Sex and Romance

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 11,

**A/N: I purposely made this short. There is nothing really going on since the death of our beloved Melody :( sorry that I made it very sad the last chapter. There is one more chapter after this one and it might be release as early as tonight!**


Chapter 11

The next few days we’re a blur to me. I was discharged the next day because my knee stayed the same. They finally told me and Nick that they wanted to make sure the bullet is not in my knee because they couldn’t find it on the X-ray. So, my body would have a inflammatory response if the bullet is still in my knee, which it didn’t. I was glad when they told me the bullet was in and out of my knee. After I was released, Nick took me to Melody’s parents house so I can spend some time with them. When I got there, Carol ran and hugged me and she is still in disbelief that her only daughter is dead. Miles was on the phone with the funeral home, arguing about not having an autopsy done.


“Her best friend knew how she died. I don’t want an autopsy done!” Miles yelled into the phone and Carol began to cry more.


“I don’t want them to cut her open either!” Carol wailed to me. I hugged her and I looked up at Nick and he is leaning against the wall, saying nothing. We left about a few minutes later because Miles and Carol because distraught about planning Melody’s funeral. They finally agreed to not do an autopsy and Miles and Carol had an appointment for her funeral planning.

Today is Melody’s funeral. The hour before the funeral is the visitation of friends and family. My parents even came and pay their respects to Melody’s parents. My mom stayed with Carol the whole time and she was Carol’s shoulder to cry on. Rick stayed with Miles, which they just stood in the corner and talked. I became an expert in walking with crutches and Nick walked with me to Melody’s light brown coffin. I didn’t want to see her this way, but I have to. I want Melody to remember me saying goodbye to her. When I looked into the coffin, I seen Melody. Her blonde hair is beautiful and spread out across the pillow and her makeup is tasteful. I never liked the way the people put on makeup on the deceased, but I understand that there is no color because there is no life. Melody is in a light purple cashmere sweater and I can see a pair of her favorite blue jeans. She is holding a red rose between her hands. I felt the tears coming out of my eyes and I leaned and touched her hand. I immediately jerked back because it didn’t feel like her. She is cold and waxy. I said my goodbyes and immediately went back to my seat. The funeral went on and it was a beautiful service. I actually stayed dry eyed through the whole thing and I knew why. I finally accepted that Melody is dead and I know I have to go on with life. I got my parents, I got Sam and Tank and I have Nick. We are getting married in several months. When we went to the graveyard near the Thomas’ household, I paid my last respects to Melody and I kissed her coffin.


“Bye Melody, I will always miss you!” I whispered at her coffin and I walked away.

That night, Nick made me some dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking at all. I start Culinary school in a month and I really need to sharpen my skills up. I just want to get my nerves back together. Nick made us some spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread to go with it. I sat in front of him in our apartment and I barely said anything to him.


“I am not a good cook, am I?” Nick said and I looked up at him and slurp a noodle in.


“I like it, Nick, I just not in a talking mood right now,” I said and he grabbed my hand from across the table and rubbed his fingers against mine.


“It should get better since the funeral is over. A friend of mine, a fellow marine, told me that Zeke’s funeral was private. He barely had any family because his father killed his mother and he is now serving life in prison. Zeke only had his father and that is it. A few of his friends, including the two guys that was in the alley, showed up.”


“Zeke didn’t deserve a funeral. He should’ve been thrown in a bon fire! How does your friend know all of this?”


“He works at a funeral home here in Brooklyn. I told him the story and he said that Zeke Griffin is having his services there.”


“I rather not talk about him, Nick. Let’s finish our dinner so we can take a shower together!” Nick smiled about that because we have not made love since the day before Melody’s death, so it’s been almost a week since we fucked. I am horny and I bet Nick is horny as hell. When we finished, I cleaned the dishes as Nick got the shower ready. I went into the bathroom and Nick is already stripped down to nothing and in the shower. I stripped out of my clothes and looked into the mirror. I have lost a lot of weight and I am looking very pale. Ever since that night, I barely ate and I stayed inside the apartment. I didn’t want to go anywhere because I wanted time to myself. I looked at my tattoo and it still bright as ever and I smiled. My tattoo will forever remind me of Melody. If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve got it or met three of my friends. I stepped into the shower and Nick is rinsing the shampoo out of his hair and I wrapped my arms around him from behind and kissed the back of his neck. He turned around and place his lips on mine and he kissed me with passion. He pushed me against the wall and his muscular chest pressed against my breasts and it never felt so good. He ran his hands down my sides and squeezed my ass and pulled me closer to his hard on.


“Let me at least wash my body off!” I said and he smiled. He grabbed the washrag and put some lavender scented soap on it and he washed my body off. He started at my neck and went down and cleaned my breasts off then my stomach and then my arms and legs. He rinsed me off and turned off the shower.


“There, your body is clean!” Nick said and he helped me out of the shower. We dried ourselves off and we went to our bedroom and I sat down on the bed and looked up at Nick. Nick loosened my towel and exposed my naked body and he grabbed my breast and played with them until my nipple erected and I started to moan.


“I need you so much Nick!” I moaned out and he lay on top of me and began kissing down my body beginning at my lips. He kissed me in the special spot on my neck and when his tongue flicked my nipple, I wanted to scream. He left my breast and his lips went down my navel, his tongue circled my bellybutton and he kissed the top of my pussy. Nick pulled my legs apart and he kissed my pussy lips. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair and cried out his name. I felt my orgasm build up and I tried to hold it for when he fucked me, but I couldn’t contain my fire. I cum in his mouth and he looked up at me and licked his lips.


“So sweet,” Nick said and I sat up on my knees and crawled to the end of the bed and grabbed his hard on and stroked it for a few moments. When he closed his eyes and moaned my name, I licked the head of his hard on and he really cried out my name. I put his whole hard on into my mouth and I deep throated him and it felt and tasted so good to have his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock like a lollypop and when he about cum, he pushed me away and lay me down on my back. He got on the bed and put my legs over his shoulders and put his cock inside of me. I moaned loudly as he began to fuck me hard and fast. I ran my nails down his chest and down his muscular stomach and he started to hit my G-spot. I felt myself about to cum again and I felt him tense up.


“I’m gonna cum, baby!” Nick groaned.


“Me too!” I moaned and he cummed together. He waited a few moments and then he rolled off of me and grabbed me. We lay together in complete silence and he ran his fingers up and down my arm.


“I love you, Stephanie. I will never get tired of saying that for the rest of my life,” Nick said and I smiled.


“I love you, too and I’ll never get tired of saying that either!” I said and we fell asleep together in each other arms.

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