Without You, I'm Lost

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 17,

*A/N: GOOD NEWS, My internet is back on, so more updates and I get to continue on. I already have an idea for my next story! There will be probably two to three more chapters left, and that does include the epilogue. I might make a short story about Meghan just for the hell of it! I am so happy I get to write more for y'all, my lovelies!*


Chapter 17
Risking it All

Everybody has heard about the big fight between me and Meghan. She looks worse than me. Her whole mouth is swollen, her nose is red and swollen, and she has a massive black eye. I have a black eye, red nose and a cut on my lip. “You fought over a guy?” Some random girl asked me.


“Yeah, he is totally worth it,” I said as I looked over and Jake is talking to my father and he winked at me. Meghan cleared her throat and motioned with her head to follow her. I looked over at Jake and he nodded, knowing she doesn’t mean no harm. She took me to the restroom and she began putting on her makeup. “I am sorry about yesterday, Carmen. I never wanted a man like Jake, and he has you. You are a lot prettier than me and you two deserve each other,” Meghan said as she put a lot of concealer around her blackened eye.


“It’s fine, Meghan. I do love Jake and he loves me. Please let’s not fight about him. You are a very intelligent girl and you have a bright future ahead of you. Truce?” I said and held my hand out and she gladly took my hand.


“Truce, and I dumped that guy that used me for sex. Maybe I can find another guy just like Mr. Lancaster,” Meghan said and shrugged my shoulders. Well, this day started good. No fights today!


“So, she called truce between the both of you?” Jake said as we lay in each other arms after very intense sex. He ran his fingers up and down my arm and it feels so good.


“Yeah, I think so,” I said and I snuggled in closer to him.


“I love you, Carmen. You are one hell of a woman!” I giggled and I love his furred chest.


“I love you too, Jake!”



Meghan went back to normal, what I think it’s normal for her. She had her little gang of friends surrounding her and she smiled at me. It is sort of creepy, but I ignore it. It’s the day of our big presentations in Jake’s class and I have to present today. When class started, Jake began calling people up and one by one, people done their PowerPoint presentations. I about laughed when a girl done her project on Sandra Brown. She is a well known author and I love her work, but not enough to do a project on her. “Next is Carmen McKenna on William Faulkner,”  Jake said and I walked up to his desk and I remember the day he kissed me against it. I swallowed and I got my file up and running. I read through my presentation and I even had classical music playing. He smiled and when I finished, everyone clapped and I went back to my desk. When the bell rang, I went to Jake and he is filling out the paper that tells our grade. “I really enjoyed your presentation, you worked hard on it,” He said and I blushed.


“When we ain’t together, I worked on it. So, what did I make?” I asked and he gave me my grade, which is a 100. “Awesome, thanks. I love you, see you after school,” I said and I know we want to kiss, but we can’t. I can feel the tension between us, and we broke. Jake pushed me to the corner of the room, away from the camera and kissed me. His tongue dominated my mouth and I wrapped my arms around him. I didn’t care that someone can see us. I want him so bad! He pushed his hips against me and I can feel his erection against my belly. “Fuck, I am risking everything by just kissing you. I cannot fuck you!” Jake moaned in my mouth.


“I need you too!” I moaned and he let go.


“I love you, Carmen. You better get to class!” I nodded and leaned and kissed him chastely on the lips.


“I love you, too!” I went on to my math class and the rest of the day seemed boring. After I put my clothes back on after dance class, I can hear my name coming from the intercom. “Wonder what this is about,” Ellen said and I shrugged my shoulders. I walked to the office and I began to feel this weird scary feeling at the pit of my stomach. My heart began to race and I see my dad and Jake talking to the principal. Mr. Talbert is standing there with his arms crossed and my dad is arguing with them and Jake has his hands in his lap. I walked in and all three men is looking at me. “Carmen, sit down with Jake,” Mr. Talbert said and I sat down with him. Jake immediately grabbed my hand and squeezed it. This is NOT a good sign. “Carmen, we seen you two on the cameras this morning. You two we’re in an intimate embrace, care to explain what is going on?” Mr. Talbert said and I gulped loudly. Shit, we just got caught!

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