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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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**A/N: Here it is, the last chapter! Thank you everyone that read this. This is the first novel I finished on bookie...actually EVER! I am starting a new novel called "Make me a Woman" and I am typing it out right now. So, here in a couple of days, or tomorrow, I will update for whoever wants to read it! It's another erotica! I love all my readers and fans and you are the reason I wanted to keep going!**

Chapter 12

*Five years later…*

"Mama! Mama! MAMA!" My little girl, Melody yelled from her high chair. Her twin brother, Kevin, joined her yelling spree and I picked her up first then I picked him up. I had each one on my hip and I grabbed the ringing house phone and answered.

"Is the play date still on, Steph?" Sam said and I cursed, which made Melody say the cuss word to copy me.

"BAD GIRL! Sorry, Melody has a tendency now to copy every word I say!" I said and Sam laughed.

"So, the playground in a half hour?" Sam asked and I agreed. I went to the twin's bed room and got them dressed. I need to catch you up, don't I? Nick and I got married earlier than we planned. We got married a month after the funeral. A week after coming back from the honeymoon, I started culinary school and graduated two years later. I got pregnant a few months after I started my new job as a sous chef at an Italian restaurant. Nick was ecstatic when we found out that we are having twins. It was a shocker really to everybody. Sam became pregnant three months after I did, so our children are three months apart in age. Melody Ann Richards was born first and then Kevin Nicholas Richards was born five minutes after his sister. They both have blonde hair, brown eyes and both act just like their daddy. Nick got a job as an travel agent, which with my job, we pay the bills and have spending money for our kids. My mom and Rick are wonderful grandparents, since they are Melody and Kevin's only grandparents. Nick's parents died a few years back, not that long before we first met. I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. I got a cooking job, a wonderful husband who is still GREAT in bed and two wonderful children. They are two years old right now and they are a mess.

"Mama, me ready to go now!" Kevin said messing with his jacket. I put Melody's hair up in a pony tail and put Kevin's toboggan on and we left our house. Nick also bought us a house when I was six months pregnant. He said our apartment is not meant for four people. I am not the size five I was eighteen either. I am a comfortable size eight. My breasts are fuller now and I feel more mature now at twenty-three years old. Nick is now twenty-six years old and he is still sexy as every. He decided to grow a goatee like Tank, which is hilarious. Tank and Nick are best friends and they do absolutely everything together. Sam and I are very close, but she knows that we won't be as close as me and Melody. I visit Melody's grave at least twice a month. Carol and Miles moved out of New York City to Rochester, Carol's hometown. As I put my kids in their car seats, they both smiled at me and they both told me they loved me. My heart filled with love and I love my children more than life itself. It was Nick's idea to name our daughter after Melody. I was not going to, I wanted to name her something else, but he said we should to remember her. I drove down to the playground and I seen Sam's car parked in the parking lot and Melody and Kevin jumped out of their car seats as soon as I unbuckled them. Sam and her son, Ryan, came over and Ryan went to Kevin and then they ran to the sand pit. Melody looked at me and started to cry. I picked her up and held her against my chest.

"Go over and play with them baby," I said and she shook her head in my jacket.

"I don't want to play with boys!" Melody whined.

"Go make some friends! I see a little girl over there in the jungle gym playing by herself!" Melody looked over and seen a cute red headed girl playing in the dirt and Melody got down and walked over. Sam and I sat down on the bench where we can watch the kids and Sam sighed.

"Stephanie, I am pregnant again," Sam said and I hugged her tightly.

"Congratulations, Sam! Have you told Tank yet?" I asked her.

"I am going to tell him on our date tonight. Our neighbor is watching Ryan tonight so we can go."

"Tank is going to be so happy. I remember when you told him when you got pregnant with Ryan, he actually cried and kissed your belly!"

"Nick done the same thing, but he cried the worse! There is nothing more beautiful and romantic as a man crying in happiness over his wife being pregnant!"

"I know!" I looked over at the two boys and they are trying to make a castle with the sand. Ryan got Tank's hair, from what I was told by Sam, which is a dirty blonde color and he got Tank's teal colored eyes. Kevin kept getting mad at Ryan when he kept trying to add things and Ryan pushed them off. Then I looked over at Melody and that little girl kept showing her things and Melody smiled at her. I knew my little girl and little boy has best friends and they are only two years old!

When we finally got home, Nick just got off work. Kevin and Melody ran over to their daddy and hugged his legs.

"Daddy, I missed you!" Melody said.

"No, I miss you the most!" Kevin said and Nick picked them both up and laughed.

"Well, I missed the both of you, and your mommy!" Nick said and he leaned over and kissed me. I held a bag in my hand with something in it. Sam got me thinking, I have not had my period in two months. I went to the bathroom when Nick took the twins to the nursery and I took the pregnancy test. I sat there and waited and waited, and I grew impatient. When I picked it up and see the word "PREGNANT" in the window, I smiled. I am pregnant! OH MY GOD, I AM PREGNANT!

My parents wanted the twins for the night. I made Nick something I make at the restaurant almost everyday and he set up the table for us. I sat the food down and we ate, staring at each other. I stared at the wedding band on his finger and I smiled. We have been married for five years now.

"I have an announcement to make," Nick said.

"I do too, Nick!" I said and he smiled. "You can go first," I said and he smiled. He stood up and cleared his throat.

"I just got a promotion. I am now manager!" Nick said and I ran over and kissed him hotly on his lips.

"Congratulations baby, I knew you would get it!" I said and he kissed me back.

"What about your announcement?" he asked and I pushed myself back and fixed my shirt.

"I am pregnant, Nick!" I said and he smiled. He kissed me and his hands began to go down my body and his hands went to my stomach and they stayed there.

"I love you so much, Stephanie. You gave me everything I wanted in life. You gave me marriage, two wonderful children and another one on the way, and your love for me," Nick said and I felt tears build up in my eyes.

"I love you too, you gave me life. I love you, our children and the baby on the way already," I said and we both looked down at my belly, which I am not showing right away yet. He grabbed my hand and he took me to our bedroom and he shut and locked the door behind me. I went to Nick and unbutton his shirt until I seen his still muscular stomach. Tank and Nick goes to the gym every other day after work to maintain their muscular physique. I ran my fingers down his washboard stomach and he took my tee-shirt off and kiss my breast through my bra. I took my bra off and let Nick touch and kiss my breast. I lay myself back onto the bed and he took my fuzzy pink sweatpants off and then my G-string. I watched him take his pants and boxers off and we we're too hungry for each other for him to eat me out and me to suck his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed his hard cock inside me and he fucked me slow and gently. We looked into each others eyes and we moaned in sync and he kept hitting my G-spot which made my head jerk back and my moaning got louder. As I felt my orgasm build up, my hands went to his back and I dug my nails into his shoulders.

"Come on Stephanie, cum on my cock. I want to feel you cum on me!" Nick moaned out and I did just that. I felt Nick tense up and then he cum in my pussy and he fell on me. I ran my nails down his back and kissed his shoulders until he got off of me. He rolled off of me and he ended up falling asleep. When I woke up the next morning, the beautiful sunrise beamed through the windows and I smiled. I learned not long after Melody died that even though life throws you curve balls, it also bounces back for the good. When I quit being a whore, I got Nick. When Melody died, Nick and I got married and started a family. You can say my life is complete now.


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