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Seduction by Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight"-

Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due to her dropping out of college and her father paying her bills...she needs this job. When she sees her boss for the first time, she cannot help to not fight her attraction to him. Brent does not like the idea of his daughter dating Kane, but she cannot stay away from him!

Kane Sheppard doesn't care that he is second to Brent Scott. He highly respects him. When Rose walks into his office for the first time, he wanted her right then. She is quiet, shy, and very beautiful and hard working. He knows that Rose want him as much as he wants her, but there is one problem, making her father, the most powerful business man, accept their relationship. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to update. I am dealing with work and these awards. Remember to go to my link on my profile and vote for yours truely LOL. I am also gonna start a new story about a prosituite (did I spell that right lo) with problems of her own and its a romance story, I have character pics up, so check it out!!! Enjoy this chapter, this is almost over*

Chapter 7
Come Clean

Sunday came around and Kane and myself stayed at his place. Helga left us with a lot of food to last us till tomorrow. I grabbed the already baked bacon and re heated as I got the chocolate chip pancakes ready to heat up. I can hear Kane getting ready for the day and I looked down and laughed. I am wearing his "Yale" tee-shirt and my underwear. My hair is a mess, didn't bother brushing it this morning, and I feel utterly comfortable. I have been doing a lot of thinking about myself and Kane…us. I know if I leave his side to go home tonight, I will be a mess. I don't wanna leave just yet. Does that mean…oh my God! I love him! I ran my fingers through my hair and sat down for a second. I am in love with Kane Sheppard. He has acted kind of lovey dovey lately, maybe he loves me. Kane walked into the kitchen and I put his breakfast along with some orange juice and made my plate. "Ah, breakfast and my beautiful girlfriend making it," Kane said and I blushed.

"Thought we should start off good," I said and sat down beside him and ate with him. Why am I acting like this, I am acting all distracted, well, because I am. Kane stood up and grabbed my hands and stared at me. He looks nervous as hell. "Rose, I need to say something before I fucking explode…" Oh God, what is he going to tell me?

I swallowed my nerves down and looked into Rose's beautiful eyes. "Rose, I love you," I said and she just stared at me. A few moments later, I see a tear leave her eye. Is this a good thing. "I-I love you too, Kane," Rose whimpered and the tears began to flow from her eyes. I wanted to cry too, but I held them back. I leaned over and pulled her closer to me on my knees and I can feel my shirt get damp. She rubbed her face into my shirt and I didn't care. She is my love and I want her to use me as a shoulder to cry on. At least this is a good reason to cry. "Kane, I really do love you," Rose said and I grabbed her face and pulled her away from my shoulder. I wiped the tears away with my thumb and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I love you too, Rose," I said and she smiled. I kissed her harder than before and I can feel myself get harder by the second. She bit my bottom lip and I groaned and lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and took my tee-shirt off of her and then those sexy panties of hers. She is squirming, ready for me. I lightly touched her clit and she panted and pushed her hips up towards me. I slid my finger down and pushed one inside her tight pussy and she groaned. I love seeing her like this, panting and wanting me. I shoved another finger inside her and pressed my hand just below her belly button, wanting her to feel everything, make her come hard. I moved my fingers in and out and I can feel her tightening around my fingers and I lean over and graze my teeth across her nipple. "Kane, I am so close!" Rose groaned and one, two more shoves, she exploded. Her juices leaked onto my fingers and I pushed in a few more times and I can feel her orgasm subside. I pulled out and leaned forward and put my fingers into her sexy mouth. "Taste yourself baby," I moaned and she licked my fingers and she smiled.

"Mmmm, I taste good. Take your clothes off," Rose said in that sexy seductive voice I love. I stood up and tore my shirt off and slid my sweats and underwear off, freeing my cock. Rose sat up and ran her index finger down my head and gathered my pre-cum and licked it off her finger. That has to be the sexiest site I ever seen. I leaned over her and pushed my cock inside that sweet pussy. I closed my eyes and absorbed the feeling of Rose's tight pussy. I began to fuck her, really fuck her. I grabbed her leg and put it over my shoulder and leaned down so we are nose to nose. Rose sighed and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I pump in and out of her at a steady pace and I can feel her already quickening to finish. I pushed in harder and harder, making her cum faster. I can feel my balls tightening, ready for release as well. "Oh baby, I am so close," I moaned and she raised her hips up, meeting my movements. Rose grabbed the sheets and screamed my name and when she done that, that is the end of me. I emptied myself inside her and groaned until I felt all the cum leave me. I collapsed on top of her and wrapped her in my arms. I don't think I can ever let her leave my side. I looked down at her and kissed the tip of her nose and then smiled. "Move in with me?" I asked and she just smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

"Yes," She said and I smiled really big and we ended up taking a nap together.

