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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 20, 2011    Reads: 1,771    Comments: 6    Likes: 9   

**A/N: This is not erotic yet but its fixing to be! Its more romance and drama than Erotic. Thank you for all the comments!! I love reading comments so keep them coming!!**

Chapter 2

No, it cannot be him! Nick is dead. He died in Iraq a year ago! They never found his body, but he had a funeral for him here in Brooklyn, his and my hometown. "Steph, it's me, Nick!" Nick said and I began to cry.

"Impossible, you're dead!" I cried.

"I am very much alive, I just been MIA for a year."

"Nick, you don't know how much I missed you. I am on fucking anti-depressants because of you!"

"What did I do?

"I thought you were fucking dead!" I began to feel so much anger now. How could he have done this to me? He should at least sent me a letter saying he was not dead.

"Steph, the only thing that kept me alive is remembering our last time we had sex and how much you loved me," Nick said and I closed my eyes and remembered the night before he left. He licked my clit so slow that it drove me nuts and when I was at the brink to cum, he got inside me and fucked me so hard and fast and it was so loving at the same time. We came together and we cuddled until sunrise. "Nick, I love you so much, but why? Why couldn't you at least wrote me saying you we're alive?" I asked him.

"Because I was held hostage for ten months. They rescued me two months ago and I just got released from a military hospital in Berlin. I am home now, can you meet me at Sonnie's Diner in Brooklyn? I want to see you so bad," he asked me and I told him I would. I ran to my closet and I grabbed a bag of clothes I put up after I was told the news of his "death". I found the tank top that he loved and put it on and I put on the matching skirt. I fixed my blonde hair and I ran down the three blocks to the diner. Sonnie's Diner is where Nick and I met for the first time. I was with Melody and he walked up and told me how beautiful I was and that's where it began. I found the entrance to the diner and waited on him. I waited on him for five minutes and then, somebody touched my shoulder. I turned around and Nick is standing in front of me. His black hair is now ear length, instead of being that buzz cut for the marines and his honey-colored eyes shimmers in the sunlight. "Steph, I missed you so much!" Nick said and he pulled me to him and placed his lips on mine. I love the taste of him and I missed it so much. I regret now for having those boyfriends when I thought he was dead, I now feel like I cheated on him. I need to tell him, now. "Nick, I need to say something," I said and he ran his fingers down my hair and then looked at my left hand. "Where is your engagement ring?" he asked he and I sighed.

"Nick, we got the news that you we're dead. I took my ring off and put it up and well…I had several boyfriends as well. I didn't have sex with them, but I did let them touch me," I said and looked down at the floor and he didn't speak to me for a few moments. I knew he is mad at me. I cheated on him. "Steph, I am sorry that no one told you that I was just MIA. I did almost died, but I don't want to tell you what happened to me tonight. I forgive you for doing things with other men. Now, I am hungry, want to go inside?" he said and I smiled. Thank God he forgave me! He put his hand on the back of my neck and as soon as he opened the doors of the café, the smell of coffee and tomato soup really hit me. We went to the table in the far corner and we both ordered coffee. "I was at your graduation, the whole place was quiet when you walked on the stage," he said and I swallowed the hot coffee down too fast where it burned my throat, which made me cough.

"What, you were at my graduation? How long have you been home?" I asked him shocked.

"A week, I wanted to call you yesterday, but I knew Grace would have a huge party for you," Nick said and I smiled. Mom did have a party for me. She invited Melody and my whole family. We had pizza, soda and the adults had alcohol, but that didn't stop Melody from sneaking and getting a beer or three. "Yeah, we did have a party, you should have knocked and surprised me that way," I said and he laughed. God, I missed his laugh. It sounded so heavenly and so deep.

"Are we back to normal? Are we still engaged or do I have to propose to you again?" Nick asked me and I reached for his hand and squeezed it.

"No, we are engaged still," I said and he smiled. Our food came and I devoured my tomato soup and grilled cheese as Nick ate his cheeseburger and platter of fries like he had all the time in the world. I looked down at my wrist and I seen the bruise Zeke gave me earlier and I put my wrist on the bench where Nick cannot see it. I thought back to the moment Zeke about raped me. He had every intention to fuck me just because I use to be a whore. There is no part of me that wants to become the old Stephanie again. I felt dirty then, I feel clean now. After we finished and Nick paid for our food, we went outside and the summer Brooklyn air hit my face and the smell of the diner still lingers in the air. Nick grabbed my hand and he walked me back to the mini parking lot of the diner and his motorcycle is parked. I remember the nights where he took me around Brooklyn and we hid underneath the trees and make love. "Want to ride around before I take you home?" Nick asked me and I nodded my head. He helped me on the motorcycle and gave me a helmet and he started the vehicle. He pulled out of the parking lot and we went down the street and I began to think about Nick. For twenty-one years old, he went through some shit. Whatever happened to him for ten months in Iraq, I bet it changed him. Nick is still the sexy and sweet Nick I fell in love with. We passed the tree we had made love under many times then he turned onto my street and in front of my house. He helped me off the motorcycle and he placed his lips on mine. He grabbed my wrist and I began to protest since its my bruised wrist, then he seen it. "What happened?" Nick asked and I closed my eyes.

"I went to a party after graduation and a guy about raped me," I said and I seen the anger in his eyes.

"What's his name?" He asked.

"Zeke, why?"

"Do you know where he lives?"

"No, I don't, he was at the party, why, Nick?"

"I am going to pay him a little visit…"


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