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Sweet Changes

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED- Refer to "Recovery")Celeste Jimmison is not ashamed about her job as a prostitute. Her mother was one until she was killed when Celeste was just 15. Celeste is now twenty-three and has no feeling of love whatsoever. She only knows that the people you love will die. When she meets Liam Wilkerson, she begins to feel feelings that she never felt in a very long time. When he gives her a proposition the morning after their night of passion, she cannot let this one go.

Liam Wilkerson recently broke up with his long time girlfriend, and needs sex. He finds Celeste and gives her the time of her life. When he realizes he needs more of her, he gives her a proposition that she cannot let down. Along the way, he finds himself not only wanting her for sex, but more. He knows the woman is hurt from the death of her mother, but he knows he can help her heal. Will he be the one to help her and make her feel love again? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Almost forgot to add this! Yes, this is a hooker story, but with a twist. This is sort-of like "Pretty Woman" but with a Nikkibeth twist! They really do start hot and heavy, cause well, she is a hooker LOL. This one has been in my mind for a long time, but scared to write it. Enjoy! The italics is a dream by the way! And I bet me adding this note at the last minute pushed my story together!*

Chapter 1
The Best Client Ever!

"No, not here, my daughter is in the next room!" My mom yelled. I ran out of the room and a man is attacking my mom. He has his hand around her throat and he is using his other hand to cup her pussy.

"MOM!" I screamed and my mom looked at me and the man then looked at me. He is not that good looking, he looks scary as fuck.

"Your daughter is very pretty, Maggie. Care if I have a feel?" The man said as he let go of her and started towards me.

"Celeste, run to your Aunt Amber's, call for help!" Mom yelled and I can feel the tears building in my eyes.

"Be quiet whore, I will have a round with your daughter, and then you can go!" He said and Mom took a dive at him and yelled for me to go.

"I love you, Mama!" I yelled as I ran out the back door.

"I love you, too, baby, just run to Amber's…"

I jerked awake and I rubbed my eyes. I dreamed of the last moments I was with my mother. I ran to my aunts place, she called the police, but the man killed my mother before they got there. He stabbed her in her heart and stomach six times and left her. That was eight years ago, I was only fifteen when she was killed.

The man that killed my mother was one of my mom's clients, my mom was a prostitute, a whore, a hooker. That's what I am too, became one the day after I turned eighteen. I quit school and got on the streets. I don't regret it, I was raised around pimps, rude clients and the most caring woman in the world. I lost my soul that day. I tried killing myself by cutting and trying to find some pain medications to pop in my mouth. My aunt Amber told me that suicide is not the answer and got me some help. I am happy now, I got a job that I love.

I jumped out of bed and I looked at my clock and its ten am. I yawned loudly as I got dressed for the day and got my outfit that I plan to wear for work. It's a red skimpy tank top and a matching skirt that barely covers my ass. My knee high leather boots makes my legs look long and slender. Somebody knocked on my door and I went and answered it. "Hey Tiff, what brings you over?" I asked as I put my earrings on. Tiffany Lawrence is the only friend I have left since I decided to become a prostitute. All my other friends thought it was a stupid decision and I became dirty and disgusting to them. Tiffany also thinks it was stupid for me to do this, but she stuck around. "Working tonight?" Tiffany asked as she grabbed a soda out of the fridge.

"Yeah, but I am taking a few days off after tonight. Want to hit the clubs tomorrow night?" I asked her and she smiled.

"That sounds fun, but my boss…"

"Tiffany, I told you a million times already, I do not want to work at that place!"

"Please, I hate thinking every night that you could get killed, or get sick, or get killed because you got sick!" I sighed and turned around and faced her. My long dark brown hair is framing my face and my light green eyes is shining into her blues. Her long blonde hair is beautifully touched up, ready to work at some bank.

"Tiff, you know I carry protection with me at all times and I get tested every so often. Don't worry about me. Whenever I get tired of doing what I do, I will quit," I said and she sighed.

