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Sex and Romance

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FIRST EROTICA NOVEL- FINISHED) Stephanie Masters use to be a promiscuous teenager. At 16, she decided to quit being a bad teenager and be good for once. She fell in love which abruptly ended. When her graduation night turned bad, a single phone call changed it all. This is an X-rated romance novel!! View table of contents...


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**A/N: I know, I just released Chapter 9. I wanted to get this out when it was fresh in my mind. Warning, this does contain a lot of violence, and this is the most violent thing I have ever written. Two more chapters! If you haven't already, go to my profile and go to my news tab. I have some news concering a new story I am going to write! Thank you all for reading my story!**

Chapter 10

"Run Steph, Run!" Melody yelled and I didn't want to leave her here. I sat there looking at him and tears are coming from my eyes.

"If you really love Melody, then why are you doing this to her?" I said, hoping to get some sense to him.

"What does it concern you, Stephanie? I wanted to do this ever since that night I about fucked you!" Zeke said and I shook my head. I cannot believe that this is really happening. There was one thing to do.

"NICK! HELP US!" I yelled and somebody grabbed me by the hair and dragged me beside Melody.

"I want to introduce you two to a couple of my friends…" Zeke said and two guys walked beside him and they both smiled down at us. "This is Geoff," he said pointing at a blonde hair guy. "and this is Henry…" He said pointing to a brunette haired guy. "They should look very familiar to you two. You both fucked them, remember? They are the reason you two met! Melody fucked Henry and Stephanie fucked Geoff!" Zeke said and I looked at Geoff and he does look rather familiar. I yelled for Nick one more time and Geoff walked over and punched me.

"Shut up, whore!" Geoff said and I spit out some blood. Zeke walked over and slapped Melody a few times across her face and he kicked her into her stomach. He fell over to her side, crying out in pain.

"NICKK…" I tried to scream for Nick again, but Zeke kicked me into my stomach also and I keeled over and cried some more.

"Why are you yelling for your little marine boyfriend, Stephanie? He cannot take all of us down!" Zeke said and somebody cleared his throat. I looked up and through my tears and pain, I seen Nick.

"You better fucking let them go!" Nick said and Zeke laughed. He snapped his fingers and Geoff and Henry grabbed me and Melody. They pulled out knives and Geoff held his against my stomach and Henry held his against Melody's throat.

"If you make one fucking stupid move, Geoff here will open your pretty girlfriend's stomach open," Zeke said and he looked down at me.

"He ain't going to touch her!" Nick said through his teeth.

"Trust me, he wanted revenge on her for years. He wanted her to date him, but like a whore she is, she just wanted a cock in her pussy," Zeke said and I spit at him and he turned around and punched me a few times across my face.

"Nick, kill him!" I yelled out and Melody cried out to not kill him. "Melody, he is going to kill us if he doesn't!" I said to her and she has tears in her swollen eyes.

"I still love Zeke, Steph. I don't want him to die!" Melody said and I shook my head.

"You want to die…for this jerk off?" I said and Zeke came over and grabbed the knife out of Geoff's hand and pointed in my face.

"Slut, you will die first!" Zeke said and Nick tackled him and they began to fight. Melody started to cry and Henry shook her and slapped her to shut her up. I tried to get out of Geoff's arms and I seen the knife on the ground. I stretched my leg out and pulled the knife to me and I got one arm free, so I grabbed the knife, and stabbed Geoff in the leg. I ran over to Henry, punched him as hard as I can and grabbed Melody. Nick yelled for us to run and I didn't want to leave him.

"No, Nick, I am not going to lose you again!" I yelled and he looked at me and smiled.

"I ain't going anywhere, just run! Get the police!" Nick said and I began to run. As Melody and I ran down the alleyway, I heard a loud bang and my knee began to start killing me. I dropped to the ground and I looked down at my knee and there is a bleeding hole. I looked up and Geoff is holding a pistol in his hand.

"Run Melody, get the police!" I said and she shook her head and backed up and before she could turn around, Geoff pulled the trigger again and it pushed Melody back a few feet. I looked up at her and she is touching her chest and her fingers has blood on them. Geoff fired again and he shot her in the chest again. She fell to the ground and I felt so cold all the sudden as I seen Melody struggle for life.

"Melody, no! no!" I said and she reached for my hand and I laced my fingers through hers and she smiled at me.

"Steph…anie, I love you," Melody said and I began to cry.

"Don't you dare fucking die on me!" I said and I heard the fight stop.

