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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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Chapter 15

And The Mysterious Woman is…

The next morning, I woke up so happy. After our lovemaking when we got home from Oceanside, I began to feel elated. I stop thinking about the email and just thought about what I needed to think about, Jake and school. I woke up probably around ten and I can hear my parents downstairs, watching TV. Jake is already gone, he hates to disturb me when I am sleeping, so I grabbed my clothes and went downstairs. The three is sitting on the couch and they are discussing the news. Jake turned around and beamed me a loving smile. "Good morning, sleepyhead!" He said and I smiled at him. My parents turned around and they are all smiling. Geez, whatever they are on, I want some!

"Why is everybody all smiles this morning?" I said and I sat on Jake's lap once I made it to the living room.

"Nothing, just happy about everything," Mom said and she leaned against my dad's shoulder. "It's our anniversary when me and your dad first met. Twenty-two years ago, I was just like you, Carmen. I was ready to start my day and your father stepped in the classroom and no one existed when our eyes met…" She looked into his eyes and they both smiled. I want that with Jake, I want to be still heavy in love with him in twenty-two years.

"I still remember finding you getting raped…"

"What, raped?" I never knew mom was raped! Why did they never tell me about this? Mom sighed and then she began to get uncomfortable as she twisted her hands in her lap.

"The day I met your father, I was waiting on Lauren to finish cheerleading practice. A group of boys came up to me and attacked me. One of them pushed himself inside me, took my virginity…" My mom wiped a tear from her eyes. "But he didn't come inside me because Dylan ran up and stopped them. He took me home, and that's when I knew I wanted your father." I am in utter shock. They should tell me these things, so my mom didn't really lose her virginity physically with my father. She lost it with him, emotionally, but not physically. I just stared at her, and for some reason, I feel angry. "Why didn't you tell me? I would like to know what my mom went through at my age," I said, raising my voice. Jake squeezed my hips, telling me to calm down.

"Baby girl, telling your daughter you we're raped at seventeen is something to not mention. I try to forget it, but I know it's the reason I cannot get pregnant anymore. I don't know how, but I think it's the reason."

"I am so sorry, mama, that you went through that." I jumped up and ran over to her and hugged her. I lost my anger, I am full of sorrow. My mom, raped. Thank God that my dad was there to save her.

"Honey, that was twenty-two years ago, it's done and over with," She said rubbing my back. I let go and rubbed the tears from my eyes.

"Now, let's forget all about this nonsense and head to the mall. I think I want to buy my two favorite women gifts," Dad said and Jake nodded.

"I want to get Carmen something too," He said and winked at me. Good, the mall can distract me from the events that happened way before I was even born, I was not even a thought in my mom's mind then.

"Now, you stay with your mom. Jake and I have a few ideas for your presents. Go shopping for a little while, I will text you when we are finished," Dad said and he kissed my cheek and gave my mom a heart warming kiss on the lips. Mom dragged me to the nearest Victoria's Secret and I blushed.

"Mom, I really don't want to be here," I moaned and she laughed.

"Come on, we both deserve a nice fitting bra for our men!" She winked at me and we walked inside. I feel so weird inside this store. Big busted women are checking out beautiful bras and even though I am bigger than my mom, bust size wise, I am still not busty as some women. I am only a 34 C and these women are like D or DD cups. Poor mom with her little B cups, but she likes her breasts. Why am I talking about boobs, probably because I am in a lingerie store! "Look at this, Carmen, just your size!" Mom said and I walked over and I loved the bra she is holding up. It's powder pink in color and it's covered in lace. I smiled and I told mom to get it for me. She shopped for herself for a few more minutes and she found one, a red lacy bra. It's highly sexy, just like my mom. She will wow my dad wearing that. I wonder if I will wow Jake with mine? She paid for our bras and we walked around the mall some more. We still not have received a text from dad or Jake, what is taking them so long? "Your dad is a slow poke when it comes to shopping, stop worrying so much. Your just missing your man, that's all," Mom said and I sighed.

"You are right, I am missing Jake," I said and she took us to the food court and bought us a Orange Julius smoothie and a hot dog from Dairy Queen. My phone buzzed and I looked and it's an email

I know you are here at the mall. Meet me at the restroom out of the food court in five minutes, so we can talk.

Holy fucking shit, she is here! I didn't want my mom to find out that I am meeting the woman that hates me for being with Jake. I have not thought of her since Jake and I made love yesterday. My heart went to my throat and I began to get nervous. Carmen, you are a McKenna, McKenna women do not get nervous about their men!

"Mom, I'm going to rush to the restroom, be right back," I said and she nodded, enjoying her smoothie. I walked slowly to the restroom, recollecting my thoughts. I wonder who this woman is. Is it a student or a teacher? Is it just a horrible prank of somebody finding out about us? I found the restroom and I opened the door and there is two women, one older woman and a teenager my age. Shit, both of them can be the suspect. The older woman left and the teenager is fixing her long brunette hair. "Hey Carmen, I thought you weren't coming?" The girl said and I swallowed loud.

"Who are you?" I asked, I need to know.

"Oh, you know me very well. We have Mr. Lancaster's class together."

"Let me see your face!" I need to see her face, I need to see her so bad. She turned around and bright brown eyes and a semi-pretty face is staring at me. I know who this is, and it made my heart stopped.

"Meghan, Meghan Townsend?"


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