"You have done this for five years now, I don't think you're going to quit anytime soon. It will have to be some drastic for you to up and quit prostitution. " She is right. I have thought of quitting several times, then I will get that one good client with loads of money and a lot of time, then I am back on the wagon again. "Listen, I have to go to work. At LEAST think about it, okay? My boss rarely hires people like you, but I told him how good of a person you are and he is considering it. Please, PLEASE, think about it."

"Fine, I'll think about it," I sighed and she smiled and left for work. When the door closed, I sat down on the couch and began to watch some television. I don't have to go to my corner until around five, so I got time to do anything I want to.

It's been exactly ten days since Crystal broke up with me. This is driving me insane. I am glad I got rid of the cheating bitch, but it's the not having sex for ten days is driving me insane. I am so use to having pussy anytime I want to. I am about to explode right now, in my office. "Mr. Wilkerson, you got a call on line one," my assistant, Jessica, which is NOT single, said.

"Okay," I mumbled and answered. "Liam Wilkerson," I said and I heard someone chuckle. It's my friend, Randy Branch.

"Dude, how's the lack of pussy going?" He said and I rubbed my face.

"Not so good, I need some now," I said and he laughed.

"Have you considered buying one?"

"No, I am not going to a sex shop and buying a blow up doll…"

"No man, a hooker! Hookers today are so fucking hot! There is a lot that stands on the corner of 75th and Compton around five."

"Do I sound THAT desperate?"

"Yeah dude, you do!" I ran my fingers through my dark hair and rubbed my grey eyes and groaned. Maybe a whole night of hot sex with a hooker will do me good. Sucks that I have to pay for it, but who cares?

"Okay, I'll do it!" I said and Randy cheered.

"How about tomorrow we hit that club we like? Loads of girls there too, maybe you'll find a free one tomorrow?"

"Sure dude, let me get back to work…" I got off the phone and groaned. Great, I never seen myself desperate for a pussy to the point of buying a fucking hooker. I will be picky about her, I want her sexy and desirable. I want her to want me, not pretend to want me. That won't be hard though, every woman wants me. I can make her shiver by my look and my touch. I can make women cum hard and fast and multiple times. I will give this whore a time of her life!

This is a rough looking part of Atlanta. This is not an exclusive neighborhood, this is like the poor end of town. I can hear the booming bass from the car behind me and all the drivers giving me weird looks, probably because I am in an Aston Martin. The sun is beginning to go down and I seen a group of women, probably six in number, laughing and they all leaned against the wall. I drove up and before I got closer, one caught my eye. She has to be the youngest, early twenties, and her hair is very dark, almost black. Her eyes are this greenish-blue color and she is absolutely gorgeous. She is wearing a whorish outfit and knee high boots, fuck I am getting hard wanting her. I rolled my window and cleared my throat. The woman I stared at along with a chunky girl came to the window. "Nice car, do you want one of us to satisfy you evening?" The chunky girl said seductively.

"Um, yes, you…" I pointed at the other girl and she smiled. The chunky woman hugged the girl and smiled and told her to have a good time. The girl hopped in and she looked around in amazement. She probably haven't been in a car like this.

"Nice ride," She said and I cleared my throat.

"I never hired a hooker before, so what do we do?" I said and she giggled.

"How old are you? Thirty, thirty-two? You must have hired at least one hooker in your lifetime! But, you take me wherever you want to fuck me." I nodded and began to drive off. I will take her to my loft, that should be nice enough for a night of fucking.

"I am thirty-two by the way and the name is Liam, Liam Wilkerson," I said and she smiled.

