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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I did update the character pictures and added Dave, so check them out!*

Chapter 10

Better Be Careful

The next day, Jake wanted us to work on our projects and I brought my laptop and worked on mine. When I was putting the music on, I hear a beep. I look down and it's an instant message from Jake. I looked up and he is grinning at the computer.

Jlancaster: Hey baby, working hard?

CarmenMcKenna: Of course, this is a hard project you gave me. Faulkner is a very interesting man.

Jlancaster: That is not the only thing that is hard…

CarmenMcKenna: Control, Mr. Lancaster, control!

Jlancaster: It's hard to when you are wearing that skirt that keeps riding up those sexy thighs of yours.

CarmenMcKenna: Maybe when we finish grading papers this evening, we can have some fun ;)

Jlancaster: Quit doing that, baby girl. I may have to take you in my office right now and let the students hear you scream my name when you come all over my dick.

CarmenMcKenna: I might let you ;)

I looked up and he wrapped his leather jacket around his waist and I giggled. He looked at me and I mouthed "I love you," to him and he smiled. He mouthed "I love you, too, baby," to me and I went back to work.

At lunch, Ellen is talking about that overbearing Dave dude. Jake gave her his cell phone number after class yesterday and she is constantly texting him. I found out that his name is David Hart, he is from LA and he met Jake in college, and Dave got a degree in computer technology and works at some technology firm in Pomona. "He is so sweet! He is taking me out to dinner tonight. I am not telling my parents though. They will freak if they found out that I'm going on a date with a man that is ten years older than me," Ellen said and I ate a piece of my salad.

"My mom approves my relationship. She said that I should hide it from dad until I turn eighteen next month," I said and Ellen put the huge chocolate cupcake into her mouth.

"Your mom is just awesome! My mom would have a coronary if I say 'Hey, I am dating a guy name Dave and he is twenty-seven years old. Oh yeah, and I also sleeping with him!'" I laughed at her and she tilted her head to the side, confused.

"Ellen, you would not say that. You would replace 'sleeping' with 'fucking' or 'screwing'." Ellen through her plastic fork at me and we had a fun time until the end of lunch.

After school ended, I had to wait on Jake to get out of a meeting. I remember dad telling me how much he hates the meetings. Mr. Talbert usually talks about what he wants for the school and nobody agrees. Also, if a concern comes up, they talk about that. I wonder what this meeting is about. Jake walked in and I jumped on the desk in front of the room. "Have a good meeting?" I asked and he sagged into his chair.

"Coach Bernard was caught having sex with a sophomore. He is in custody with charges of indecency with a minor," He said and I know what is going on.

"Jake, I am seventeen, the consenting age is sixteen. You will not get in trouble! Also, I'll be eighteen in a month," I said and he smiled, relieved then he frowned again.

"Bad news is that since that happened, Mr. Talbert is going to set up a security system around this building, including the offices," He said and I sagged into him.

"So, we cannot even kiss in school anymore?"

"We cannot even hug anymore. I think we should start grading papers at my place."

"I agree one hundred percent. Do we got any papers to grade today?"

"No, and I want you now. Let's make love here, since the security system is not going to be place till tomorrow morning." I grabbed his lapels and kissed him hard. God, I needed this man! He took me to his office and closed the blinds on his window. I took off my clothes and lay down on his desk. He walked over to me and I thought he is going to get naked too, but he pulled my legs apart. He got on his knees and he kissed my lips of my sex. I moaned and his tongue began its torture on my clit. His tongue went up and down and in circles. He slid two fingers inside me and I raised my hips up and threw my head back. This is too much, I am already going to come. His mouth can do wonderful things to me. I began to shake and my sex is tightening and I began to sweat all over. "Come on, baby, let me taste you," Jake said into my sex. I come and I come loud. I screamed his name and he licked me a couple of times, getting my juices. He slid up my legs and kissed me, making me taste myself, which I taste salty and good. He pulled his pants down and he reached for his wallet above his head and grabbed the condom. "I hate these things," Jake said and I watched him put one on.

"I can get on birth control if you want me to," I said and he smiled and he leaned and pushed him inside me. I moaned and pushed myself up.

"Then I can feel you, skin to skin." He breathed and he began pushing inside me, in and out. He kept his strokes strong, not too fast. It is not making love, but its better than a harsh fuck. I think he saves the making love till the weekend. I am already weak from the last orgasm, and I began to feel another one. "Oh Jake…" I said grabbed his shoulders. He leaned down and bit my bottom lip.

"Come on baby, come for me!" Jake moaned and on cue, I come. I moaned loudly and his name came out as a sigh. A few more pushes inside me, he come inside me, my name is also a sigh coming out of his lips. That was just…amazing. "Baby, are you okay?" Jake asked and I giggled.

"I am perfectly fine, thank you," I mumbled and he stood up and he zipped up his pants. He is smiling like a little school boy.

"I think we better get you home, Carmen. Don't want to get caught!" I stood up and put my clothes back on and we got out of his classroom. He dropped me off and my dad and mom is on the front porch, just sitting. It is very nice outside, I don't blame them. Dad looked up and he smiled. "You look good as a biker, Carmen!" Dad said and I laughed.

"I might trade my Camry for a Harley!" I yelled and he frowned.

"Not in my lifetime!" Ah, I got to love my father with his sometimes over protectiveness. He lets me do what I please, but he has to know where I am at and call him twice a day. "Hey Jake, doing anything this evening?" Dad yelled.

"Yeah, I have to make plans for next week assignments. Sorry dude," Jake said and I looked at Jake and smiled. Did he call my dad "Dude"? He made an expression with his eyes, telling me that he loves me and I done the same thing. I watch him leave my block and I walked over to my parents. Dad even talked about Coach Bernard and the mystery sophomore. She had to switch schools before word got out. Word will be out by tomorrow, and I will be hearing it. I can already hear Ellen badgering about being careful. Jake and I are very careful. No one suspects a thing! "When I heard that Miss Vault got caught with Coach Bernard, I was shocked. She is in my Algebra II class, she is one shy girl. Poor dear, it makes me blessed that your principal let us go quietly," Dylan said and mom leaned against her shoulder.

"You got to remember, too, Dylan, that the consenting age is sixteen and I was seventeen," She said and she looked over at me. I know she is worried about me, worried that I will get caught. Jake cannot go to jail cause I am seventeen! I am worried now since the school is getting security, we have to be more careful now!


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