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Without You, I'm Lost

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) *Sequel to Hungry for Love and Characters from Baby Let Me In* Carmen McKenna is the daughter of Dylan and Kylie McKenna, and has it made. Perfect parents, her life sorted out, she is missing just one thing, a man. On her Senior year of high school, a new teacher is starting. Jacob Lancaster, English teacher has her in a trance, wanting him. She knows she will do the same thing her mom done over twenty years ago with her father. Carmen and Jacob's relationship gets heated and she is left wondering, will she end up just like her mom, happy and in love for the rest of her life? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey everybody! Yes, I found a way to get on the net again and started my new story! It's the sequal of Hungry for Love, suggested by my friend, IceBreaker. It has characters from Hungry and go to my other profile, NikkiLibby, and read Baby Let Me In, because characters from there is here also (Carson and Tawny if you remember). I will update as much as I can, probably four chapters at a time like now. Enjoy!*

Chapter 1

Senior Year, Finally!

"Carmen, I have to take your car to work today, ride with your father to school!" My mother, Kylie McKenna, yelled from downstairs. I untangled my legs from the blanket mess on my bed and ran to my closet. I forgot today is the first day of school, my last first day of school. My father, Dylan, teaches math at the same high school I go to and it's embarrassing to have all the girls gawk at him because he is pretty damn good looking. I wish I got my father's good looks, or my mom's personality. I sat down in front of my vanity mirror and brushed out my tangled red curls. I wish to this day that I got my father's brunette hair, not my mom's red hair. I am not considered a ginger, my hair is a deep red, almost auburn. I have my mother's green eyes and my father's smile. After I brushed out my hair and put a little eye makeup on, I rampaged my closet and found a black tank top and blue jeans. I ran down the stairs, buttoning my jeans and carrying my school shit at the same time. My father is sitting at the dining room table, reading the LA Times. Mom is in the kitchen, already dressed to go work at her dance academy. Kylie McKenna is the best dance instructor in Los Angeles. She even got an award two years ago saying just that. It's in their bedroom. "Morning, Angel, ready to go?" Dad said and I nodded. I reached over and grabbed a red apple and my mom shook her head.

"You need to eat something else other than that, Carmen, or you'll get sick!" My worry wart of a mother said to me. She is a wonderful mother, I always wondered why she never had anymore children. Maybe I am just enough for my parents to handle.

"Well, we need to go now, we have a morning meeting with the new teachers. Two of them to be exact. Bye baby, I love you," Dad said and he grabbed mom when she walked pass her and kissed her, and it's not a sweet peck on the lips. I can see their cheeks moving from their tongues. "I love you, too, Dylan," Mom moaned and he reached over and grabbed her ass and she giggled.

"Jeez guys, get a room!" I groaned and dad winked at me.

"You should have seen us last night," Dad said and mom swatted at his shoulder and giggled like a little girl. I think it's cute how they met. Mom use to live with Uncle Jeremy in Oceanside. Dad started to teach at her school and they ended up falling in love with each other in a forbidden teacher and student affair. They only got caught once and Dad lost his job, but that didn't stop them. They have been married for almost nineteen years now. I came into their lives two years into their marriage, I am now seventeen. Dad and myself got in the car and he drove us to the high school and there is already people there, waiting on school to start. I tried to look for my friend, Ellen Reynolds. She moved to LA with her parents and older brother, Jason three years ago from South Carolina. They moved here because of her father expanding his gym business. Her brother, he is twenty years old, is this rocker looking guy and he is sort of cute, but he is so stupid. He is not my type. Ellen is standing at the entrance with her blonde hair in a ponytail, talking to some other girl. I kissed my father, which cut his shoulder length hair for Locks of Love a few weeks back, and got out of the car. "Remember, meet me in my classroom at three," Dad said and I nodded.

"I will dad, love you!" I said as I closed the door and he waved at me. I went over to Ellen and she smiled at me with her big brown eyes.

"Took you long enough!" Ellen said and I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry, forgot today is a school day," I mumbled and we walked in. As we walked down the hall, Ellen began to talk about everything. Apparently, Jason is driving her father, his name is Carson, crazy by not working for him. Jason is not a work out buff like his dad, he wants to lounge around, play his guitar and have sex with random girls. Believe me, he asked for a romp with me but I am saving myself for a special man. "Fuck, I forgot my book bag outside!" Ellen said and I chuckled. Ellen has a nasty mouth and her mother, Tawny, hates that about her daughter. We walked outside and immediately heard a loud motor, like a motorcycle. "Who has a motorcycle?" I asked Ellen and she shrugged her shoulders. We walked around the building and there is a man getting off a Harley Davidson. "I don't remember any teachers riding motorcycles!" Ellen said and I just stared. The man took his helmet off and blonde hair curled around his ears and I can see his broad shoulders. He turned around and aviator sunglasses is covering his eyes and he has very strong jaw. He looks like he is at least twenty-six, maybe older. The bell rang and Ellen and myself got jolted out of dream land and we ran inside.

