Without You, I'm Lost

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 19,


*A/N: Well I got impatient, so I finished the story. I think this is my favorite epilogue. All the characters have a good ending! It ain't just the main character, its everybody (not including Meghan LOL). Look for my new story, Tomorrow's Promises. I have character pictures up and this story may sound like another romance novel, which its romantic, but I will make this my hottest and sexiest story I ever wrote! Thanks for reading and continue to read my work!*
Time of my Life
Seven Years Later
“You may now kiss the bride!” Father Birmingham said and Ellen looked into Dave’s eyes and he is smiling. He leaned down and kissed her and the crowd cheered. I grabbed Jake’s hand and looked down at his left hand and seen the silver wedding band on his ring finger. I got married five years ago and finally, Ellen is happily married to Dave. Her two year old daughter, Paige ran up the aisle and went to Dave and he gave her a beautiful paternal smile. “I am proud to introduce you Mr. and Mrs. David Hart and their daughter, Paige Anne Hart,” the minister said and all three ran down the aisle and when Paige passed me, she hugged me tight. I can feel somebody pull on my dress and it’s one of my three year old twins, Rachael. “Mommy, can I go with Paige?” She asked and my son, the other twin, Nathan, agreed.
“You can go see her at the dinner, okay?” Jake whispered and the kids whined, but they sat back with their arms crossed. I am so happy for my best friend. She thought she would never get married. It took Dave six years to propose to her. Jake proposed to me on graduation night, he got the tip from my dad. My parents just celebrated their twenty-eighth wedding anniversary and they are still madly in love like they we’re almost thirty years ago. Dad did get a job, he started at John Wayne Memorial High School spring semester that year. I graduated with honors and went on to UCLA and got my degree in literature arts. I work for a publishing company as assistant editor. Jake still works at the high school and no body talks about us anymore. They stopped talking about us a few days later after everybody found out. I visit the high school on occasion to see some friends I graduated with that are now teachers. Ellen graduated at UCLA with her bachelors in nursing, she works at the UCLA medical center as an RN. I found out I was pregnant at work, really! Four years ago, right before Jake and my first wedding anniversary, a co-worker bought me a pregnancy test cause she “sensed” that I am knocked up. I took it and indeed I was pregnant. I went to the doctor and come to find out, it was twins! I told Jake first and he literally cried when I told him. When I told my parents, they went ape shit! Not only they are going to have grandchildren, they are going to have two grandchildren! I looked down at my kids and they both have their father’s dark blonde hair and my light green eyes. Nathan looks just like his father and acts just like him. He gets on Jake’s lap and tries to read whatever his daddy is reading. I see a future scholar in him. Rachael is not really into anything but her Barbie dolls and coloring. We all finally made it to the reception area and Ellen and Dave are at the cake, ready to go. “Come and see us cut the cake, I am ready to go to Aruba with my wife!” Dave said and we all laughed. Ellen and Dave have to be the worlds biggest horn dogs ever. They don’t care to announce that they want to go have sex. I actually remember the occasion when she conceived Paige…Dave’s first big concert. His band is now huge, like Daughtry huge! We get free passes to his concerts when they are in LA. I looked over at Tawny and Carson and they are holding their grandson, Brandon. The douche bag Jason got straighten up and got married to no other than the chick that tied him up! Her name is Brittani and she is actually nice. I went over to Tawny and gave her a hug. “I am so happy for my kids. I got two wonderful grandbabies and both are married, I hope they will love each other in thirty years, like us,” Tawny said and she leaned against Carson. Carson is a good looking man, he reminds me of the singer of a German band name Rammstein. Mom and Dad came over and my father has gray hair, starting to get gray hair, and he actually looks sleek! “Where is Rachael and Nate?” Mom asked and I pointed to Jake and he is talking to Dave as our twins and Paige are playing around them. “God, they are just so adorable! Have more kids for me!” Mom said and I covered my face.
“MOM!” I cried out and Dad laughed.
