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Sweet Changes

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED- Refer to "Recovery")Celeste Jimmison is not ashamed about her job as a prostitute. Her mother was one until she was killed when Celeste was just 15. Celeste is now twenty-three and has no feeling of love whatsoever. She only knows that the people you love will die. When she meets Liam Wilkerson, she begins to feel feelings that she never felt in a very long time. When he gives her a proposition the morning after their night of passion, she cannot let this one go.

Liam Wilkerson recently broke up with his long time girlfriend, and needs sex. He finds Celeste and gives her the time of her life. When he realizes he needs more of her, he gives her a proposition that she cannot let down. Along the way, he finds himself not only wanting her for sex, but more. He knows the woman is hurt from the death of her mother, but he knows he can help her heal. Will he be the one to help her and make her feel love again? View table of contents...


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*A/N: This is kind of short and I'm sorry. This is the "deal" they are going to do. After this, it will get VERY hot and heavy! Enjoy!*
Chapter 2
A Proposition worth taking!
"Proposition?" I croaked out as I swallowed the yogurt in my mouth.
"Celeste, I am use to having a woman on my side. My ex cheated on me and I dumped her ass eleven days ago. Last night is the first time I had sex in a week and a half. So, I came up with an agreement between me and you," Liam said and sat down beside me. His intense stare got me all heated and I want to know what he has planned, like NOW!
"Well, spit it!"
"I want you to live with me and give me sex anytime I want to. I will pay you weekly if you do." My eyes grew when he said this. Live with him, give him sex and he PAYS me to do this? Wait, is there a catch?
"What is the catch? There is always a catch!" I said and he laughed. He got closer to me and touched my arm and I reacted. Shit, he knows where to touch a woman.
"I made you feel things you've never felt before, and I know it. I felt you jerk and heard you gasped. I bet that was the first time you came since you started hooking," I gulped and I nodded. This man knows me like the back of a book and we just met last night!
"There is two catches really…" Oh shit! Two of them! "One is that you cannot and fuck anymore men for money or pleasure," He said and I nodded. Okay, I can deal with that. I need to try out just having sex with one man only, Liam is perfect just for that.
"The other is that you have to be my date for any function or gala I have to attend." That doesn't sound so bad. Go to a gala in a fancy gown, look pretty and have a sexy man beside me.
"Uh…okay then, so how much we talking here?"
"Oh….ten grand a week." I about choked on my food right there. Ten fucking grand a week? Ten grand a week to live with him and let him fuck me, not hook and be his date? Fuck yeah I will do it!
"Okay then, you got yourself a deal!" I said and he smiled really big and my heart melted. He has that smile that can melt an iceberg! He crawled up on top of me and kissed me. I melted with this kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I can feel his hard-on against me.
"I will fuck you, hard, when we get your stuff from your place. Do you got a car?" Liam asked and I shook my head. "We can borrow my SUV to get your stuff." I started to get up and he is just staring at me. He makes me feel all tingly inside. No other man makes me feel like this.
"What?" I said and he licked his lips. Mmmm, those lips.
"You have to be the sexiest woman on this Earth, and you are mine." I bit my lip and then grinned. Really, I am his because he is paying me to be his.
I am shocked that she agreed with living me and letting me fuck her anything I want to, probably the money. I don't care, I am a multi-millionaire and ten grand a week ain't anything to me. She put on her hooker clothes and I shook my head. "I might take you shopping, you need some normal clothes," I said and she rolled her eyes.
"I got regular clothes, thank you very much!" Celeste said and I grinned. I love that smart mouth of hers. We got into my SUV and she just stared at all the controls on the stereo. I laughed at her curiosity. "Did your parents have a car?" I asked and she looked away and sighed. Oh shit, what happened to them?