I don't feel awful to all of the sudden to move in with Kane. I love him and he loves me. I know whenever I go home, I will be very lonesome, even with Denise there. Kane hired mover guys the moment we got up and an hour later, Denise calls me. "What are these men doing here taking your stuff? They said they we're hired by Kane and Rose," Denise said and I know she will be stunned to hear this.

"Well…I kind of moved in with him," I said and she gasped.

"Well, Brent is not going to be thrilled about this!"

"My parents lived with each other days after they met, so what is the fucking deal if I moved in with the man I love a week after we started dating?" I almost told Denise about daddy kidnapping mom, whew, that was a close one!

"Brent seems like he doesn't trust Kane…"

"Because he is dating his daughter, Denise. Every father doesn't want their baby girl dating anybody, understand? Now, I will figure out a way to tell Daddy and mom, so I have to get off here." We said our good byes and Kane let the mover guys in and they even put my clothes up for me, in Kane's walk-in closet. Kane wrapped his arms around me and I smiled. This is where I want to be. In Kane's arms, in my new penthouse I share with him.

Nobody suspects a thing in the office the next day. Usually, Kane and myself comes in at the same time, so they don't know that we are dating AND in love AND living together. I sat down at my desk and began to print out everything Kane needed for the day and my phone rings, "Sheppard Holdings Inc. How can I…"

"You two better explain yourselves when I get up there. See you in ten minutes," Daddy said and hung up. My hands shook and I looked over at Kane and he is on the phone and he smirk changed into fear. I know he just talked to Daddy. I breathed in and walked into his office and my hands are shaking. I sat the papers down and then sat myself down. "What's wrong baby? Your father cannot do anything to us!" Kane said and I heard the elevator doors open and everybody saying hello to my father. Daddy pushed his way inside and Kane coolly passed him and shut the blinds so nobody can see us. "Denise told me everything, Rose, so spill it!" Daddy said through his teeth. Fucking Denise, what a friend she is!

"Yes Daddy, I moved in with him, what is that such a problem?" I said to him and he is shocked at my boldness.

"It's that also, but she said he is the man you love. You only dated him for a few days…"

"Actually a week." Daddy sat himself down and ran his fingers through his slightly graying hair. For a man of Fifty years old, he sure looks good!

"Why do you hide these things from me, Rose? I thought we tell each other things, open up with each other?" Daddy said, sounding pretty hurt.

"Because you have done this…went ape shit! Yes, I love him and I moved in with him. I made the decision and I am not turning my back on it!" Daddy nodded at me and then looked up at Kane, he gave him a very angry look.

"Did you sleep with my daughter, Kane? Did you fuck her then begged her to move in and proclaimed your love for her as you fucked her, huh?" Daddy asked and he stood up and I ran between them and put my hand on Daddy's chest.

"You have no right to say those things to him. You loved Mom for a year and it took kidnapping her and forcing her to live with you to tell her!" Daddy gave me a shocked look and I can hear Kane shift in his feet. Daddy relaxed and then sighed. "Kane right out told me he loves me, and he did not force me to do anything. Yes, we are having sex, but I wanted it too. I love Kane, daddy, and he loves me. I am a grown woman now, not no little girl that scrapped her knee when I fell on the bike."

"I know that baby girl, but I forgot you knew about…about…"

"Yes, and I also know about Uncle Blake too. He was a terrible man, raping mom and torturing you and her until you had to kill him. It's been twenty-one years, nobody is coming to hurt us!" Daddy sighed and sat down in the seat and looked over at Kane and then back at me.

"It will take me some time for…" Daddy said and Kane finally spoke up.

"I understand Mr. Scott, and I really do love her. I am sorry for the mess you've been through, we all have messes…"

"Kane, you didn't kidnap and let your younger brother rape the woman you love like I did. I was a pansy then, I just let him do what he wanted until I had enough about two weeks later. We had to kill him, he found us here in San Diego when we escaped Seattle. He was going to do something to harm Claire and our babies," Daddy said and he looked at me.

"I'm sorry sir." Kane is being awfully polite now, I thought he might flip his lid when he found out the real deal how my parents met.

"Well, congratulations, I guess, on moving in, and call me when you get off, Rose, you need to explain this to your brother and your mother." Daddy kissed my cheek and shook Kane's hand and walked out the door. I cannot believe I just done that to my own father. I blurted out the Scott Family's darkest secret to Kane. I would have told him anyways, but not in front of my own father!


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