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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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*A/N: I know this is shorter than usual. I wanted to get this released before I forgot it. Thank you all for reading this. This is the longest story I publised on Booksie EVER! This is probably a little boring, but its got some things going on here. This is mainly in Melody's POV. Please read and comment!*

Chapter 8

When I told Nick about Melody, he got really mad. Who can blame him? Zeke about raped me and raped Melody, his OWN girlfriend!

"I don't want you around Zeke. First he about raped you and now Melody. What is wrong with this dude?" Nick said. We are in my bedroom and my parents are visiting friends a few blocks away, so we are alone.

"I really don't know, he seemed off when I met him. Melody said he was drunk and high, so I shrugged it off. Maybe he is one of those guys that has a short temper. I just hope he really meant the apology he gave her," I said as I wrapped my arms around Nick's shoulders from behind him. He pulled me around and sat me on his lap and his fingers played with my thin blonde hair.

"I hope so too, Stephanie. I consider Melody my little sister. Sam and Tank will watch her for us," Nick said and I smiled.

"Sam and Tank are awesome. They are the cutest couple. She told me how they met, they went faster than us. We had sex a week after we met, she lost her virginity the day after they met," I said and he laughed.

"I see me and Tank becoming good friends. I see you and Sam becoming almost as close as you and Melody."

"I love Melody, I hated being raised as an only child. Melody is a sister that I never had. I'm worried about her!"

"Melody is a strong woman, I think she won't take anymore shit for long!"

"Let's hope so…"

Melody's POV

I sat on the couch, watching TV as I waited on Zeke to come home. I still cannot believe Zeke done that to me. I seen a side of him that I don't want to see anymore. I bled out of my pussy like I bled when I lost my virginity. It's probably my period also that made me bleed like that. He hit me so hard I became dizzy. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I want to forget what happened because he did apologize to me and I seen the heartfelt apology in his eyes. Zeke came through the door and he did not look happy at all. I am guessing he had a bad day at work.

"Had a bad day at work, babe?" I said and he came over and dropped on the couch. He looked at me and he looked very angry.

"Don't want to talk about it," Zeke said and I turned and continued to watch TV. He reached down for the remote and turned it off. I didn't know what is going on, but he still looked very angry.

"Melody, I want you again," Zeke said and my heart raced. Oh please god, don't let him do this to me again!

"Zeke baby, don't do this to me! I will call the police!" I said and he walked up, grabbed the house phone and threw it down and broke it. My cell phone is on the table and I quickly grabbed it and slid it underneath the cushions and fuck, he seen me. He reached down, grabbed my phone and threw it down, also breaking it.

"I love you, Zeke, please don't do this to me!" I cried out as he got on top of me and grabbed my wrists. I never been abused and raped in my life. This is very scary. I closed my eyes as his mouth harshly pressed against mine and I began to cry.

"Zeke, please!" I cried out some more.

"Bitch, don't even try to beg me, it will just make things worse!" Zeke said and I cannot believe this. I cannot believe Zeke is abusing and raping me. I should have listened to Melody when she told me that he almost raped her. He took off my sweat pants and then my tank top. I was so sore from him raping me this morning that I didn't bother putting any undergarments on.

"This is the way I like it," he said when he seen me naked below him. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down enough to get his cock out and he is hard and ready. I gave up on crying out for him to stop and I felt him enter my pussy roughly. It hurt so bad and I cried more. I let him fuck me as hard as he wants to and he cum pretty quick. Zeke jumped up and button his jeans up.

"Now Melody, I have guidelines. No matter what, I get sex every fucking day. You cannot call ANYBODY, including that Sam girl and Stephanie. I am NOT going to apologize to Stephanie, I wanted to fuck her so bad and I wanted you to find us! If you attempt to run away, I will find you, and I will kill you," Zeke said and he walked off. He will not find me, I have places to go. When I heard the bathroom door shut, I grabbed my clothes, quickly and quietly put them on, and as quietly as I can, I ran out the door and ran to Sam and Tank's. I knocked on their door and checked down the hall for Zeke, and fuck, they are not home. Forgot they are at the shop. That's where I will go. I ran down the hallway and out of the building and began down the street. Zeke should know by now that I am gone. Thank God that Blue Ink is just a few blocks away. I ran in and Sam is at the front desk and she knew what happened.

"He done it again, didn't he?" Sam said and I nodded. She yelled for Tank and he came out. "Tank, call Stephanie and Nick, Zeke raped her again," she said and he cursed and dialed her number.

"I need a place to stay, somewhere that Zeke doesn't know," I said and Tank got off the phone and he smiled.

"Sam, she can stay with Raven, my sister," he said and she nodded in agreement.

"Raven is a very nice woman. She will let you stay. He doesn't know where she lives…" I looked out the door and I seen Zeke run down the street and I jumped behind Tank. He is big and tall enough to hide my puny ass body. I heard the bell chime and Zeke's exhausted voice.

"If you are fucking hiding her…" Zeke said and Sam laughed.

"What do you mean, Zeke?" Sam asked.

"Melody ran out on me. I was teaching her a lesson and when I was in the shower, the bitch ran away."

"Would it be obvious that she would come to us?"

"Melody is smarter than that, she would not go to you or Stephanie. Hell, let her go, she will be somebody else's whore. I am done with her!" He stormed out and I let out a sigh.

"I am going to call Raven right now. I think she is at her shop," Tank said and Sam came to me and she hugged me.

"I will never let him touch you, Melody. I know Steph and Nick wouldn't let nothing happen to you either!" Sam said and I closed my eyes and I kept hugging her. A few minutes later, Tank came back and told me that his sister is letting me stay with her. I smiled and hugged him to thank him.

"Melody, I would quit your job at Burger King. Raven is offering you a job at her tattoo shop she took over after my dad retired. You will man the front desk, you know, getting the money and getting people to sign the consent," Tank said and I agreed. I got into Tank's car and he drove me to Queens, away from Zeke and he parked in front of a tattoo shop known as "Dragon's Lair Tattoo" and he walked me in. A woman with raven black hair came out and she is also covered with tattoos from head to toe. I knew that has to be Raven.

"Raven, this is Melody, please keep her safe!" Tank said and the woman smiled.

"Come on honey, I am closing the shop for the day. I am taking you home so you can clean up!" Raven said and I smiled. I finally felt safe. I am finally living my own life for a start!

Stephanie's POV

Oh my God! He done it again! I knew it! Thank God Melody has brains and ran out of there. She is smart also to run to Sam and Tank. She is going to be safe at Tank's sisters place. He gave me the address so I can go see Melody as I please. Nick is not too happy about Zeke. He wants to kill Zeke.

"Nick, we are not going to kill anybody. Mel-Mel is safe. She is with Tank's sister, Raven," I said and he let out a sigh.

"Why is this happening to her?" Nick asked me.

"She just picked the wrong man, Nick. She learned the hard way and she got out of it."

"Well, I know this is not over. I am afraid that Zeke will find her and do something to her."

"No he won't, she is in Queens right now. She is far away from him right now." Nick stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. I stood up and I kissed him. "I love you," I said and he smiled and kissed me back. He slid his tongue into my mouth and his hands went down to my ass and squeezed my ass cheeks.

"I love you, too," Nick said and he pushed me to the bed. I thought we we're going to make love, but I think the situation wore him out, so we ended up taking a nap.


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