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Seduction by Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight"-

Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due to her dropping out of college and her father paying her bills...she needs this job. When she sees her boss for the first time, she cannot help to not fight her attraction to him. Brent does not like the idea of his daughter dating Kane, but she cannot stay away from him!

Kane Sheppard doesn't care that he is second to Brent Scott. He highly respects him. When Rose walks into his office for the first time, he wanted her right then. She is quiet, shy, and very beautiful and hard working. He knows that Rose want him as much as he wants her, but there is one problem, making her father, the most powerful business man, accept their relationship. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys, I will try and put another chapter into this one and Sweet Changes today since I work tomorrow. This story is almost finished, like 3 more chapters finished. A lot of things happened in this story didn't it? Well, this chapter will blow your socks off! Enjoy!*

Chapter 8
This is MAJOR News

Two months later

I'm just stared at the pregnancy test, three to be exact. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I kept saying. Somebody knocked on the bathroom door, and I knew it's Kane.

"Baby, is everything okay in there? You've been in there for a half hour!" Kane said and I ran my hands through my hair. I grabbed the other box and dumped three more pregnancy tests onto the countertop. Do I even have enough piss to do three more.

"Uh, not feeling too hot, Kane. Give me a few minutes," I said and as soon as I heard him leave the area, I grabbed a clean cup and peed in it. I dunked the three pregnancy tests and lined them up on the counter. I threw the first three away and stood there with my arms crossed. Five minutes later, all three of them had the word "pregnant" in the results window. That makes 6 positive pregnancy tests. I don't think I need to go to the health department to make #7. I slid down the counter and into the floor and began to cry. I heard the door opened and I looked up and Kane is staring down at me. "Baby, what's wrong?" Kane said and got on the floor with me. I pulled the three tests I recently took and the three I threw away. He grabbed them and looked at each one of them individually. "Y-you're pregnant?" He stuttered.

"Looks like it, if six pregnancy tests says I am, I think I am!" I said and wiped my nose on the back of my hand.

"I mean, I am happy that you are, but…what about you?" I just looked at him and then finally smiled. He was the one I worried about. I hoped that he would accept my pregnancy, and he is.

"I am happy, too," I said and leaned against him. We stayed quiet for a few moments and he kissed my forehead.

"What do we do now?" Kane finally spoke up.

"I guess make an appointment with an OB/GYN and get the due date and then, tell my parents. You need to tell your family too, Kane," I said and he looked away.

"I have not spoken to Father since I left Yale. Why would he want to talk to me now?"

"Well, he is gonna be a grandfather, and he should know." I touched his stubbed cheek and leaned over and kissed him. "I love you, Kane, he should know." He nodded and kissed me back.

"I love you, too, baby, I guess I can call him."

I haven't talked to my father, Oscar Sheppard, in almost ten years. I went to the office and Rose is behind me, and I found the number of my father's new place. My mother sent to me by email, hoping I will talk to him. I never felt so nervous in my life. "You can do it baby, while you do this, I will make the appointment," Rose said and kissed me before she left the room. I dialed the number and I heard his voice answer. "Sheppard residence?" Father answered and I sighed.

"Hello Father," I said and he gasped.

"Kane? Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me…so how are things up there?" I never felt so awkward in my life, other than trying to come up with a way to ask Rose on our first date.

"Fine son, just fine, so what is the pleasure of this call? I haven't heard your voice in over nine years."

"I have some news for you, and it will shock you." I closed my eyes and fought back the tears. I really miss my father, more than I expected. With talking to him and the excitement of becoming a father, I feel like exploding with tears.

"Well, spit it son!" Father said and I sighed.

"You are going to be a grandfather. My girlfriend, which I love more than life itself, found out she is pregnant this morning," I said and the other end went silent.

"Kane? Is everything okay?" Rose said and I didn't even hear the door open. I just nodded and waited on my father to speak again.

"Well, son, I am shocked that you decided to call me after this long to tell me this news. I am happy that I am going to be a grandfather and your mother will be very happy with the news. Are you planning to make a trip to Hartford soon?" I looked over at Rose and she is smiling at me.

"Possibly, I would love for you to meet Rose," I said and I can hear my father smile.

"I am sure she is a delight to meet. I have to get off son, your mother has a meeting at the country club. I love you, son, sorry about not agreeing with your decision. I know you are highly successful and I am proud of you." That broke me right there, I longed for those words from him. I looked up and the tears came out of my eyes.

"I love you, too, Dad. I will call later on today," I said and got off the phone. Rose stood in front of me and wrapped her arms around me, holding me and letting me cry.

"I waited almost ten years to hear him say that. He is proud of me, I wanted to hear him say that," I said and she ran her fingers through my hair. I feel like an idiot for crying.