"My mom had me at sixteen, never met my dad. Mom was a hooker as well, she started when I was four years old. She was killed when I was fifteen by one of her clients. He tried to have me, but I ran to my aunt's. She was killed before help got there," Celeste said and I am shocked. Her own mother was a hooker as well, I thought that might make the daughter NOT want to be one.
"I'm sorry to hear that. Did your aunt have a car?"
"No, we rode the transit bus everywhere. Mom had a car, but it was a broken down Honda. This is very nice…" She leaned over and pressed on the Sirius Radio button and ZZ Top came on and she jumped. I laughed and I turned it off. "No, I like that band, turn it back on!" I turned it on and she began to bop her head to "Sharp Dressed Men" and she sang along. "Every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man!" I laughed and she finally got her head back and she lead me to her apartment.
"I know its not classy as you, but its better than some of the girls I USE to work with," Celeste said and I smiled. Sounds like to me she wanted this agreement as much as me. We went inside and the apartment is small. She took me to the bedroom and she began putting her things in boxes. She is right, she has more than hooker clothes. She has loads of holey and unholy jeans, tee shirts, regular tank tops, bras, underwear, regular woman stuff. I looked over and I seen a woman that looks like an older version of Celeste, holding a smiling little girl and at the beach. "Is this her?" I asked and she walked over and put her chin on my shoulder.
"Yeah, I was about six in that picture. My grandparents took us to the beach that year," She said and she smiled. Her and her mother must have been close. I see a lighter side of her when her mother is mentioned.
"Are they still alive?" I asked and she shook her head.
"Pappaw died when I was eight and Nanny died when I was ten." Before I could say anything, someone knocked on the door. "Probably Tiffany, the only friend I have left." Celeste said and she went to the front door and the woman name Tiffany hugged her.
"Tiffany, um, I got a new job," Celeste said and Tiffany cleared her throat.
"As in quitting being a prostitute? You got the bank job?" Tiffany said and I smirked. Sounds like her little friend has been trying to get Celeste to quit. I better go in there and introduce myself. Celeste and Tiffany looked at me and Tiffany's jaw about dropped. She's pretty, but I have thing for brunettes more.
"Well…" Celeste said but she is still in shock that I entered the room. I reached over and gave the blonde girl my hand.
"Liam Wilkerson, I hired her to live with me and…you know…" I said and Tiffany nodded.
"So, you're paying her to have sex with you anytime you want to?" Tiffany said and she shook her head. "At least its just one man, not hundreds!"
"I also have to be his date for gatherings and stuff," Celeste said and Tiffany nodded.
"Well, Liam, just take care of her for me. Do you care if I take her clubbing tonight? We we're planning to go," Tiffany asked and I smiled. I remember Randy wanting to go to the club tonight and have a few drinks. Maybe we can all go.
"Well, just so happens that my friend Randy and I are going to this fancy club tonight, you two can come with us."
"That sounds great!" Celeste said and Tiffany smiled really big. I think I got a gold star from this chick. She seems very protective over her friend.
"What are you thinking, Celeste? You met him when?" Tiffany said when she pulled me away so Liam can't hear us.
"Last night, but he is different…" I said and looked over at him and I love his five o'clock shadow on his face. He is looking down at his iPhone, probably work.
"How?" She asked and I sighed.
"He made me cum last night for the first time in my life. He made me feel things I never felt. I want to be with him!" I said and a smirk grew on her face.
"Wow, really? He looks like he would be killer in bed! Wonder if that friend of his is hot?" I laughed and Liam came in and cleared his throat. He slid his hands into his pockets and my skin got heated.
"Ready?" Liam said and I nodded and hugged Tiffany. He told her the club name where we are meeting and she smiled at him.
"I hope that Randy guy will be there, hate to dance alone," She said and Liam laughed. She waved at us bye and we finally finished packing my stuff. The last thing I put in there is that picture that Liam seen.
"Ready?" He asked and I nodded. We walked out the door and I dropped my keys off at the office and I smiled. I may be still considered a hooker, but I am not on the streets of Atlanta. I am kind of starting over, having the life I should have had instead of being a prostitute!


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