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Sweet Changes

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED- Refer to "Recovery")Celeste Jimmison is not ashamed about her job as a prostitute. Her mother was one until she was killed when Celeste was just 15. Celeste is now twenty-three and has no feeling of love whatsoever. She only knows that the people you love will die. When she meets Liam Wilkerson, she begins to feel feelings that she never felt in a very long time. When he gives her a proposition the morning after their night of passion, she cannot let this one go.

Liam Wilkerson recently broke up with his long time girlfriend, and needs sex. He finds Celeste and gives her the time of her life. When he realizes he needs more of her, he gives her a proposition that she cannot let down. Along the way, he finds himself not only wanting her for sex, but more. He knows the woman is hurt from the death of her mother, but he knows he can help her heal. Will he be the one to help her and make her feel love again? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys...updating more am I LOL. I also have a facebook for my booksie account...go to my profile and see the link and like me! I will update my stories, give you hints of upcoming stories...fun fun! Well, enjoy!*
Chapter 5
Why Me?
I decided it will be best if we join my family again. Liam has seen the darkest part of me, my depression. I know he seen my scar, the one that almost ended my life when I was seventeen. I tried killing myself on the second anniversary of my mother's death, I wanted to be with her. I still want to be with her today, but I know now that I must stay alive for myself, and Liam. I confessed my darkest fear to him, my fear of being alone on this world, unloved.
Love to me ends. My mother loved me, and she is dead. I am afraid to fall in love, I'm so afraid that it will end, like my mother. But, I failed myself. The three days I've been with Liam made me think of the most unthinkable, Liam is meant for me. We are soul mates, look how he treats me. But, why me? Why is he with me, a ex-prostitute? I am unworthy of love, I was meant to be a sex toy, not a woman. But, he makes me feel like a woman…the woman I needed to feel.
"Celeste, Liam, we got so worried about y'all!" Amber said and she reached over and hugged me. "I am so sorry for…"
"It's fine, I would have figured out anyways. Now, I am hungry and those burgers smells so good," I said and everybody smiled, even Liam. He sat me down and he grabbed us a plate and grabbed us a bite to eat. I just stared at him, his masculine beauty. His dark hair, his grey eyes, strong jaw, the stubble of his face, his muscular and tall body…he's just beautiful. "What do you want on your burger and hot dog baby?" He yelled and my heart soared, he called me baby. Why do I feel special because of that tiny endearment? It's because Liam is calling me that.
"Um, some relish and ketchup on the hot dog and ketchup and pickles on the burger," I said sipping on a Pepsi. Bridgett, my eight year old cousin, with curly blonde hair, ran up to me and sat down beside me.
"Liam is cute," Bridgett said and I laughed.
"He is pretty darn cute, ain't he?" I said and winked at Liam, which is coming up behind me.
"I…have a crush on him." Liam surprised her by leaning down and kissing her cheek and she blushed brighter than a tomato.
"How sweet of you, but you're a little too young for me," Liam said to Bridgett and she blushed more and ran to her big brother Tucker, he is eleven years old. Liam sat down and gave me my plate and we began to eat. Everybody is talking about everything and I just enjoy hearing Liam talk to my family. I am just glad my family likes him. "So, Liam, was you one of Celeste's clients?" Orion said and Jennifer elbowed him. "ORION!" Jennifer said through her teeth.
"It's fine, but yes, but I made a proposition for her to stay with me. Its an advantage for the both of us. I get sex anytime I want, and she gets paid weekly for it. Also, its getting her off the streets," I said and Michaela smiled.
"That's the major advantage, she is off the streets. I get so worried every time she is out there, you know, because of Maggie…" Michaela said and I waved my hand in the air.
"Shut up and lets eat!" I said and everybody stopped talking about my old job.
"Did you expect Celeste becoming your girlfriend? I can tell you like her very much, Liam," Amber said and Liam looked at me and he has that sexy smile on his face.
"I never felt happier with Celeste being my girlfriend. I do indeed like her VERY much," Liam said and my heart soared. Everybody stopped talking and we all finished eating and we all got some ice cream. When we finished eating, I ran out to the group of kids and immediately grabbed Quincy, my five year old cousin. He squealed as I swung him around and around in a circle, begging me to go faster. I love being around children, before I became a prostitute, I wanted to work as a pre-school teacher, teaching young children. Maybe I can pursue that dream now. Go to community college, get an associates degree in early childhood education, and teach! Wonder how Liam will react?
Celeste looks like a natural with those children. She has this smile on her face when her cousin squealed in excitement, begging her to go faster. When the sun began to set, I knew it was time for us to go. I have to go to work in the morning. First day away from Celeste, her first day being alone in OUR penthouse. Well, she is not exactly alone, I have a housekeeper name Rebecca that comes and cleans and cooks on the weekdays. I watched Celeste say her good-byes to her aunts, uncles and little cousins. When she got to Amber, she gave her a tight hug and Amber apologized about mentioning the anniversary. Celeste just nodded and we got in my car. It's been bothering me that I never knew that Celeste was and still depressed. I never knew she wanted to end her life. Maybe she wanted to hide it. I would not have cared about that, I want to help her through it, make her understand that I am not going anywhere.
"Why me?" Celeste said once I got in the car.
"What?" I asked, not understanding where she is coming from.
"Why did you pick me that night and stay with you? There was much prettier girls than me."
"Because you're the one that grabbed my attention. I only seen you, I wanted you before I even pulled up. You're beauty grabbed my attention. I knew I wanted you to stay when I made you cum for the first time in your life. You're are worth keeping. You're the girlfriend I needed in my life, you're perfect!" She sighed and put her chin in her hand and stared at the window.
