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Seduction by Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight"-

Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due to her dropping out of college and her father paying her bills...she needs this job. When she sees her boss for the first time, she cannot help to not fight her attraction to him. Brent does not like the idea of his daughter dating Kane, but she cannot stay away from him!

Kane Sheppard doesn't care that he is second to Brent Scott. He highly respects him. When Rose walks into his office for the first time, he wanted her right then. She is quiet, shy, and very beautiful and hard working. He knows that Rose want him as much as he wants her, but there is one problem, making her father, the most powerful business man, accept their relationship. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Sorry that this chapter is shorter than usual. I have a lot going on today. But, this is a VERY intense chapter, if you know what I mean -winks- Enjoy!*

Chapter 5
Never Forget This Night

My heart is racing right now. I am just standing here, watching Kane pull the blankets back on his bed. It's a huge, modern bed with maroon colored sheets and smells very Kane. "Are you sure, we can stop…" Kane said and I placed my fingers on his lips.

"Please, make love to me," I said and he groaned as he placed his lips on mine. My hands went straight into his hair and his hair is so soft. I moaned as his teeth lightly grazed my bottom lip. His hands went for my shirt and he pulled it off, revealing my pink sheer bra. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. "You are so beautiful, Rose," He mumbled into my neck. I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head and my hands went down his beautifully sculpted body. He has little hair, but boy is he muscular! I thought Brad was muscular, but I thought wrong. Every single muscle is prominent on Kane. He has a tattoo underneath his naval, Kanji symbols, and it's like an arrow, pointing down to his man region. He has another tattoo underneath his bicep, near his arm pit. I just seen it, I will look at it later! I leaned into him and placed my lips back on his as I pressed my breasts against his chest. This is not enough and I think Kane is thinking the same thing. He reached behind me and undid my bra and it dropped to the floor. I pressed my bare breasts against his chest, loving the feeling of the scant hairs rubbing against my sensitive nipples. I moaned and threw my head back and his lips went straight for the base of my neck. His kisses, oh his kisses! He pulled me back and he stared at my breasts. I know they are not huge, but he is making me feel highly self-conscious! "You're perfect," Kane breathed and his hands went and cupped my breasts. I groaned and threw my head back, absorbing all this feeling of him touching me. I grabbed his hips, wanting to hold onto something, making me stay on this Earth. His lips left my neck and trailed down ever so slowly… then they attached to my nipple. "Oh God, Kane!" I moaned and wrapped my arms around his head. He nipped, plucked and licked my nipples until I cannot think anymore. I only can feel him on me. His hands went down to my ass and squeezed me and then he unzipped my skirt. It fell to the ground and he let go. I can hear him breath heavily, this is what he wanted, to only see me in my thigh-highs. "This is better than what I hoped for!" Kane said and pushed me gently on his bed. I watched him take his trousers off and his cock made a tent in his jockey shorts. Holy shit, he is going to put THAT in me? He is huge!

He got on top of me and slipped his fingers underneath my lacy panties and pulled them off ever so slowly, enough to drive me crazy. He pulled them completely off and tossed them over his shoulder, joining my bra. He ran his fingers lightly over my blonde pubic hair and I closed my eyes. His fingers went down to my soaked slit and ran his fingers up and down. I bucked my hips, wanting him to touch me more. More God Dammit! He touched the entrance of my pussy gently with his fingertip and I pushed my hips to him. "You really want me, don't you baby?" Kane said in a husky voice.

"Please…touch me!" I moaned and he slid one finger inside me. I groaned and he began to move slowly in and out of me. He lay down between my legs and I can feel his nose at my sex. I don't know what he is planning to do, but I know it's good. I feel something wet against my clit, and it flicked once, twice…oh my God! His lips began to suck on my clit and his tongue bathed my sex as his finger pumped in and out of me. This is becoming almost overbearing. His mouth is doing heavenly things to me. I don't know if I can hold on much longer! A few moments later, I began to feel tingling down there. "Oh God, I am close!" I moaned and he went faster with his finger and mouth. I exploded, my legs straighten, I grabbed the sheets as I raised my hips and moaned loudly. Kane lapped the remaining of my juices and he crawled on top of me. He put his mouth on me and I can taste myself, salty and tangy…I taste good. He sat up and pulled his jockey shorts off and his cock, hard and ready for me, sprung free. He tossed his underwear, joining the remaining of our clothes and he slid on top of me. "Ready baby? It will hurt for a moment or two…" Kane said and I leaned up and kissed him as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Yes, love me Kane!" I said and he groaned and I can feel his tip at my entrance and he pushed in. He pushed in slowly and I can feel him rip through my barrier. I groaned in pain for a second and he kissed me as I relax from the pain.