"Cry it out, Kane, it's okay. We all need a cry here and there," Rose said and we sat in the seat and she held me in her arms as I cried like a baby. When I finally calmed down, she wiped my tears off my cheeks with her thumbs and she has a serious expression.

"The appointment is in two hours and we got another thing to conquer," She said and I knew right then what that "thing" is, her father.

"We are suppose to go on a double date with your parents tonight, do you think we should tell them over dinner?" I asked her and she shrugged her shoulders.

"it's a fair field, he cannot do anything to us in a public place, so yeah, we will tell them there."

"Miss Scott, you are six weeks pregnant, so you are due in Late November," Dr. Ricardo said and we smiled. We get to come back in a month and hear the heartbeat, the baby is too little for us to hear his heart. "The baby is very good in size, perfect for his gestation age. Just maintain your weight gain and take your prenatal vitamins daily. Also, review the list of medications you can and cannot take. No large amounts of alcohol, lower your intake on sodas. Congratulations you two!" The male doctor smiled at us and Kane shook his hand. We are suppose to meet her parents in two hours, so we have all that time to plan.

On the way back to the loft, Rose sighed and then touched her stomach. She is glowing, like a pregnant mother should. "He will have your hair and eyes if it's a boy and my hair and eyes if it's a girl," I said and she laughed.

"I want the baby to look like you if it's a girl or a boy!" We both laughed and we walked into the loft and we sat around until it was time to go. When Rose went to the bathroom to put on some makeup, I reached for the drawer and pulled out a velvet box. I opened it and a engagement ring is in there. It was my grandmother's, mom gave it to me to hope someday I will give it to my future wife. Rose is my life, I want her to be my wife. I plan to propose to her in front of her parents right before we announce the pregnancy. "Kane, you ready to go?" Rose said as she walked out the bathroom and I put the ring box in my coat.

"Yeah, are you?" I asked her and she sighed.

"Ready as I can be. I know Mom will be happy for us. It's Daddy I am worried about," she said and I nodded.

"I don't think he will do much, probably freak out, but then be happy for us." I hope he will be happy for us, because I am this baby's father!

"Hey baby girl," Daddy said and I reached over and hugged him. He let go and gave me a weird look. "Kane's housekeeper must be feeding you good, you've gained some weight!"

"She is a good cook!" I said and Kane nodded. He just shook Kane's hand and Mom kissed both of our cheeks. We walked in and we all ordered something to drink, but I ordered some sparking water.

"No red wine for you?" Daddy asked, giving me a questioning look.

"Not in the mood for wine tonight," I said and he nodded. The waiter came back and took our food orders and gave us or drinks and I looked up at Kane and he smiled and gave me a quick kiss.

"So, how are things with the two of you?" Mom asked and I smiled to myself.

"Great, I've never been happier," I said and Kane smiled really big. The violin players came over to us and surrounded us. Mom and Daddy grabbed each other hands and gave each other blissful looks. I hope someday Kane and I be like that someday. I heard a chair move and the whole room of talking got quiet. I looked beside me and Kane is on his knee. I looked over at Daddy and Mom and they both are staring at Kane.

"Rose Scott, I love you more than life itself. You're my very breath in my lungs, my heartbeat, my blood that runs in my veins. Rose, will you do the honor…" He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a beautiful antique diamond ring. I covered my mouth and tears flow out of my eyes. "To be my wife? Rose, will you marry me?" The room got quiet and my parents are stunned right now. I cried and I nodded my head.

"Yes!" I squeaked out and the room roared with cheer. I threw myself on top of him and kissed him. "I love you so much!" I said and he kissed me back. I can feel dampness against my cheek that came from him. He is crying too!

"I love you, too, Rose, so much!" He said and we finally got back to our seats and then we looked at our parents. Mom is wiping her eyes because she cried and Daddy is sitting with his arms crossed. Is he happy or mad, I don't know.

"Oh, that was so romantic!" Mom said and hiccupped a cry. "I am so happy for you, Rose!" I smiled then Daddy finally grew a small smile.

"I never seen you so happy, Rosie. I am happy for the two of you as well," Daddy said and I smiled and leaned across the table and hugged my parents at the same time. When I let go, Kane cleared his throat and then, I had to tell them.

"Well, we got more news for you…" I grabbed Kane's hand and I sighed. "You two are going to be grandparents!" I said and Daddy spit his wine out of his mouth and he looks…angry?

"What did you just say?" Daddy said through his teeth and my heart squeezed and Kane squeezed my hand.

"I am six weeks pregnant," I said and Daddy's angry gaze went straight to Kane.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, KANE?" The next thing I seen was Daddy diving on top of the table and went straight for Kane.

"KANE!" I screamed as I watched my fiancée gets tackled by my own father.

"BRENT!" Mom wailed as her husband took a dive at her future son-in-law.


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