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Seduction by Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight"-

Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due to her dropping out of college and her father paying her bills...she needs this job. When she sees her boss for the first time, she cannot help to not fight her attraction to him. Brent does not like the idea of his daughter dating Kane, but she cannot stay away from him!

Kane Sheppard doesn't care that he is second to Brent Scott. He highly respects him. When Rose walks into his office for the first time, he wanted her right then. She is quiet, shy, and very beautiful and hard working. He knows that Rose want him as much as he wants her, but there is one problem, making her father, the most powerful business man, accept their relationship. View table of contents...


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*A/N: I will have the last chapter up tonight! This is a very beautiful chapter and sort of HOT! Well enjoy!*
Chapter 10
Baby Time!
Eight Months Later
"Daddy, I ain't China for Christ's sake!" I said and Daddy helped me onto my feet. I am due to have my daughter, Raine Juliana, any day now and Daddy practically moved in with us. Kane bought the beach house I was raised in from Daddy because the loft is not a family house.
"Well, you are about to pop! Kane is at work and someone needs to be here in case your water breaks!" Daddy said and I stomped my foot and screamed.
"I can take care of myself!" I yelled and Daddy laughed. He knows I don't mean to be rude, it's the hormones. Kane came in and I smiled. "Daddy, you can leave now!"
"Nuh uh!"
"Please! Can I have some alone time with my husband?" Daddy winked at me and grabbed his light jacket.
"Of course baby girl, but please call if…"
"I highly doubt I will break my water soon, Daddy. I feel fine! I love you!" I went over and hugged as best as I can with my full blown pregnant belly.
"I love you, too, darling, bye now." When he finally left, I sat back on the couch, by accident. I didn't mean to! Fuck, I cannot get up!
"Now, why did you do that, baby?" Kane said and I grimaced at him.
"Shut up and help me up!" I snapped and Kane laughed. He also knows I don't mean no harm. Kane has been so good to me through these nine months. He went to every appointment, asked all the questions we want answered, and built the nursery. Kane grabbed my hand and pulled me back onto my feet and I collided with him and we laughed. Kane's hands went to my breasts and he cocked an eyebrow. He squeezed them and I threw my head back and moaned.
"Is it okay…" Kane said and I touched his lips.
"It's fine, just fuck me!" I attacked his lips and I jumped on him, wrapped my legs around him and he carried us to our bedroom. He sat me down and he took his work clothes off pretty quickly. I took my sweats and tee-shirt off, and I am commando. I find it useless if I have to put underwear on now since I am so close to delivery.
"No underwear?" Kane asked and I nodded and I can feel the tip of his fingers brushing up against me. I gasped and your index finger began to play with my clit. I panted and grabbed the sheets and I already can feel myself about to cum. Kane let go and I whined. "I want you to cum on my cock, baby," Kane said and I got on my knees and got face to face with his bulging cock. I looked up at his smiling expression and I licked the tip of his cock then I went all the way down to the end. I taught myself to take it all in, Kane loves it when I deep throat him. I moved my head and slowly pulled away, Kane groaning and running his fingers through my hair. I repeated the process a few times, until Kane cannot take it anymore.
"I need inside you, now," Kane said and I got on my side, yes, its quite uncomfortable to fuck missionary when you are nine months pregnant. Kane grabbed my leg and pulled it up and around him and he pushed his cock inside me. I groaned and cried out in pleasure. He moved fast and hard and since we both almost came before the sex, it didn't take us long. "Kane, oh Kane!" I cried out and my whole body shook and my pussy squeezed and pulled inside me more and he shoved hard inside me three more times and I can feel himself fill me up. "ROSE!" He moaned and he wrapped his arms around me and on my stomach. Raine is moving a little, I think she already knows mommy and daddy has sex a lot because the first time she moved was during sex!
"I cannot wait to meet her," Kane said into my neck. I laced my fingers through his where we are both touching our daughter.
"Same here baby, same here. I love you, Kane."
"I love you too, baby."
Rose acted sort of strange the next morning. She held her stomach and grunted when she came into the kitchen. "Baby, you feeling okay?" I asked her as I finished our breakfast and she shook her head.
"It hurts," she mumbled as she sat down in the seat. Oh fuck, is this it?
"Want me to call the doctor?" I asked and I ran to my Blackberry and dialed the doctor. "Yes, this is Kane Sheppard calling. My wife, Rose Sheppard, said she is hurting," I said and the doctor yawned. Did I seriously wake him up?
"She is forty weeks, how far apart is the pains?" Dr. Sain asked me. I covered the mouth piece and asked her.
"Every twenty minutes now, it was longer a few hours ago," Rose said and I told the doctor.
"Get her to UCSD hospital now. She is in labor. I will have the admission done by the time you get there." I got off the phone and ran and grabbed our already packed to-go bag. Rose needed help putting on her shoes and we went to the car. I dialed Brent's number and told him about her being in labor. "Claire and I will be there as soon as possible!" Brent said and got off the phone. I called Denise for Rose and she said she will be there after she gets off work. Then, I dialed my parents.
