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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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Chapter 16

He's Mine Bitch!

"It was you that's been sending me the emails?" I asked her, Meghan Townsend is the secret admirer. She is one of the richest girls in the school. She may not be very pretty, but people are scared of her because she can get her father to do anything. I am scared out of my wits right now, she can tell our school about us and get me and Jake in trouble.

"Yes, I cannot believe he picked you over me. I made it obvious I wanted him, but he doesn't even glance at me. He keeps his eyes on you the whole time. Mr. Lancaster is so sexy, I want him so bad it drives me crazy," Meghan said and I swallowed.

"What are you planning to do to us?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to meet you, see you and talk to you in person. I want to see the girl that stole Mr. Lancaster's heart. What did you have to do to get him that quick?"

"Nothing, I just talked to him and we just…" I didn't want to talk to her about this. My heart is already in my throat from the thought of Meghan telling her father to expose us. "You're fucking him too, I can tell. You changed when you came back last weekend, and so did he," Meghan said and my mouth went agape.

"That is none of your fucking business, Meghan!" I yelled and she got closer to me and I can smell her strong floral perfume, which is making me gag.

"I will admit, Carmen McKenna, I am jealous of you. You have Mr. Lancaster and I have a football player name Mike. He doesn't give a shit about me, just uses me for sex and I let him…" She smiled and looked down at herself. "Just the feeling of a man inside me is amazing. How long did it take you to open your legs for him, huh? It was not that long." She got closer to me and we are nose to nose.

"Get away from me, Meghan!" I growled and she laughed.

"No, I want to see you up close. I want to see Carmen McKenna flush when I just mention her boyfriend, the man I want so bad but can't have." I pushed her off of me and I am panting. She is instigating a fight with me. If she wants a fight me, well, I will fight her. This is for Jake, he is mine! She is staring at me, with anger in her brown eyes.

"How dare you push me like that!" She said and I laughed at her.

"Aw, did I hurt the rich bitch's feelings?" I said and she began to stomp towards me.

"You hurt me when you took him away from me! I wanted to do this since the first day of school!" when she got to me, she punched me, square on my nose. I screamed and covered my nose. Oh shit, she going to get it now. I pulled her and pushed her out the door into the mall floor and dived on top of her. I punched her on her jaw and she screamed. She punched me in the chest and I cough. Shit, for a rich bitch, she can pack a wallop! I keep punching her on the face and she aimed everywhere, I know I am getting a black eye, and I can see blood coming from her nose and mouth. She punched me in the mouth and I can taste blood. "YOU BITCH!" Meghan screamed and before she can punch me again, Jake pulled her off and jerked her away. "What the fuck is going on here?" Jake said and my dad helped me to my feet.

"That's her, that's the one that has been emailing me," I said hoarsely, my chest really hurts.

"She took you away from me, I want you!" Meghan said spitting out blood from her mouth.

"I want Carmen, not you, Meghan. Now, you better get going or I will call the police and then they will call your father."

"I hate you, I hate you both!" Meghan cried out and she ran off. Jake turned to me and he reached for me and hugged me.

"Oh baby, are you okay?" He said and I laughed.

"My chest hurts where she punched me and my face is stinging like hell," I said and Dad ran into the restroom and he came back with a couple of damp paper towels. He wiped the blood from my eye, nose and mouth.

"I think Meghan got it worse than you," Dad said and I smiled up at him.

"I'm a McKenna, and McKenna's knows how to fight," I said and my dad smiled big.

"Your mother is gonna freak out!"

"When I tell her what happened, she won't get mad. She will be happy for me." We all laughed and went to the food court, ready to tell my mom what happened.

When I got home, Jake and I went to the bedroom. He touched my sore face and he grimaced. "I cannot believe that bitch done that to you," He said and I swallowed.

"She wanted you, and she cannot have you. She promised that she won't tell anybody, but I don't know if she is lying or not," I said and he sighed.

"I am sorry baby, for not being there."

"I am fine, really. I will have a black eye and a split lip, but I will be fine." He smiled and he leaned in and kissed me carefully on the mouth. It didn't hurt the way he kissed me. When he let go, he pushed me on my back and I wiggled underneath him, letting him know I wanted him.

"My baby can fight, I am proud of you," Jake said as he nibbled on my neck and I sighed.

"I fought because she wanted you and I cannot bare the thought of another girl wanting you. You are mine," I said and he let go and he has an amused smile on his face.

"I'm yours?" He asked and I nodded.

"Mmmhmm, and I'm yours," I said and he smiled big.

"You're mine." He made me forget everything when his mouth went to my neck again. He pulled my pants down and he unzipped his pants. Shit, this is going to be a quick one. He pushed himself inside me and began to move fast. Oh, this feels good. I already can feel the build up and I exploded around him. "Oh Jake!" I screamed out and he came right after me. He is my world, and he makes me forget bad things. I will face Meghan tomorrow, maybe she will be in a much better mood, or not.

*A/N: I LOVED writing this chapter because of the fight. It was just...fun! I seen her fight her and she fights like me, dirty LOL LOL!*


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