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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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*A/N: One more chapter guys, but I have a new story coming out! It involves a sexy cowboy, that's all I am giving away...the title is "Tomorrow's Promises", that's it for now. I will do character pictures of the story later. You'll get the info there. I love writing this, I think I will do a sequel for another story also after this new one. I might do a short story about Meghan Townsend and give her a sort of happy ending (might have a happy ending for herself, not overall happy). Well I will stop the chit-chat so you can read!*
Chapter 18
"Well, Carmen, are you going to explain yourself?" Mr. Talbert said and I looked around the room and my dad has a scared expression on his face and Jake looks like he is going to faint.
"Ain't it obvious, Jake and I are dating and in love," I said and shrugged my shoulders.
"Teachers and students cannot date each other, you know that! Coach Bernard lost his job when we caught him with the sophomore." Oh God, does that mean…no!
"Please, Jake didn't do anything wrong! I am the legal age to be with an older man. I don't want him to lose his job!" I cried out and dad sighed.
"He broke policy, Carmen. Jacob is a fine teacher, students are enjoying English class again. I am sorry, we have to fire him," Mr. Talbert said and I covered my face and cried.
"Please don't fire him. Expel me instead of firing him!" I cried out and my eyes are puffy from the tears.
"You're already suspended for a week, Carmen, just policy. We are not going to expel you from school."
"I think I have an alternative," Dad said from the corner and all three of us turned to him and Dad is walking towards us. "Rick, I will resign my position here if you will let Jake stay," Dad said and I sighed. My dad is wanting to lose his job for Jake. That is called friendship, but I don't want my father to be out of the job.
"Dylan, you have been here for well over twenty years, are you sure you want to do this?" Mr. Talbert asked and dad nodded.
"I can get another teaching position, don't worry Carmen. Yes Rick, I will resign. Jake is so young, a fine teacher as you said, let him stay," Dad said and Rick nodded then looked at Jake.
"You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch, Jacob. Having Dylan as your friend and Carmen's father saved your ass. Keep your relationship in the dark until graduation and like I said Carmen, you are suspended for a week and so are you, Jacob. See y'all next week," Mr. Talbert said and I ran over to my father and hugged him.
"Daddy, why?" I whispered and he pulled me back and looked at me with his smiling eyes.
"Jake doesn't deserve to lose his job like I did with your mother. Plus, I started to hate working here a few years ago, so it's an advantage for me. I love you, baby girl, you deserve happiness like I got with your mom," Dad said and Jake is behind him and they shook hands.
"Dylan, you didn't have to do that," Jake said and Dad rolled his eyes.
"You are young, Jake. You barely have a career and you need one. It's time for me to leave Ontario High. I can get a job at John Wayne Memorial High in Pomona," Dad said and Jake nodded. I grabbed Jake's hand and we walked out of the high school, hand and hand and thanking God nobody is seeing us. We just escaped the impossible, Jake still has his job and we are still together.
"Your dad resigned so Jake can keep his job? Oh my God, your dad is amazing and hot!" Ellen said and I laughed.
"I never felt so scared in my life. When Mr. Talbert seen us make out, I thought I was going to die on the spot," I said and I can hear Dave telling her to get off the phone.
"Dave is horny, got to get off the phone. Oh yeah, mom and dad knows about Dave. They are just as cool as your parents about our relationship. Probably the fact that dad is a little older than mom. See you later," Ellen got off the phone quick. Shit, she is a horn dog! Mom came into my room and she sat on my bed, she looks sort of surprised and sad at the same time. "I cannot believe your father done that for Jake. He swears that he can get a job, and we can make it till then, don't worry," Mom said and I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
"I love Daddy so much, mama. I know Jake and him we're good friends, but not that good of friends to the point of resigning his position so Jake can keep his," I said and she smiled.
"He highly respects Jake, baby. I will tell you this much, since you two got caught. It was not pretty afterwards when your father and I got caught, but it didn't last long." What does she mean, it was not pretty? "The principal of my high school told the teachers about our relationship and teenagers have ears and they heard the teachers talk about it. They called me awful names and done things to try and piss me off," She said and I sagged. Great, I have to deal with the teenagers of high school next week.
Mom is right, they know about me and Jake. Meghan is the most obvious about knowing. "We fought over him!" She yelled into the crowd when I came back to school a week later. The teachers keep giving me bad looks and mouthing "whore" to me. When Jake came in, everybody just stared at him. No one uttered a word to him. Probably because he will probably kick their asses if they did. When I made it to his classroom, he sighed. "I wish you would have told me about them calling you a whore out there," Jake said and I wiped a tear from my eyes.
"It's fine, mom said it happened with her as well. She said it will blow over in a few days," I said and the students began to come in.
"We hope we didn't interrupt something," one guy said and winked at me.
"Shut the fuck up! Leave them alone!" Ellen said and pushed the guy and he shut up right then. Meghan came in and she just stared at me and it gave me the heebie jeebies. Class started and Jake gave everybody else their research assignment grades. Ellen is very happy with her grade of a ninety. "He put 'Nice job, just work on your grammar a little bit,'" Ellen said and I smiled at her. Jake taught us some grammar things and when class ended, Jake went to his office. I didn't give a fuck that I am late for math, so I followed him. "Jake, what is wrong?" I asked him.
"I still in shock that I even have a job, Carmen. Your dad saved my ass and I cannot stop thanking him, and he just keeps telling me to shut up," He said and I laughed, that does sound like my dad!
"My dad respects you and likes you very much, just go on and do what you love," I said and he raised his eyebrows.
"I am doing what I love, you." I blushed and laughed and kissed his cheek.
"You know what I mean, I love you, see you after school."
"I have…plans for you."
"I sure hope you do!" I winked at him and shacked my ass as I walked through the door.
When the door closed of his house that afternoon, Jake's lips attacked mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the ground and carried me to his bedroom. He closed the door with his foot and sat me down delicately on the bed. We had not made love for a few days, so I know there is not going to be any premilaries. I took my own clothes off and he took off his. "Are we good to go?" He asked and I nodded. It's been exactly a week since I started my birth control, so no condoms! He lay down on top of me and sucked on my neck as he slid his dick inside me. I groaned and he began to move, hard and fast. He got higher and higher and I moaned his name. "This feels too good, baby," Jake groaned and I just moaned. I cannot speak, this does feel too good. When he hit that spot inside me repeatedly, I just lost it. My whole body began to shake and I came with a scream and not long after me, Jake came. "Oh Carmen baby," He moaned as he filled me with his delicious cum. He pulled himself out of me and wrapped his arms tightly around me. "So, since the school knows about us, what do we do now?" I asked him and he smiled.
"Keep doing what we do, Carmen. Continue to love each other until we are old and wrinkly and die," Jake said and I smiled.
"I like the sound of that!"


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