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Sweet Changes

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED- Refer to "Recovery")Celeste Jimmison is not ashamed about her job as a prostitute. Her mother was one until she was killed when Celeste was just 15. Celeste is now twenty-three and has no feeling of love whatsoever. She only knows that the people you love will die. When she meets Liam Wilkerson, she begins to feel feelings that she never felt in a very long time. When he gives her a proposition the morning after their night of passion, she cannot let this one go.

Liam Wilkerson recently broke up with his long time girlfriend, and needs sex. He finds Celeste and gives her the time of her life. When he realizes he needs more of her, he gives her a proposition that she cannot let down. Along the way, he finds himself not only wanting her for sex, but more. He knows the woman is hurt from the death of her mother, but he knows he can help her heal. Will he be the one to help her and make her feel love again? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Sorry it took me so long. I was not in a writing mood all week. Well, its back and I start a new job, so I will try and update as much as I can cause its the evening shift. Thank you for being so patient with me!*
Chapter 3
Starting Fresh
The dress I picked out WAS going to be one of my prostitute outfits, but I changed my mind right after I bought it. It just didn't fit it, it looks innocent and fun. it's a spaghetti strap dress that is tight around my legs and it goes just above the knee and it's a dark blue in color. I cannot wait to dance with Liam in this dress, have his arms around me, moving his hips against me…I am getting so turned on! Liam came in as I put my heels on and he smiled. "Wow, just…wow!" Liam said flabbergasted.
"Thanks, I wanted to wear it for…work, but never did. This is the first time I wore this," I said and he smiled. He got closer to my body and my skin got heated when I can feel his breath on my neck.
"And I get to touch you in it and dance with you." He wrapped his arms around me and all my nerves jumped to attention. I am already loving the idea of being with one man, and getting paid to be with him. His hand trailed up and cupped my breasts and I moaned. I threw my head back and I can see his sexy grey eyes and his sly smirk on his face. He pushed his head down and put his lips on mine and it is very slow and somewhat loving. I turned my body around and wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my leg and pulled me closer to him, pressing his hard-on against me. I moaned and I let go. "Tiffany and your friend is waiting…ah…on us!" I moaned when his hand pinched my nipple.
"I know, I will fuck you so hard when we get back," Liam said and he nipped at my neck.
"And I cannot wait!" I moaned and he let go and kissed my nose.
"Come on, they are waiting on us!" Liam said and I smiled as we walked out.
The club he took me is one of those rich and wealthy clubs. I already feel uncomfortable here. Everybody is driving expensive cars, wearing expensive things, fuck, even THEY look expensive! Liam knew I am uncomfortable so he gave me a reassuring hand squeeze. "Just have some fun tonight, okay?" Liam said and I nodded my head. The valet opened my door and I got out and I can hear the booming music from inside. "CELESTE!" Someone yelled and I turned and its Tiffany. She wrapped her arms around me and I laughed. We have been planning to go out and have fun for the past few months. Since I am Liam's personal prostitute, I don't have to go out and work anymore and we can hang out more. "Oh my God, this place is awesome!" Tiffany said and a dark blonde haired man with bright blue eyes came out and Liam gave him a quick hug. "Celeste, this is my buddy, Randy. Randy, this is Celeste, my date," Liam said and I smiled at him.
"Wow, you really know how to pick 'em! Tiffany, care to go inside with me?" Randy said with a smile and Tiffany giggled as his arm snaked around her shoulders and she winked at me. Liam and myself are close behind and we went straight to a booth and we all ordered something to drink. I decided to give a cosmopolitan a try and Tiffany got a mudslide drink.
"So, Celeste, what do you do for a living?" Randy asked, drinking his beer. Tiffany looked awkwardly away and Liam gave my knee a squeeze. Oh shit, come up with something!
"Um, I do not work anywhere right now. I am going to college for…accounting," I said and Liam relaxed, did he really think I would tell his friend about my real last job?
"Accounting? Maybe I can get you a job at my firm once you get done. How many semesters do you have left?"
"Um, I got one more year." That would give me a masters degree in my made up mind!
"Well, give me a call sometime, I can get you a job."
"That's a wonderful offer, my friend," Liam said and the music got louder and more people began to gather in the middle. Tiffany decided she wanted to go dance and Randy went out and joined her.
"Want to dance?" Liam asked me and I nodded. He grabbed my hand and took me out to the dance floor and I began to dance to the loud club music. I moved my hips and ran my fingers through my hair and I watched Liam smiled and dance a little. He wants me to REALLY dance with him. Well, let's get dancing!
