Without You, I'm Lost

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 14,


*A/N: Oh, I meant Chapter 16 I enjoyed writing LOL*


Chapter 14

Not Going to Worry About It


I woke up from a dream and it’s still pitch dark outside. Jake is beside me snoozing away, snoring lightly. I reached over to my cell phone and seen that it’s two-ten in the morning. I sat up and grabbed my underwear and I smiled. Jake and I made love right before we went to bed and I can still hear him, I love you baby, with all my heart. I put my underwear on and Jake’s tee-shirt and I walked downstairs to the kitchen. I can hear somebody opening a box. I walked over and it’s my Dad. His hair is messy, like they just fucked or something. I use to get sick to my stomach when I hear or see evidence of them having sex, but not now. It doesn’t affect me in any way. I know they are in love and they love making love. “Hi daddy,” I said and he smiled at me.


“Well, why are you up so early?” He asked me and I grabbed a cookie from the box.


“Dream woke me up. I just keep thinking about that email. Who could this person be?” I said and he grabbed my shoulder.


“Don’t fret on it, baby girl. Jake loves you and only you. Don’t let this person stop you from having a relationship. She is jealous, she wants Jake. Fight for him if you have to, I can see you getting into a fist fight.” I laughed and leaned against my dad. I still remember being three years old and having nightmares. I scream and he will run upstairs and he held me in his arms. He will rock me till I fell asleep again and he slept beside me all night to protect me from my nightmare. I am proud to say that I am a Daddy’s Little Girl. “Me, fighting? Nah, maybe cuss her out and maybe slap or pull her hair,” I said and he rolled his eyes.


“You are a McKenna, and us McKenna’s fight dirty!” Dad said and I laughed again.


“Okay, I will punch her teeth in!” Dad grabbed my shoulder and I heard the stairs creak as in someone walking down. “Carmen, is everything okay?” Jake said sleepily. I looked up and he is only in his pajama pants and his sleepy look on his face. “Yeah, Daddy and I are having some cookies, care to join us?” I asked and he nodded. He joined us in the kitchen and Dad chuckled.


“Looks like my daughter got action as well,” He said and I hid my face.


“DADDY!” Dad ignored me and handed Jake a cookie. Jake laughed as he ate the snack.


“Midnight munchies?” Jake asked and Dad agreed and I got tired again, so I kissed my dad on the cheek and gave Jake a tender kiss on the lips. I will let my two favorite men talk among themselves.


My cell phone woke me up, and I’m glad it’s nine in the morning. I reached over and I seen Ellen’s name. “What’s going on?” I yawned.


“Oh my fucking God, Dave is a dream!” Ellen squealed and I had to laugh. I guess Dave is good in bed. “I only had like, one man, in bed and Dave beat him by a long shot! He made sure I came!” She said and Jake woke up and he is looking at me, confused. I covered the talking end of my cell phone and smiled. “Ellen, talking about her first sex experience with Dave,” I said and Jake chuckled and got out of bed. “Ellen, I am glad you had fun. What are you two doing today?” I asked her.


“He has a performance in the museum in downtown LA. I am going to be backstage watching him!”


“Well, Dad is taking us to Oceanside so Jake can meat Jeremy, Lauren and Penelope. JJ has already went back to the university.”


“I hope your family loves Jake! Have you figured out the woman or girl yet?”


“No, I am not going to worry about. It’s not worth worrying about.”


“That’s my Carmen!” we got off the phone and Dad walked into our room and he is smiling.


“Ready to go? Jeremy is anxious to see you two,” Dad said and I smiled, I am ready to see them as well!


“Carmen! I miss you so much!” Jeremy said and he ran up to me and hugged me tight. For a man of forty-three, he is pretty damn good looking. I hugged him tight and Jake is behind me, smiling. “Jeremy, this is my boyfriend, Jacob Lancaster. Jake, this is my Uncle Jeremy,” I said and Jeremy leaned over and shook his hand.


“Ah, the English teacher. Funny, my sister falls for her math teacher and my niece falls for her English teacher. I am an English teacher myself, I teach in the middle school here,” Jeremy said and Jake beamed a smile. Jeremy has streaks of graying hair in his dark hair, but his blue eyes are still as bright like he is younger than his age. Lauren, with her blonde good looks, came in with Penny behind her. “Well, I see that Carmen brought her boyfriend to meet us. I am Lauren, her aunt. This is my daughter, Penelope, but call her Penny. I also fell for a teacher, but he was not my teacher though,” Lauren said beaming her bright blue eyes at her husband. Penny ran over and hugged me and then looked over at Jake and blushed. “He is cute,” Penny said and I laughed.


