Without You, I'm Lost

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 11,

Chapter 11

We are in Trouble!


You can see the security cameras in the school. They made sure everybody can see them. I told Ellen what happened with the sophomore and Coach Bernard, which so happens to be my Gym teacher. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me. “Holy shit! Carmen, you better be careful or you’ll end up like her!” Ellen said and I rolled my eyes. “You may be at consenting age, but you still be ridiculed and Jake can lose his job like Coach Bernard did. At least Jake won’t go to jail!”


“Do you think I know that? I feel like I am walking on glass already around my dad and the school. Since this shit happened, the glass is now cracked and I have to be more careful,” I said and we walked into the classroom. Jake walked over to me and Ellen smiled at him.


“Dave and I are getting along great. We had a wonderful date last night,” Ellen said and Jake grinned at her.


“Seeing him this weekend?” He asked her and she blushed. Oh shit, she is spending the weekend with Dave! The students began to pile in and five minutes later, class started. I can tell Jake is struggling with the security cameras. I may not be able to kiss and have sex with him in school now, but I can quietly flirt with him. I reached for my shirt and unbutton a button, and my cleavage is now visible. He looked over and I dropped a pencil on the floor and I leaned over and grabbed it, my cleavage is screaming at him. Jake swallowed and continued his lecture. What sucks is that Jake and I cannot see each other today due to a school function for facility. My dad and mom will be there too, so I will be alone in the house and alone without Jake. I wish I was not a student here and I can be Jake’s date to the function. I would proudly wrap my arm through his and lean against his shoulder. “Carmen, is the sentence grammatically correct?” Jake said clearing his throat, and he is smiling at me. I looked at the sentence and I nodded.


“Yes, it’s correct,” I said and he picked another person for the next sentence. This is going to kill me not able to touch him at all today!


At lunch, Ellen is, of course, talking about Dave. She also told me something I was shocked to hear. “I told Jason about him,” Ellen said and I dropped my fork in the mashed potatoes.


“Why him? I rather you tell your mom than him! He might tell all of LA!” I said and she sighed.


“He may be a douche sometimes, but he is a good brother. He protects me and he is very sweet to me. He freaked out at first, but he said he will make sure dad and mom won’t find out till I am eighteen, which is in December,” Ellen said and I smiled. She is right, Jason is a douche bag and a womanizer, but when it comes to his little sister, he is a wonderful brother. I remember him beating the living shit of a guy that harassed her. Carson and Tawny had to bail him out, but they didn’t care one bit, their son protected their little girl. “I am glad he is going to keep your secret. So, what are you telling your parents where you’re at this weekend?” I asked her.


“With you,” She said and I laughed.


“My dad thinks I will be with you. My mom knows where I am at.” We finished eating and we went on to Gym class, which we didn’t do anything since our coach is in jail!


I threw my keys into the bowl beside the front door. It is so quiet here. My parents has been in this house since they moved down from Oceanside twenty-one years ago. I went over to the table and there is several pictures. One of them is my mom’s mother, she died a few months before mom met dad. The next picture is mom and dad on the beach and mom is in her wedding gown. She looks so happy and dad looks even happier. Jeremy and Lauren is behind them and Lauren is holding baby JJ. The next picture is mom holding me right after I was born. My mom is touching my cheek and I am looking straight at her and I am bald. My dad is behind her and his eyes are red-rimmed from crying. Then the pictures are lined up of me growing up. The last one of me is my junior spring picture. I am beaming a smile bigger than Texas because Ellen is in line making funny faces. I am wearing a light blue cashmere shirt with diamond earrings. I look so much different now than a year ago. I feel more mature and I gained a few pounds of curves. Jake has told me that he likes them. I went to the television and turned it on. Shit, there is nothing to do! Ellen is off with her family to dinner, so I cannot talk to her. Jake is busy at the function, so he cannot talk to me. What am I going to do?


My parents finally walked through the door around eight in the evening. I just got out of the shower and my parents are laughing. I hid at the top of the stairs and I leaned against the wall. “Kylie, let’s go to bed!” Dad said and mom giggled.


“Dylan McKenna, we made love last night!” Mom said and I tried to hide my amusement. They are flirting with each other.


“Oh baby, I can make love to you every night and never get tired of you. I love you more than life itself. I love Carmen more than life itself!” Dad said and I felt tears coming from my eyes.


“I love you too, Dylan, more than life itself. I feel the same about our precious daughter. I am sorry for not giving you more children,” My mom said and I frowned. I wish I could have a brother or a sister, but I am blessed with wonderful parents.


“Carmen is more than enough for us. Maybe she will marry a good man and have more than one child,” Dad said.


“You know who will be a good man for her? Jacob!” Mom, please don’t blow this! They don’t sound drunk, maybe sort of tipsy, but not drunk! Maybe mom is trying to warm the idea up of Jake and I together.


“Jacob and Carmen, together? He could be good for her. I can tell he likes her, he stares at her all the time and Carmen blushes around him all the time. Maybe they can be together,” Dad said and I smiled. “But I would rather her wait till she finishes high school so the risk of him losing his job is gone,” he added and I sagged. Shit, so he doesn’t care that we date, but not when I am school. Too late for that! I went back to the bedroom and I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Jake’s number. “Hey baby, I missed you,” Jake said and I smiled.


“I missed you too, Jake,” I said and I can sense his smile.


“That function is boring. Everybody just stood around and drank wine and talked about the school. I just talked to Dylan and Kylie the whole time. I kept thinking about you the whole time baby. I love you so much baby,” He said and I smiled really big.


“I love you too, Jake…”


“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” My dad screamed. I didn’t even hear him come in. Oh shit, things are getting bad!

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