"Celeste Jimmison, and I am old enough, I am twenty-three," Celeste said and I smiled. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

No wonder he never had a hooker in his life, he is fucking hot! He can have any woman he wants to fuck, but he has me for the night. I've never rode in an Aston Martin before, this is fucking nice! I rode in Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Cadillac cars, but NEVER an Martin! He pulled into a very high end neighborhood I never been in, usually the rich men take me to high end hotels, but never their places. He pulled down into a lower parking lot and typed a code to let the gates open. He parked in the back with other Aston Martins, must be his. He turned off his car and he just stared at me. I never seen a man this sexy in my life. He has dark hair, grey eyes, a very strong jaw and just SEXY! "Ready to go up?" Liam asked and I nodded. Why do I feel so nervous around him? Usually, I am escorting the men to the rooms! He escorted me to the elevator and took me up to the fifth floor and I gasped. How can a man have his OWN floor? It's very modern and very hip looking. "I haven't had a woman in ten days, Celeste, and I need you right now, you beautiful woman," Liam said and I gasped as his lips attached to mine. No wine or dining, just straight to the sex? Fine with me!

For the first time in a very long time, I am wet, VERY wet. What is Liam doing to me? I wrapped my arms around his strong neck and his muscular arms wrapped themselves around my tiny body. His tongue slid into my mouth and I moaned at his taste. He tastes divine, and I wanted more. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him back with the same fury as him. He lifted me off my feet and carried me, lips still attached, to his bedroom. He sat me down on the HUGE bed and began to take his clothes off. He began with his tie then his cufflinks, and I bit my lip. I never wanted a man like this before, what is wrong with me? When he dropped his shirt to the floor, I reached up and ran my fingers down his sculpted body and I groaned. He is so sexy, and he called me beautiful. Every man I've been with called me that, and it never had an affect on me, except for Liam. My heart soared when he called me that. I never thought of myself as beautiful, I know I am not. Look what I am doing, how is THAT beautiful?

I pulled my top off and my breast became free and I took my boots off then my skirt. I went commando, as always, and I am blessed that I did today. I am so ready for him, I want to fucking cum for him. He took his pants off and his huge hard-on is ready for me. He took his boxers off and then slid between my legs and touched my shaved pussy and touched my engorged clit and it's very slick. He pushed two fingers inside my hot pussy and I groaned. He moved his fingers in and out of me and his mouth, oh God his mouth, is at my naval. His warm breath is tickling my skin and making my nerves stand up. "Liam…this feels so good!" I moaned, for real. No other client made me feel this way. I ran my fingers through his hair and his lips went lower and then… "OH MY GOD!" I screamed as his lips attached to my clit. He pushed his fingers in deeper and sucked on my clit, this is going to be too much for me! I can feel that feeling in my lower stomach, building…building… "LIAM!!!" I screamed and I feel my orgasm erupt around his fingers. My whole body shook, sweat is coating my body…this is the best and FIRST orgasm I had ever since I became a hooker! I finally relaxed and Liam climbed on top of me.

"Do I need to wear a condom?" Liam asked me, I like his deep voice.

"N-no, I am on the pill," I said and he nodded and slid inside me, still soaked. We both groaned together and he began to move, fast. I like fucking this way, hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders and met his movements. I can feel every detail of his cock inside me, I want more, so much more! "Liam, faster!" I moaned and he began to move even faster. I moaned and dug my nail into his shoulders and cried out when I can feel, yet, another orgasm, building up. "I am close, Celeste, so close!" Liam moaned and that is the end of me. I screeched and my whole lower body squeezed as I cum for the second time. He pushed inside me once more and he groaned and I can feel his hot cum inside me. I relaxed underneath him and for once, I am tired and I ended up falling asleep. The last thing I felt is warm arms around my hips.

I woke up and the sun is beaming in, SHIT! I reached over to the alarm clock and its eight in the morning. I never slept at a client's place, well he is different. I wanted to be near him for some reason, like a connection. "Good morning, Celeste," Liam said and I smiled. He came in and sat a tray of granola, yogurt and a glass of grape juice in front of me. I never had ANYBODY pamper me like this!

"Wow, just wow!" I just managed to say and he laughed then his face got serious.

"Celeste, I've been doing some thinking…" He said and I gulped down some yogurt. Thinking?

"Celeste, I have a proposition for you…"


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