"Your father is calling the airline right now. We will be down there as soon as we can. I hope I get to see my granddaughter to come out!" Mom said and I smiled.
"I do too, but if you can't, her parents will be there taking pictures," I said and mom sounded thrilled.
We finally made it and Brent ran out of the hospital with a wheelchair and Rose is in a middle of another contraction.
"ARRRRRRGH!" Rose yelled in pain. She grabbed mine and her father's hand and Claire is rubbing her cheeks, helping her through the pain.
"In through your nose, out through your mouth…it will be over soon!" Claire cooed at her and Rose done just that and tears began to build in her eyes.
"This hurts so bad!" Rose cried and I leaned down and kissed her and touched her cheek.
"You're strong and you know it. I love you so much baby," I said and she smiled.
"I love you, too, Kane." We finally wheeled her in and the receptionist told us what room we are going. We went up to the forth floor, the labor and delivery floor. When we passed the window, I peeked in. I see two cute babies moving around and crying. Raine will be in there soon. Dr. Sain is already in her room and they put the monitor on her belly and I can hear Raine's heart beat.
"We need to make sure she is not in any trouble during contractions, okay?" Dr. Sain said and we nodded. Trouble? What can happen? I am freaking out right now. I began to pace around the room, breathing fast and running my fingers through my hair.
"Kane, calm down! It will be fine!" Brent said and he helped me sit down and he gave me the rest of his soda. "Brent, you we're the same way when I was in labor. You actually passed out because you freaked so much," Claire said and she rubbed her daughter's shoulders. The doctor came back about a half hour later and he checked how far along she is. I ran to Rose's side and I can tell how uncomfortable she is. "She is five centimeters, she can get a epidural if she wants it," Dr. Sain said and Rose nodded fast.
"PLEASE! Bring it in!" Rose said through her teeth and he called the anesthesiologist. About fifteen minutes later, a man that looks like he just came out of med school came and administered her epidural. During the procedure, I sat in front of her, kissing her.
"You're doing so good, baby!" I kept saying to her. She finally got relief and I can see her eyes getting heavy. She must have been in pain for a while. "How long have you been in pain, Rose?" I asked her and she turned away.
"Since three this morning. I didn't want to wake you up," Rose said and I shook my head.
"Baby, I need to know these things. I wouldn't care for you to wake me up." Brent laughed and we both looked at him.
"She is a Scott alright! Claire done the same thing! She was in labor six hours before I even knew she was hurting!" Brent said and Rose finally smiled.
"Us Scott women don't wanna worry our husbands!" Rose said and Claire agreed. Rose finally fell asleep and the three of us went to the cafeteria and got some lunch. We talked about the baby and about the nurseries we built. Brent built one at their place so whenever we let Raine stay the night with their grandma and grandpa, she has her own nursery. I have a feeling that this labor will last for a few hours.
"She is ten centimeters now, she is ready to push!" Dr. Sain said and her labor lasted for six hours. Denise is on her way over and my parents just touched down at the airport. The nurse prepped Rose and her legs are in stirrups and they prepped her birth canal, ready for Raine to come out. Claire and Brent was on one side and I am on the other side. "PUSH!" The doctor yelled and the nurse began to count as she pushed. I stared at my wife, her face is blood red from pushing. She relaxed and the doctor smiled through his mask. "This baby wants out! She is already crowning!" he said and I looked down and I can see light brown hair, just like me! I can feel the tears building in my eyes and Rose pushed again. After that push, my daughter is half way out. It's so amazing, the birthing process is amazing and beautiful! Brent is watching too because he never seen a vaginal delivery. Brad and Rose was delivered via C-section. "Shit, that looks wild, but I feel so weird looking at my daughter's vagina!" Brent said and Rose laughed, or cried.
"Daddy, you seen me naked, I am your daughter!" Rose cried out and she pushed again. I counted with the nurse and then…Raine Juliana is born. She wailed loudly and Brent took a lot of pictures. They put her on Rose's chest and she touched her light brown hair and she cried.
"She has your hair!" Rose said and I kissed her forehead.
"I love you, baby," I said and she smiled.
"I love you, too."
"Kane, cut your daughter's cord," the nurse said and I got to cut the cord and the nurse carried her over and I followed her. She weighed her at seven pounds and two ounces, nineteen inches in length. She wrapped her up and Raine finally opened her eyes. She has my grey eyes and she looked straight at me. My heart soared as my daughter looked at me with such amazement. "Hey Raine, I'm daddy!" I said and I leaned down and grabbed her. She feels like nothing in my arms and she cooed finally and I smiled. I carried her over to Brent and Claire and I gave her to Brent. "She looks like Rose right after she was born," Brent said and then looked at me. "Except she has your eyes and hair." Brent gave Raine to Rose and we all watched her inspect her daughter from head to toe. She giggled and touched a spot on her arm. "She has a birthmark," She said and I looked and it's a cute heart shaped birthmark underneath her left forearm.
"How cute! She is so beautiful!" I said and we all stood around and adored Raine Juliana Sheppard. This is such a blissful day!


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