unzip him. I can feel his erection against my hand and I looked up at him. He reached for my skirt and he just jerked it down and then my matching lace thong. Oh shit, I am completely naked. I reached for myself to hide myself. Jacob chuckled and pushed me to the bed until I am on my back. “You are so beautiful, Carmen, and for me,” Jacob said and I swallowed. He finished undressing himself and he is now naked. I gaped at his huge erection, he is thick and huge! He lay on top of me and kissed my neck and traveled down to my collarbone. His soft kisses sends signals all over my body and I wrapped my arms around him and moan. His mouth found my nipple and he licked it until it’s erect and I squirmed underneath him. His hand went to the other breast and his fingers rolled my nipple and his mouth worked the other. My breathing got erratic, I cannot concentrate. This feels so good! He let go of me all of the sudden and I whined. He chuckled and he reached for the condom on the table and he slid it onto himself. “Ready baby?” He asked me and I nodded. He got back on top of me and his hand went between my legs and he slid one finger inside me. I sucked in a breath and he moved a little. “Mmmm, you are wet and ready…” He slid his finger into his mouth and I moaned, that is just sexy, he is tasting me! “And you taste divine,” He added and he braced himself and I can feel him at my entrance. My heart began to beat faster and faster and I squeezed my eyes shut. He pushed himself in gently and I felt the pain of him taking my virginity and I gasped. I threw my head back and he kissed my neck. “Baby, are you okay?” Jacob asked and after a minute or so, it started to feel good. I raised my hips up and that gave him the signal to start fucking me. He moved and he began slow and he went in and out. He groaned and put his lips on mine. “You are so fucking tight,” Jacob moaned and he began to go faster. I wanted him to, it feels so good. I wrapped my arms around his body and my nails went down his back. I raised my hips up and matched his rapid movements. I began to feel this tightening feeling in my lower belly and my legs stiffen. “What’s happening?” I moaned and he kissed me again.


“Come for me, Carmen. Let me hear you!” Jacob said and I exploded, my first orgasm. I screamed and raised my hips up, moaning his name. I collapsed onto the bed and a few more thrusts, Jacob moaned his orgasm and then fell on top of me. The room went silent and I only can hear us breathing and my heart is still racing. Oh shit, I lost my virginity to my English teacher! It was amazing too! He pulled himself out and then took off the bloody condom. I just stared at it then I sat myself up and there is a pool of blood on his sheets. “Baby, it’s fine, it’s easy to clean!” Jacob said as he tossed his condom into a trash can. “How you feeling?” He asked as he pulled me into his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against his shoulder.


“Sore, but I believe that is normal. It felt very good and I loved it, and it was with you,” I said and he smiled into my hair.


“Glad I got to take your virginity from you. I want you around for a long time, Carmen. I think we will have a fun relationship.”


“Relationship?” I am stunned, he wants a relationship with me, an almost adult?


“I was not lying when I said I didn’t want you because of your teenage pussy, I wanted you for you. Dylan talks about you all the time, telling me how smart you are and wanting to pursue a publishing career. I had to get to know you and when I did, I wanted you then.”


“I want a relationship with you too, does that mean you’re my boyfriend?” I hope so, I don’t want to be just his lover.


“Of course it does, a week after meeting you, you are now my girl and I am so happy.” He nuzzled my hair and we just lay there, cuddling in each other arms. This is where I want to be, in Jacob’s warm arms. 

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