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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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*A/N: Sorry for throwing these chapters out so fast. I am a Sims game fanatic and my step-sister has it right now and we had to put my computer into factory default so...no game. I've been bored so I've been in a writting frenzy. Sorry for jabbering away about stupid shit like that. This chapter may seem boring and I am sorry. Still please comment and like and critique!*

Chapter 6

Melody came over the next day and she decided that we are going to get tattoos.

"We are eighteen, we can go get one!" Melody said and I shook my head.

"Is tattoo parlors even open on Sundays? My parents are coming home today anyways, I want to surprise them with Nick," I said and she gave me a lost puppy look.

"They are not going to be here till like five this afternoon and yes, they are open on Sundays. There is one Zeke goes to that is seven blocks away from here. Pretty please, can we get tattoos? I want to get a sun on my neck. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I guess we can, who's paying?" Before she could answer my question, she squealed in delight and tackled me on my bed.

"This is going to be so awesome! Oh yeah, Zeke gave me five hundred dollars, so we can get a two hundred and fifty dollar tattoo!" Melody said and I smiled and got in her car. I text Nick and told him about what I am about to do and he text me: As long its not my name or a naked man, I am okay with it! Love you so much baby! Melody pulled into the tattoo parlor, which is called "Blue Ink" and my adrenaline began to rush. I never thought I would get a tattoo. This is so exciting! We walked in and we began to look through the flash cards of tattoo designs and I found the perfect one. I found a beautiful picture of a phoenix. I remembered from my English class that a phoenix dies and becomes ash. When it rises from the ash, its beautiful and young again. I think of myself as a phoenix, I "died" as a whore and a drug addict and an alcoholic and then when I decided to be good, I rose from the "ashes" and became young and vibrant and beautiful. A phoenix is a beautiful red and orange bird with long, vibrant feathers and the perfect spot for it is my upper arm.

"I'm getting this, Melody, on my arm," I said pointing the picture out to her and she smiled.

"That's a pretty bird! I found mine," Melody said and she pointed out a unique-looking picture of two suns. One was rising over a beautiful cloud and another one is underneath it and it a sunset.

"It's a sunrise and a sunset on one cloud. My 'sunset' is when I was whoring around and doing bad shit, you know? My 'sunrise' is when I also quit doing that shit and when I met Zeke. That's why I want it, and I want it between my shoulder blades," Melody said and I smiled. She is also getting a symbol of her life, the bad and the good. I didn't know that Zeke made such a impact on her life like that. We went to the front desk with our pictures in our hands and we signed the consent and paid for it. We lucked out and had only twenty bucks left. My tattoo was the most expensive being two hundred and fifty dollars, due to the intense design of the feathers and the color.

"Who wants me to tattoo them? My wife will do the other one," Tank the tattoo artist asked. He has teal colored hair, eyes to match his hair, highly muscular and heavily tattooed. His wife, which has bright pink hair and beautiful brown eyes, came out and smiled. Melody took Tank and me and his wife went to the other room.

"Hello, my name is Sam, what's your name?" Sam said in a calming voice.

"Stephanie, and this is my first tattoo," I said and she smiled.

"My first one was on my arm as well." She showed me a beautiful flower design on her arm and then smiled. "Tank done it for me, that's when I fell in love with him."

"I got a fiancé, his name is Nick. He wants a tribal design on his arm, but not yet," I said and I feel my nerves building up and I know she can tell I am nervous because I am talking WAYYYYYY too much. She touched my hand and she smiled at me.

"What relaxes you, Stephanie?" she asked me. She let me think by setting up her station with the colors, the needles and the gun itself.

"I love smelling pretty things, that's what relaxes me," I said and she got up and left the room for a few moments. She came in with several candles and placed them on the table beside me and lit them up. It only took a few minutes and I smelled roses, lavender and orchids and it really relaxed me.

"Ready honey?" Sam asked me and I nodded. I jumped when I heard the buzz from the tattoo gun and then, I felt the burning of the needle. It really hurt, but the wanting of this tattoo made me fight through it. About a hour and a half later, the outline is done.

"Go see the outline and I'll let you have a smoking break, I sure need one!" Sam said and I stood up and went to the mirror outside the room. Melody is also inspecting her outline and it was so pretty without the color. She moved to the side and I looked at my tattoo and I am shocked. It is beautiful! The tail feathers wrapped around my arm to my elbow and the head is just below my shoulder blades.

