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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

It's been about two weeks since Melody and I got our tattoos. Since that day, Melody has barely called me or came over to see me. Nick thinks she is adjusting to moving in with Zeke, but I know something is going on between them two. Tomorrow, I will go over there and see what the fuck is going on with my best friend. Today, I am going to Nick's place. I parked in the small parking lot of his apartment complex and looked up. This is not a crappy looking place, but its not Trump tower nice. I went to the front entrance and pressed the button beside his name and he unlocked the door. I walked up to the third floor and I walked into his apartment. Nick is a very clean person and when I seen his apartment, I smiled because he is the same Nick. I don't know why I expected otherwise, but I did. I thought maybe being in war would change him, but so far, it hasn't.

"Nick, where are you?" I yelled and I heard movement in the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and I see Nick, kneeling in front of a picture of a group of men, and crying. "NICK!" I ran over and wrapped my arms around him from the back and he laced his fingers through mine.

"It's my fault that all of them died. If I was doing my duty, all of them would not be dead, and I wouldn't been MIA," Nick said and I kissed his cheek and turned him around and placed his head against my breasts and rocked him.

"Nick, its not your fault. People die in the war everyday. Just because you made a tiny mistake doesn't mean it was your fault," I said and ran my fingers through his raven hair.

"But I shouldn't been goofing off by jacking off to you!" I looked at him and looked into his eyes. Why is he downing himself like that? He is a man, men masturbate!

"That's what you we're doing? Masturbating? Nick, you had your needs and they needed to be met. Don't do this to yourself!" I said and he finally looked up at me and finally smiled.

"I'm sorry, Stephanie, I have these moments where I blame myself," Nick said and I kissed his forehead.

"It's called recovering, Nick. You got out of that hell you we're in. You are home, with me." I said and he kissed me lovingly on the lips and he let go and touched my lips with his finger lightly.

"Forever and ever, baby. I love you so much, you are the reason I am still alive," Nick said and I kissed his finger tips.

"I love you too, I love you so much!" I grabbed him and he held me in his arms and we hugged, just hugged, for a few minutes. He let me go and he kissed me and his hand began to do down to my breast and he cupped my breast and I let go and got on his bed and I took my shirt and bra off. He smiled and he grabbed my breast and then placed his mouth on my nipple, which felt so good. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer so I can feel more of his mouth on me and he began a kiss trail down my body. He kissed everyone of my ribs, around my belly button, my hips and then, the top of my pussy. I never shave my pussy, I think its stupid and I love being all natural. Nick likes it that way too. He pulled my pussy lips apart and then, I felt his tongue enter my pussy and I moaned loudly. I raised my hips and rocked them to feel more of his tongue and his tongue went from my pussy to my clit. He flicked it with his tongue and sucked it as well. I almost cum and then, he quit.

"I'm sorry baby, but please suck my dick!" Nick said and he took his pants and boxers off and smiled. I slid down to the edge of the bed and I grabbed his hard, thick dick and my hand began to move up and down his shaft. Nick began to moan my name and when I put it in my mouth, he about died right there. His body relaxed a little and when I knew he is stable enough to stand up, I started. My tongue went up and down his shaft as my lips squeezed around him and my head went up and down. Nick grabbed my hair and didn't really do anything, just grabbed my hair. He didn't push me or pull me away. I think he just wanted to touch me. I stopped and looked up at him and I went to his pillows and spread my legs open.

"Fuck me, Nick!" I said and he didn't need a second invitation. He got on top of me and grabbed both my legs. He placed his legs over his shoulder and his dick entered my pussy and he began fucking me hard and fast. We cum at the same time and we basically relaxed for the rest of the day.

I looked at the sheet of paper and up at the broken down apartment building to make sure the address is right. Melody is usually off on Tuesday's so I knew she is home. I went up and pressed the button above Zeke's name and the door unlocked. I walked down the hallway and it smelled like beer and it began to make my stomach hurt. I knocked on the door and the door opened itself.

"Melody, it's Stephanie," I said and I walked into the living room and the television is loudly playing Daughtry and I continued down the little hallway where the bedroom and bathrooms are. I knocked on a door and I heard crying.

"Melody, are you in here?" I said and I opened the door and I covered my mouth. Melody is on the ground, naked and covered in blood. She is laying in fetal position and she smell highly of beer and blood. "Oh my God, Melody! Who done this to you?" I said and she shook her head. I ran to the nearest bathroom and warmed a couple of wash rags and grabbed a towel and ran back to her. I helped her stand up and sat her on the bed. She opened her legs and I covered my mouth again. Her vagina and inner thighs has a thick coating of dried, old blood. I cleaned her up and she just lay there, crying and telling me to stop.

"Let me clean you up," I said and she nodded. I cleaned that area and wherever else that was covered with blood, including her arms and her face.

"Zeke…got…mad…at…me," Melody said between sobs.

"What did he do to you?" I asked her.

"He….slapped me…then fucking…raped me!" I got so mad and I ran to her closet and gathered all of her clothes and she sat up and looked at me scared. "Steph, I deserved it; let me stay!" Melody pleaded out.

"What did you do?" I asked her furiously.

"I didn't give him sex because I am on my period and I didn't want to suck his cock because I got a mouth sore from sucking his cock so much, so he got mad."

"Why do you think you deserved to be beaten and raped?"

"I had it coming, please Steph, don't make me leave. I love Zeke so much, and I know he loves me. He told me he was sorry for hurting me like that before he went to work." I walked around her room and ran my fingers though my hair and let out a scream. I kicked her bed and then sat on it. I want Melody with me, at least she will be safe. If she wants to stay here with Zeke, then so be it. But then, that's when I remembered her lack of communication to me for the past few weeks.

"He must have done this for a pretty good while because you haven't talked to me in a few weeks," I said and she looked down.

"No, this is the first time he hurt me, honest! Zeke and I just have been spending loads of time together and he thought I should spend the first couple of weeks away from friends and get use to moving in with him. I promise to stay in contact with you," Melody said and I hugged her.

"If he touches you again…"

"I promise to call you." I kissed her forehead and I left the apartment. When I got to my car, I called somebody on my cell phone.

"Sam, it's Stephanie, can you do me a favor, can you watch Melody for me? I know you and Tank live in the same apartment complex as her and Zeke. You will? Thanks so much!"

**A/N: Heya folks! Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment and like my story. I want everyone to remember that domestic violence happens everyday. Remember to wear purple on Wednesdays for help end Domestic Violence!**


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