"Amber did sort of ruined my mood today. Sorry I failed to tell you about my last eight years of my life."
"I want you help you through it, Celeste. I will be there by your side, helping you through your depression."
"You are helping me, Liam. Ever since I've been with you, I never had a depressed thought or action…anything. I've been so happy! I know now, if you are going to be with me, I am not depressed."
"And I am not going anywhere, baby." I smiled at Celeste and a smile came from her mouth and we finally made it to the penthouse. I knew she is exhausted from the emotional distress, so I am not going to force sex on her. "Go on and go take a shower baby, go to bed. You had a rough day," I said to her and she nodded. I went to my office and sat down and gathered all my things I needed to take to work tomorrow. I ran my fingers though my hair and leaned back, thinking about Celeste. I don't want her to go anywhere, at all. I know if she leaves now, I will be so heartbroken. Just her presence makes my day go through. She is perfect for me, and my feelings for her is growing.
"What are you going to do today, baby?" I said as we woke up and she already has a pair of jeans and a tank top on. I am putting on my suit for the day and she turned around and smiled a beaming smile at me.
"I don't want you to pay me for staying here, I want to make my own money. So, I am going to apply at Tiffany's bank for a job. Then, I am going to the community college and get in the early childhood education program," Celeste said and I just stared at her. Wow, she wants a regular job and go to college?
"Wow…I mean, go for it. I don't care to pay you," I said and she smiled.
"Liam, I am your girlfriend now that is living with you, not the hooker you hired to say and have sex with. Plus, I need to do something productive and not get bored and lonesome without you." I smiled when she told me that she is my girlfriend, and I don't need to pay her anymore. I will buy her things, pamper her like she deserves, she deserves everything.
"Well, I will call Sampson, my personal driver, he will take you everywhere you need to go. I can drive myself to work today," I said and she beamed a smile. I think this will work out because I want to get her a little present.
"You would do that…for me?" Celeste said and putting her hand on her chest.
"Yes baby, just for you." I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her gently on her lips, loving the feeling of her delicate lips on mine. Sampson, my driver, probably in his fifties, came up and smiled. "Sampson, I am driving myself to work, but my girlfriend needs to go to a few places, care to take her?" I asked her and she smiled at me.
"No problems here, come on Miss Jimmison, where do you need to go?" He asked her and she gave me a quick kiss and told me to have a good day at work. I know I will have a good day at work, I know I am coming home to a beautiful woman!
"Your Tiffany Lawrence's friend, she's speaks highly of you, Miss…" The bank manager said and I beamed a smile at him.
"Please, call me Celeste," I said and he nodded. His office is so tiny, and smells like weird incense.
"Tiffany mentioned you never held a real job before, and you are in need of one bad. Where are you living now?"
"With my boyfriend, he is a Financial Counselor."
"Ah, a money maker, why do you need this job, Celeste?" Come on Celeste, think!
"I need to something with my life, not depending on others. My mother was killed when I was fifteen, never knew my father. I want to prove to my family, my boyfriend and Tiffany that I can be an adult. I am
also going to attend college to get my early childhood education degree."
"Nice, you are proving yourself worthy to me, so can you come back tomorrow to do the paperwork, and start Wednesday?" I felt like screaming right now. I got a job, a REAL job! I know just barely a week ago, I didn't want to even have a job, just be a hooker, now I have a job and being an adult I deserve to be.
Sampson took me to the community college and I applied for the program and I took the test to see where I needed to be placed. They told me to expect a letter in the main within a month. I told Sampson to take me to Liam's work place and he took me downtown Atlanta. I haven't seen the skyline this close in years. Sampson pulled up to a gray block building with "Wilkerson and Young Finance," sign above the door and I stepped out. I walked inside and the blonde receptionist gave me a nasty look. I looked down and I rolled my eyes because I am just in jeans and a tank top. "Hi, I am Liam's girlfriend, where is he? Is he busy?" I asked her and she smacked her gum.
"Third floor, second office of the right," She said and I thanked her and went to the third floor. I spotted Liam at the copier machine, in his nice grey pinstripe suit. "LIAM!" I yelled and he looked over and smiled.
"Hey baby, didn't expect you here!" He said and I followed him to the office. When he closed the door, I smiled really big at him.
"I got the job!" I said and he smiled really big and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me tenderly.
"I am so happy for you baby, what about school?" He asked and I told him what I done up there. "You'll get in!" He let go and went around to his desk and he opened something up. He grabbed it and it's a dark velvet box, pretty big. It has "Kay Jewelers" written on it and my heart began to race. What is this? He walked to me and he opened the box and I covered my mouth. It's a real diamond drop necklace. The chain is embedded with tiny diamonds and there's a drop diamond in shape of a heart hanging off of it. He motioned for me to turn around and he put the necklace on me. "Oh my god…it's beautiful!" I said with tears in my eyes, touching my necklace.
"It's looks beautiful on you, my beautiful girlfriend," Liam said and kissed my cheek.
"I wanted to get you this because my feelings for you are climbing. You have my heart, Celeste," Liam said and I turned around and I can see the emotion in his grey eyes. My feelings for him has escalated to the heavens for him, he has my heart too.
"You have my heart as well, Liam," I said and he smiled and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss I will never forget. His tongue bathed mine and I moaned in his mouth. I know one thing, if he leaves me, I will probably die on the spot.


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