"Wow, I like your tattoo missy. You did a good job, baby!" Tank said as he wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her. Tank and Sam may look like an odd couple with their unique hair color and a thousand tattoos, but I can tell they loved each other. He has to be good in bed also! All four of us went outside and my arm was sore from the tattoo, so Sam lit my cigarette for me.

"So, Melody, do you have a man?" Sam asked her.

"Yes, his name is Zeke and I love him to death. I just moved in with him last night. I am loving the freedom already!" Melody said and I laughed.

"Yeah, he just handed you the money for these tattoos and hoped you would spend it on tattoos!" I said and she giggled.

"He trusts me with his money!" I laughed and inhaled my cigarette and Sam and Tank is kissing each other, and I have to admit, it just looks down right adorable.

"How long you two been together?" I asked taking another puff of my cigarette.

"We only been married for four months now, but we been together for three years," Sam said and touched Tank's lips and he nibbled on her finger.

"How old are you?" Melody asking, reading my mind. I recalled Sam saying how she met Tank giving her first tattoo.

"I am twenty-one years old and Tank here is twenty-seven," Sam said and Tank kissed her. "Everybody thinks we are an odd couple, and I like it that way. If you don't like us, then don't fucking look at us!" she added and I agreed. I liked Sam, I can see us hanging with each other in the near future. We all went back in a went back to our rooms. An hour and a half later, my tattoo is finished. The coloring hurt worse than the outline! I actually started to cry, but I bit my lip because I don't want a half ass tattoo! Melody and I met at the same mirror and we adored our final results.

"Oh my God, I love it!" Melody said about her tattoo.

"I cannot believe how bright the colors are!" I said about my tattoo. I love the red and the orange of my tattoo and I cannot stop staring at it. Sam actually gave me her cell phone number for us to actually hang out and we left the tattoo parlor, satisfied as hell!

Mom and Dad came home around five that afternoon. Nick showed up about five minutes after then and I text him to wait outside.

"I missed you pumpkin!" Mom said and hugged me tight and she touched my tattoo and I flinched because it starting to hurt now. "What is wrong honey?" she asked and I showed her my new tattoo.

"Shit Stephanie, that looks expensive! Who paid for it?" My step-dad, Rick, said.

"Melody's boyfriend," I said and they smiled.

"Well, I adore it, I love birds!" My mom said and she looked at it some more and Nick rang the door bell. "Who could that be?" My mom said and I went to the door and opened it. Nick immediately grabbed my hand and he kissed me lightly. Mom looked like she is going to pass out and Rick looked shocked.

"Nick, how….you we're…" Rick tried to talk and Nick leaned over and shook his hand.

"I heard it all from Stephanie. All of you thought I was dead, but I was just MIA, the military thought I was dead," Nick said and my heart sank. I cannot think about him dealing with the hell he went through when he was MIA.

"Well son, I am glad you are alive and home," Rick said and the men walked into the kitchen. My mom just stared at Nick and she began to cry.

"Mom, are you okay?" I said grabbing her shoulder.

"I cannot believe he is alive," she said and I hugged her.

"Believe it mom, we are getting married as planned. We set the date for January fifteenth," I said and smiled. Nick and I decided to go ahead and set the date last night before he left. My birthday is January ninth, so I want the wedding around my birthday.

"Mrs. Richards!" Mom said and touched my cheek. Through out the evening, we enjoyed some wine coolers, yes I drank some, but not enough to get drunk, and watched some movies. When my parents went to bed, Nick and I went to my bedroom. When he closed the door, he kissed me and pushed me on the bed and took my clothes off. When I was bare naked, I took his clothes off and grabbed his 9-inch dick and moved my hand up and down.

"Baby, please just let me fuck you!" Nick said and I opened my legs and he slid his hard dick into my wet pussy. We fucked each other until we couldn't think no more and my head got dizzy. I tried to quiet down my moans, which I did a good job at that. When we cum together, we went to my pillows and cuddled. Nick finally seen my tattoo and of course, he liked it.

"You listened to me, its not my name or a naked man," Nick said and I laughed.

"Oh, but a tattoo of you naked on my chest would've been nice," I said touching his chest hair.

"You naughty, naughty girl!" he said and kissed me. I never felt like this before. I loved Nick more than ever, and I didn't know that was even possible, but I love the idea of me loving Nick more!


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