First class, American English. I am wanting to be an English major, so this is my favorite class. There is no teacher in sight and Ellen is messing with her cell phone as I ready myself for class. The door shot open and my heart went to my throat. It's the man on the Harley! "Hello everyone, I am Mr. Lancaster, your English teacher. We will have some fun in here learning, but I am not going to be easy on you!" Mr. Lancaster said and he looked straight at me with his blue eyes. Shit, he is drop dead sexy! I couldn't catch my breath, my mouth went dry and my mind went completely cloudy. "What is your name?" Mr. Lancaster said to me and I just stared at him.

"I…um, Carmen McKenna," I said and he smiled then nodded.

"Ah, Dylan's daughter, good man, well, grabbed your text books and go to page 250..." I followed his every word. I even seen the dimples in his cheek when he smiled about something. Why am I just in awe of this man? He is so…sexy! He is my teacher! Shit, my mom done the same thing with my dad, but they turned out great! He is just a man, just a very sexy man. I even watched him put his blonde hair behind his ear. When the bell rang, we all stood up and Mr. Lancaster beamed us with a smile. "Start deciding on your research topic on twentieth century authors!" He said and I put my things in my backpack and Ellen said she will meet me outside. The room emptied and Mr. Lancaster is at his desk, I guess second period is his free period. When I finished packing, I looked over at him and he is reading a magazine about literature. I would never imagined a man like him liking literature. "Mr. Lancaster," I said and gave him a smile.

"Carmen," He said smiling and I walked out the door and my heart is racing, about to come out of my chest. Ellen waved at me as we went onto our next class, which is calculus with an old woman name Mrs. Welch.

At lunch, Ellen and I sat in the middle of the crowd and I am eating a Caesar salad as she chow down on a hamburger with the works. "That Mr. Lancaster is a catch, ain't he?" Ellen said and I nodded.

"Yeah, he sure is…" I looked behind me and Mr. Lancaster is walking to the main office and he is wearing black jeans and that leather jacket. I shook my head and ate a piece of lettuce.

"I think you like him more than you should," Ellen said and my eyes gaped at her.

"I…I think he is attractive," I said and she laughed.

"Did your mom fall for your dad at your age? Was he her teacher?"

"Yeah, so?"

"You are doing the same thing! Like mother like daughter!"

"So, what if I am highly attracted to him, so the fuck what! I kind of like the secrecy of hiding a relationship because I am his student. I think its erotic!" Ellen's mouth went agape and I looked away. Fuck, did I really say that? I always thought my parent's secret relationship for their first months together was highly erotic. You read about it all the time and it's part of role-play. I hear guys in the school, including Jason, doing that scene with girls. "Shit Carmen, I think it's kinky too, but he is the only sexy teacher here, other than your dad and he is married," Ellen said and I rolled my eyes. Ellen is one of the gawkers that gawk my father. When lunch ended, we got two more classes then it's the end of the day. The final classes are gym class and dance…ugh! It's my mom's idea for me to do at least one dance class during my high school year, and I decided that I'll do it on my senior year. I am not a good dancer, I didn't inherit that quality from her. This is not even ballet dancing anyways, it's the modern shit. Some girl put on some rap song that talked about apple bottom jeans and getting low. I watched Ellen stick her ass out and get low and I just stood there and watched. "C'mon, dance what your mama gave ya!" Ellen said and I rolled my eyes. My mama didn't give me anything! I stood beside her and done the same moves she is doing. I stuck my ass out and went down the floor, then stayed there, moving our arms around and around. My knees began to give out and I fell on the ground. "Good try, Carmen, we can try tomorrow," My teacher, Miss Adams, said. At the end of the school day, Miss Adams handed me a note. "Please report to Mr. Lancaster's room after school," I read it and looked at Ellen. "Tell dad that I will be a little late," I said to her and she nodded. I grabbed my things and walked down the busy hallway with kids running out the building to go home. I finally made it to the classroom and Mr. Lancaster is putting things in a carry-on bag, which is leather and matches his jacket. "Mr. Lancaster, you wanted to see me?" I asked him shyly. He looked up with those gorgeous blue eyes and smiled.

"Oh Carmen, come on in, I was just thinking you weren't going to show up," He said and I closed the door behind me.

"What do you need me for?"

"I was just looking through your English records and you are very talented in the subject. Are you planning to go to college to major in English?"

"Yes, I am; I am thinking about getting into publishing." He nodded and he sat on his desk, his profile well noticed. Why am I even looking at his dick, he is not hard, but he is not soft at all.

"Carmen, would you like to be my personal assistant? I have ninety-five students and all of them are going to do papers within the next week. I just need a little help grading and reading papers, assignments and tests. I will pay you fifty dollars a week," He asked and I nodded. Shit, I'll do it for two reasons, the money and just being near him.

"S-sure, when do I start?" I asked him and he smiled.

"How about Monday after school? I'll make you stay until five thirty and I already asked Dylan and he is okay with it. I'll take you home every time you work for me." I smiled and I agreed. Dad opened the door and he smiled at me and Mr. Lancaster. "Jacob, you done with my daughter?" He asked and I smiled to myself. Jacob, it fits him!

"Yes, she has agreed to be my assistant starting Monday," Jacob said and dad nodded.

"You're mother is waiting on us at home, we better go." I nodded at Mr. Lancaster, or Jacob, and he just smiled at me and waved. I cannot wait to explode on Ellen when I go over to her place to stay the night. I love when the first day of school starts on a Friday!


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