Celeste danced so beautifully. Her chestnut waves ran through her fingers and she has this beautiful smile on her face. She stopped dancing and she walked towards me and turned around. I know what she wants me to do. I wrapped my arms around her waist and our hips began to move together. We went up and down, sideways, everywhere. She turned her body around and we kept up the same movements, but its more intense with her beautiful eyes locked into mine. When the music stopped and changed to something else, I let go and she is smiling.
"Wow, that was fun…" Celeste said but she was cut off.
"Yeah, that look so much fun, Liam. Want to introduce me to your new girlfriend?" My ex girlfriend, Crystal Parker, said and crossed her arms when she seen Celeste.
"Crystal, what are you doing here?" I growled at her and she laughed. Her blonde hair is down to her mid back and she is wearing a backless shirt and tight jeans. Her blue eyes are shining with pure disgust to Celeste. Good, I want her to be disgusted how much I moved on from her!
"You know I always come here on the weekends I am off. So, introduce me!"
"I'm Celeste Jimmison, his new girlfriend," Celeste said with a very cool smile. I think she knows who she is, so she is going with the flow. Good job, Celeste.
"Celeste, what an interesting name. I am Crystal Parker, Liam's ex girlfriend. You are a very pretty woman, Liam knows how to pick 'em. I'll see you later, Liam."
"Not in your lifetime, I never want to see you again," I said and she winked at Celeste and she walked off to her group of friends.
"Ugh, she is such a bitch!" Celeste said and I laughed.
"Yeah, she was not real good girlfriend material. Glad I got rid of her, come on, lets dance some more!" Celeste nodded and we danced for a few more songs and Celeste decided to go to the restroom. I went to the bar and got me another shot of Seagram's and I heard a crashing noise. Never fails for someone to cause a fight at this club. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" A familiar voice yelled and she screamed. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" It sent a chill down my spine, I need to see who this woman is. When I got closer, my skin got heated and I began to fill with anger.
"Come on baby, I paid big bucks to fuck you two weeks ago. I just want another go!" The man said and he grabbed Celeste's breasts. She slapped him and it didn't phase him.
"I quit doing that shit! I got a boyfriend! Let me go!" Celeste said and he laughed. His lips went to her neck, and that's all I can take. I made a mad dash to him and tackled him off of her. I stood up and punched his face and the man covered his face. He is not that much younger than me, maybe twenty-nine.
"Don't you fucking dare touch my girlfriend again!" I said through my teeth and the man spit a tooth out and he laughed.
"Why did you get with a hooker dude? That is like…low!" He said and I punched him again.
"Because she wanted to quit. Now, leave us alone…Celeste?" I looked behind me and she is gone. I looked into the dance floor and I seen her walk through the front door and I ran after her. She made it to the alleyway before I stopped her.
"Celeste, are you alright? Did he hurt you?" I said touching her all over, making sure she is not hurt.
"N-no, I cannot believe he goes here! I never want to see any of my old clients again! Brings back what I am," Celeste said and she looked up at me. "I am nothing but a whore! I cannot change nothing!"
"Yes you can, Celeste. You starting fresh, a new start. You are not doing those things again, because you will be with me," I said and she wiped the tears from her eyes and our eyes connected. I threw my lips on hers and she kissed me back. Oh god, I need her right now! Right against this brick wall!
Liam's lips moved against mine and he lifted me up and pushed me against the cold brick wall. He pushed my dress up to my hips and pulled down my thong. "I need you so much, Celeste!" Liam said into my neck and nipped at it. I moaned and wrapped my arms around him and smiled.
"I need you too, Liam, fuck me!" I said and he pulled his jeans down and his huge erected cock is ready for me. He slid me down and shoved his cock inside me and his mouth is kissing the valley between my breasts. He began to move against me and it began to feel really good. I grunted and moan every time he hit my special spot and I already feeling my climax building. I threw my head back and his lips kissed the base of my neck. "Come on Celeste, cum on my cock! Make me feel you!" Liam whispered hoarsely into my neck and I lost it right there. My whole body shook and I bit my lip, making myself not scream in pure delight and when my orgasm reached its peak, Liam grunted and moaned into my neck as his sticky cum filled my pussy. We slid down the wall and I wrapped my arms around him. Oh my, this man can make me writhe and moan at his will. I have to get use to this new start, a man that can really please me and himself!


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