"Stay…happy…with…Nick!" she said and as she took her last breath, she died. I reached over for her body and grabbed it. I didn't care about the pain. I rocked her body and yelled for her. I wanted her come back to me. I hoped that this is all a nightmare, but I knew this is not a nightmare. I can feel Melody's lifeless body in my arms. I looked down and moved her blonde hair out of the way and her blue eyes are becoming gray. She is really dead, Geoff killed her…no, Zeke killed her. I lay her back down and I stood up and ran as fast as I can, really limped, and I grabbed a piece of glass and raised it up as I got closer to Zeke and I can see the shock in his eyes and I stabbed him. Nick didn't stop me and Geoff and Henry is also shocked. Henry and Geoff ran off down the cold alleyway, pussies! I stabbed Zeke into his chest where Geoff shot and killed Melody. I pushed the piece of glass into his chest and looked into his eyes.

"I want you to die beside Melody. I want you to look into her lifeless eyes and see what you have done to her. You wanted her dead, your wish has come true!" I said to him and I listened to him gasping for air. Nick lifted him up and carried Zeke to Melody's lifeless body and lay him beside her. Zeke spent his last moments of life looking at Melody. I think I even see a tear leave his eye. I heard the police sirens getting closer and I leaned onto Nick and cried into his shirt.

"She's dead, she's dead!" I kept repeating into his shirt and he ran his fingers through my hair. The police surrounded us and the two dead bodies in the alleyway. The paramedics came for me and Nick, which he has a couple of cuts across his forehead, a black eye and a busted lip. They put me on a stretcher and Nick just sat on the bench inside the ambulance. The police called my parents and Sam and Tank. I asked them to call Sam and Tank. I know Tank will call Raven, so we will all meet at Brooklyn General. On the way up to the hospital, Nick grabbed my hand and looked down at my knee and winced.

"I cannot believe that son of a bitch done that to you," Nick said and I looked at him and squeezed my hand.

"It's over now, Nick. We don't have to worry about Zeke Griffin anymore. He got his wish, Melody's life and now they are both dead and they died together," I said and I started to cry again. Melody was my only friend because of my past. Nobody doesn't want to be friends with a whore. The only friends I have now are Tank, Sam and Raven. I also have Nick, I love him so much.

At the hospital, Sam, Tank and Raven beat my parents to the hospital. Sam ran by my side and she has tears in her eyes.

"It's not true, tell me it's not true!" Sam said and I began to cry. Raven got onto her knees and she cried harder than all of us.

"It's my fault! I should have let you followed her to the bedroom, Stephanie! If I just let you fucking follow her!" Raven said and Tank grabbed his sister and he hugged her. The doctor came in and he ordered some X-rays for my knee and he stitched Nick up and gave him some pain medicine. A few hours later, the X-ray's came back and the results are good. The knee cap is not busted and I don't need any surgery. I have to walk on crutches until it heals, and it does require stitches as well. My parents ran into my room and my mom grabbed me and hugged me tightly. Rick has tears in his eyes and he kissed my cheek and grabbed my free hand.

"Are you okay? What did the doctors say? I am sorry we we're at a friend's house!" my mom said and I began to cry again. I hate being a cry baby, but I cannot control myself.

"No I am not, okay mom. I watch my best friend die beside me. I held her hand as she took her last breath!" I cried out and my mom hugged me tighter. She ran her fingers through my hair and rocked me until I stopped crying. Carol and Miles walked in and they just stared at me and Carol began to cry. I hope she doesn't blame me for their daughter's death.

"My baby girl is dead!" Carol yelled out and Miles grabbed his wife and hugged her.

"We are not going to blame Stephanie, she was Melody's only friend!" Miles said and she looked over at me and she nodded.

"I want to kill that son of a bitch that did kill her!" Carol said and I looked away.

"He is dead also, I killed him," I said and Carol nodded again.

"Will you be okay honey?" she asked me.

"Yeah, no surgery for me, but I have to walk on crutches for a few months until my knee heals," I said and she walked over and kissed my cheek.

"Please come by and see us sometime. I know we had our differences about Melody, but I loved you like a daughter. If it wasn't for you, Melody would have gotten worse." I tried to smile but the two police men that showed up shot my good mood down the shit hole. They wanted everybody out to leave me and Nick alone with them. They asked us questions and the whole time I thought they are going to arrest me for murder.

"Am I going to jail, officer?" I said and he shook his head.

"It was self defense, Miss Masters," he winked at me and the other guy finished with Nick. They left us and the room became utterly quiet. The doctor admitted me for overnight observation to make sure there is nothing else wrong with my knee. They discharged Nick home, but he stayed in the hospital with me. The next few days are going to be rough. I have to see Melody for the last time, in a casket.


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