“She just wants you to have the kids she couldn’t have…” Mom finally got the answer she wanted about three years ago. The rape didn’t do anything to cause her to not have kids. She has a hormonal condition that she now manages with medicine. If she knew that earlier, I may had a brother or a sister. 
“I may have one more, but I want it to be one baby, not a set of twins!” I said and my father smiled. I reached over and hugged my father, I love him so much. I still remember that day eight years ago, he resigned his position so Jake can keep his job. “I love you daddy!”
“I love you, too, baby girl. So, is the babies staying with us tonight?” He asked and winked. I blushed and I nodded. Jake came over with the twins arguing about something and Rachael ended up slapping Nate and he hit her back.
“Looks like we got our hands full tonight, Dylan!” Mom said and Jake laughed.
“Ready, baby?” He asked and I smiled really big and nodded. I kissed my babies goodbye and then my parents. “If anything happens to them…”
“We will call, don’t worry so much and have a good night with your husband!” Mom said and I looked down at my rings, it is still sinking in, I am Carmen Lancaster! I gave Ellen a goodbye hug and she started to cry. “I’m so happy! I cannot believe I am now Ellen Hart!” Ellen said and I wiped the tears from her eyes. 
“It will take time to sink in, I am still adjusting to the fact I am married to Jake still,” I said and she smiled. I gave Dave a hug and I finally get the alone time with Jake that is very much needed. On our way out, I seen a very familiar face. “Hi Carmen, Hi Jacob,” Meghan Townsend said and I tried to not smile, which I succeeded. She is a very expensive suit and she has “Meghan Townsend, Owner” on her badge. Her once very wavy brunette hair is straight and in a very professional bun. She owns this club? “So, what brings you to Townsend Country Club?” She asked, sounding kind of annoyed. 
“Ellen got married and her reception was here,” Jake said and he squeezed my hand.
“Your children are adorable, I got a son myself. He is with his father, it’s his weekend with him.” So, she did knocked up by one of her “beaus” she is always with. She indeed slept around with a lot of men, she announced it to the world one day in high school. She lost a lot of “followers” and men started to not want her anymore. “It was nice seeing you, Meghan,” I mumbled and we finally left, I really didn’t want to see that bitch!
When Jake opened the door to our house, which is the same house I lost my virginity in. We went immediately went to the bedroom, we barely can make love with the twins being very active. Jake pushed me back onto the bed and his lips went to mine. When he let go, he touched my cheek and smiled. “You look as beautiful as you were seven years ago when I took your virginity, Mrs. Lancaster,” Jake said and I swallowed. I looked over and I seen the date. I lost my virginity seven years ago today! “What are you waiting for, Mr. Lancaster?” I whispered and he grinned salaciously. He crawled up on top of me and began to unbutton my dress and my strapless bra is revealed. He reached behind me and took my bra off and tossed it over his shoulders and pulled the dress off of me. He stood up and I watched him strip his suit off and he crawled back on me. “We can make love later tonight, I just want to fuck you right now, hard,” Jake growled and he bit my bottom lip, the very thing that drives me wild. He slid himself inside me and grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and leaned against me. This has to be my favorite position. It just feels so good. He fucked me hard. I need this so bad and I reach up for him and dug my nails in my back and sighed when he pushed deeper inside me. “Oh God Carmen, do that to me again baby!” He moaned and I dug my nails into his back again. He pushed against me, sending me almost to the headboard and began to set his fast pace. I cannot breath, I cannot think of anything but us right now. I can feel myself coming to the close, I am very close to come. “I am so close, baby!” I screamed and I had my intense orgasm. Ever since I had the kids, my orgasms have been intense. He moaned my name as he filled me with his come and he collapsed on me. He rolled off of me and I whined when he pulled out. I wrapped my arms around him and lay my head against his furred chest. “I am so happy for Ellen. She has wanted to marry him for years,” I said and he chuckled.
“He did too, but he was chicken shit because he thought she would say no,” Jake said and I giggled.
“So, the only we got to do now is raise our children and possibly future children and live long and happy lives?” He sat up against his elbow and he is smiling.
“Sounds good to me baby, I love you till the end of time,” Jake said and I leaned up and kissed him.
“I love you to the end of time!”

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