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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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**A/N: I know, its kind of fast for me to bring another chapter into play. This is also sort of short. Unfortunatly, there is only three more chapters to this story. The last three are going to be intense and hopefully, good! Remember to comment and like please :D*

Chapter 9

It's been well over two weeks since Melody ran off from Zeke. She has been so much better, and she is looking a lot better too. When I went over to her new place, she was very scrawny and pale. She never needed to lose weight, but it looked like she lost about fifteen pounds since she moved in with Zeke. Well now, she gained all that back and about ten more pounds. Raven took good care of her for us and she knew how special she was to us. She also endured her pain before. When me and Nick came over to see them today, she decided to tell us about him.

"I had an abusive boyfriend about a year ago. His name was John. I actually thought I was in love with him. He was one good looking man. Blonde hair, baby blue eyes and he was a body builder. We had it good for a year, good sex, the whole bit. One day, I burned his grilled cheese when he wanted something to eat, and that's when he ticked off. For five months, I endured pain, rape and seclusion. He didn't let me go see Sam, Tank or my dad. If it wasn't for Sam finding out where we we're at and calling the police, I would be either still there getting raped and abused, or even killed," Raven said and I swallowed all my emotions to prevent me from crying. "Melody is very lucky to get out of there as soon as she did. If she had stayed, she would've been me," she added and looked at Melody.

"I didn't want to stay. I love Zeke and I sort of still do. He was actually my first love. He actually cared about me and didn't think of me as a whore. Until the day I ran off, I thought wrong. He called me a whore that day and he was finished with me," Melody said and she began to cry.

"Honey, he is not finished with you. When they arrested John, he told me that he was finished with me. About two months after he got arrested, he wrote me a letter saying that he still wanted me, he is not done with me. Zeke still wants you, and you better stay away. Once a man becomes abusive, they are highly dangerous," Raven said and I got scared.

"So, Melody, you cannot go anywhere without somebody being with you, in case Zeke so happens to be in Queens," Nick said and Melody bowed her head down.

"He works in Queens," Melody said and Nick and Raven cursed.

"Well, you defiantly need an escort to keep you safe. You will be mainly with me cause you work at the shop and we practically go everywhere with me. When I can't, Stephanie can go with you. Melody, you are not safe until he quits wanting you and that will take some time. Fuck, he might never quit wanting you!" Raven said and Melody stood up and walked over to the window facing the street and sighed.

"You shouldn't have to do this for me. It's my fault that I got myself into this. If I never fucked him four months ago at the party that got us started dating, this would never happened. I would be still living with my parents, dealing with their pestering about me going to school. I would've been happier than what I am now. I am happy now, I am safe with Raven, Sam and Tank, and Steph and Nick," Melody said and let out a sigh again and walked into her room. I started to head back there with her, but Raven stopped me.

"Give her some time. She is still adjusting to hiding away from Zeke. She will be fine, give her a few more days," Raven said and I looked down the hall where Melody is.

"But it's been two weeks!" I said and Raven looked down.

"She never had to hide, trust me, it will take some time!" Raven said and I nodded. I trust Raven, she really cares about Melody as much as I cared for her. When we left, I tried to go into Melody's room, but it is locked and I tried yelling to say bye and that I loved her, but I got no answer. I shrugged my shoulders and left with Nick to go home.

I stayed the night at Nick's place. I might as well move in with him because we are at his place more than mine. Half of my clothes are already over here.

"Nick, I want to move in with you," I said and Nick smiled and pushed me until I am flat on my back against the couch.

"I already told your parents that you are. They are bringing your stuff in tomorrow," Nick said and he kissed me. His tongue tickled my lips and then my tongue. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist. The phone began to ring and I yelled out "FUCK!" and ran to the phone.

"What is it?" I said angrily. I am fucking horny as shit, so whoever is on the phone, it better be important!

"It's Raven, I don't know where Melody is!" Raven said and my heart accelerated.

"What do you mean?" I said, hoping I heard wrong.

"Melody is gone. I had to unlock her door with a credit card and she is gone. She didn't take anything and the window is open."

"We are on our way over there now. We have to find her!" I said and hang up the phone. I told Nick everything and we ran to his car and he speed down to Queens. We parked in Raven's driveway and Sam and Tank is there also. We walked in and Raven is in tears. She kept telling Sam that she is sorry that she should keep a more careful eye on her.

"We will find her, Steph and Nick are here now. We will all split up, taking different sections of Queens…" Tank said and he told everyone where to go and Nick and I ran to the car and we drove down to the area Tank told us to go. Tank also said that Queens has a lot of alleyways, so we better make sure to look down there too. I rolled down my window and pulled my cell phone out and made Nick stop at every person to show them a picture of Melody. An elderly lady that is sitting on a bench, waiting on a bus is the only one that recognized her.

"Oh, I seen that young lady. She asked when the bus is coming, but I told her it will be probably another half an hour. She thanked me and walked away. Not even two minutes later, a man probably slightly older than her asked me where she went. He seemed so rude, so I didn't tell him anything. Is she your sister? You two look so much alike!" the lady said and I smiled.

"No, but she is the sister I never had," I said and she smiled.

"Well, I hope you find her, it's dark outside and these part of the streets are dangerous!" I nodded my head and demanded Nick to try and hurry. Melody was over here not that long ago. She could be anywhere. We found an alleyway and Nick grabbed a flash light and began to get out. I touched his shoulder and took the flashlight.

"Stay right here, I will look for her!" I said and he frowned.

"I'll be right here if you need me," he said and he kissed me. I got out of the car and turned on the flashlight. I walked down the creepy alleyway and I heard a woman and a man talking. I remained quiet as I walked down the alley way and that's when I realized I recognized the voices.

"Melody honey, I told you I will find you if you ran off. You know what else I told you I will do when I find you?" Zeke said and I held my mouth to prevent myself from breathing too loud. I only could see shadows, but I knew its Melody and Zeke.

"You don't got the fucking balls to kill me, Zeke. You threaten to kill and beat up people all the time and you never follow through. So, how can you follow through to kill me?" Melody said and then, I felt a vibration under my foot and a CRACK echoed through the alleyway and I cursed. I heard them walk over towards my direction and I didn't want to move, maybe they cannot find me…

"Well, well, well, look here Melody, it's Stephanie! I want an audience to watch me kill you!" Zeke said to Melody and tears began to form in my eyes…


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