"You okay baby?" He asked, very concerned. I smiled and pushed my hips up and he pushed inside me more. He is stretching me and I love the feeling of him inside me. I moaned and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down and kissed him. He moved faster inside me and I moved with him. I bucked my hips when he pushes inside me and I threw my head back. This feels so amazing. He is making love to me, ME! Kane threw his head back and groaned as we went faster and faster, I know he is close to coming. "I am so close baby, you are way too tight!" Kane groaned and he pushed in once, twice, and I am gone. My whole body shook as my orgasm ran through my body, "Kane!" I breathed and he thrusted once more and he grunted loudly. "Rose!" He breathed as he filled me with his come. He grabbed me and lay us on our side. We just looked into each others eyes, his grey's to my blue's. I smiled and leaned over and kissed him. "That was amazing," I whispered and he smiled as he gathered me in his arms.

"That was the best thing that happened to me, Rose. I never felt so good taking your virginity, knowing that you are mine," Kane said and he touched my forehead, pushing my hair out of my face. I smiled and lay against his chest, elated.

"Yes, I am yours and you are mine," I whispered and he ran his fingers up and down my back.

"I will always be yours, Rose." That is the last thing I heard before I went to an exhausted sleep.


I lay her down on the pillows as she slept and I covered her up. Her blonde hair is spread and it looks very angelic. She groaned as she hugged the pillow. God, that has to be the best sex I ever had, no lie. I have taken one other woman's virginity, really girl, and that was my first time when I was sixteen. Taking Rose's is a milestone for me, a major milestone. It's the first step of me settling down with a woman, and Rose may be the one. I grabbed my pajama pants on the chair, not bothering putting my underwear on, and walked to the library. I turned on one tiny lap and grabbed the book I was working on, some romance novel Helga left behind. It's not overly raunchy, but it's got intense sex scenes.

I heard somebody open the door and a quiet, yet sexy voice, whisper in the dark. "Kane, you in here?" Rose asked and I closed my book and smiled at her.

"Yeah, come in here," I said and she walked into the room and I smiled when I seen her wrapped in my work shirt and in her cute pink boy shorts panties. Her hair is in a mess, but it's just sexy. She sat down beside me and I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and planted a soft kiss on her temple. I need to know how she felt about tonight. Did she really like it? Was I too rough? I did push inside her hard at the end. "Are you okay? How are you feeling?" I asked her and I can feel her smile.

"A tad bit sore, but I think that is normal. It felt amazing, this night has been amazing," Rose said and I pulled back to see her smiling eyes.

"Really, what has been so amazing about it?"

"First, I began dating you, and then lost my virginity to you." I smiled when she said she loved the thought of dating me. I pulled her into my arms and just held her. She feels so good in my arms. So warm and soft. I yawned loudly and I looked down at her and she looks like she is about to go to sleep again. "Come on, let's go to bed, baby," I said and she nodded. We walked to my bedroom and I watched her take my shirt off and she went to bed in only her underwear. She is going to make this hard for me, but she needs to rest. God, she is just sexy and amazing!

I heard Helga come in around seven in the morning. Even though she is off till Monday, she comes in early Saturday mornings to cook food to last me till Monday. I cannot cook a lick! I looked down at Rose and she is still asleep. I want to surprise her with something. I grabbed my tee-shirt and tip-toed my way into the kitchen and Helga smiled at me and tried to say something, but I stopped her. I put my finger to my lips and went over to her. "Make some granola and I will grab the orange juice and yogurt," I whispered to her and she gave me a strange look. "I am giving Rose breakfast in bed." Helga first gave me a surprised look and then, a smile.

"Rose is a very sweet woman, I think you will go far with her," Helga said and I smiled back at her. Even my own housekeeper thinks she is a keeper. I know she is! She made the granola as I freshly squeezed some oranges since we we're out of juice. She put the granola on two plates and on a tray and I carried it to my bedroom. I heard movement in the bedroom and I opened the door. Rose is looking around and then at me. My heart began to soar when she smiled at me. "Kane, that is so romantic!" Rose said and I sat the tray down and gave her the plate of granola and yogurt.

"I think my girlfriend deserves breakfast in bed this morning," I said and leaned over and kissed her cheek. She grabbed a piece of granola and a scoop of yogurt and smiled as she ate it.

"I feel so special today…" I heard her phone ring and she grabbed it. "Fuck, it's daddy!"

"Hey daddy!" I said and looked over at Kane, and he just started on his breakfast.

"Where are you? I tried calling your house phone, but nobody picked up," Daddy said and I began to think of everything I can think of as an excuse. He would die of a heart attack if he known I spent the night with Kane, which is my boyfriend now and I lost my virginity last night.

"Um, Denise and I went clubbing last night to celebrate my first week. It was about two this morning when I got home, and I went straight to bed. Sorry if I freaked you out," I said and Kane is chuckling quietly.

"It's fine baby girl, glad you had fun last night…" Oh yeah I had fun last night! "…Call me later on okay? I love you, Rose."

"I love you, too, daddy, bye." I got off the phone and blew out pent up air.

"Father avoided!" Kane mumbled then laughed.

"As I was saying, I feel so special!" Kane put his glass of orange juice on the tray and pulled me closer to him till I was practically on his lap.

"Because you are special, Rose Scott." He pushed his head down and gave me, finally, my morning kiss. His lips moved against mine and he tastes so good, like vanilla and Kane. Kane is a very unique taste that I never can get tired of. I cannot get enough of this man, and I will never have my fill of him!


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