“He’s pretty damn handsome,” I said and Jake looked away, being bashful and I laughed. Dylan came in and kissed Lauren’s cheek and patted on Jeremy’s back. Mom hugged her big brother and her best friend since High school. I grabbed Jake’s hand and lead him outside, away from the family reunion, even though they seen each other last weekend. I opened the patio door and I can hear the ocean waves. “This is usually why I love coming up here, other than seeing my family,” I said and I smelled the air, I can smell the ocean.


“This is where your mom was raised?” Jake asked me, looking out at the ocean.


“Yeah, she moved down to LA when my parent’s got caught when she turned eighteen. She would not dare to be left behind, she loved my dad already with all her heart…” I looked up at him and I smiled. “Just like I am with you. I love you with all my heart, Jake.” He reached for my face and he stroke my cheek and then ran his fingers through my wavy, red hair.


“I love you, too, baby, with all my heart,” Jake said and he leaned down and he kissed me. His tongue rubbed against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. It feels so good to be kissed like this, by Jake. God, I want him! “Jake, Carmen, come inside and eat!” Mom yelled and we let go and smiled at each other. When we got inside, Lauren and Mom sat the last platter of food on the table and Penny is already reaching for the bread rolls. She has some sort of addiction to bread, and I don’t know why. Jake pulled my seat out and I sat down and he sat down between me and Penny. “So, Jacob, how long have you teach for?” Jeremy asked as he passed the mashed potatoes to my mom.


“Six years, this is my first year at Carmen’s school,” He said and smiled at me and squeezed my hand.


“What do you like to teach more, literature wise?”


“Twentieth century literature like Faulkner. I am a huge Faulkner fan. I also love to teach nineteenth century British literature like Bronte and Austen.” Jeremy smiled and ate his food. I guess Jake won Jeremy, the English teacher, over. We all ate, talked and being merry. I just keep thinking about that email. Who is she? Why does she want Jake?


We finally left around four that afternoon. It’s about a two hour drive back home and I am already wanting Jake, like bad. When we made it back home, Mom and Dad decided to go to the movies together, I think they are doing it on purpose. When they pulled out of the driveway, Jake and I walked inside and went to my bedroom. When the door closed, I can feel the electricity. I darted to him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard. I pulled his shirt off and mine also came off. I let go and Jake reached behind me and unhooked my bra. When I am topless, I lay down on my bed and he crawled on top of me. “Do you know how much I wanted you all day today?” He said and his mouth is on my breast, licking my nipple. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair.


“I wanted you all day,” I managed to say. His hands went to my pants, his mouth still on me. He let go on my nipple and he pulled my underwear and pants off together. I leaned forward and pulled his pants down and his hard on is ready for action. I still get excited knowing I make my man hard. I take his boxers off and I lean back and I am ready for him. He slide his fingers inside me and made circles inside my sex. Oh fuck, why is he doing this delicious torture on me? “You’re so wet and ready for me,” Jake moaned and he crawled on top of me, and not going for the condom. “I think you took the birth control long enough, I want to feel you without one.” I moaned, I want to feel him too. He pushed himself inside and went all the way to the top. Oh fuck, it feels too good without a condom. It won’t take me long to come at all. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms went around his shoulders. He began moving and he moved pretty fast, the way I like it. I groaned every time he hit the very top of my sex and like I knew it would happen, I already began to feel the build up. It took its jolly good time and I am glad it did. I wanted to feel Jake inside me forever and ever. “You feel so good, so good, baby,” Jake moaned and my nails went down his back and he hissed. “Come on baby, come for me, let me feel it.” a few more shoves inside me, I erupted. I couldn’t stop the avalanche. I screamed his name and my whole body shook. This has to be the best orgasm I had, ever. Two more thrusts inside me, Jake came inside me, moaning my name. “Oh Carmen…” and he collapsed on top of me. He rolled off of me and I lay against his chest with his arms around me. He is mine, and only mine. I am his, and only his. I am going to forget this bitch that sent the email and go on loving my man.

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