Seduction by Desire

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight- Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due to her dropping out of college and her father paying her bills...she needs this job. When she sees her boss for the first time, she cannot help to not fight her attraction to him. Brent tells her to stay away, but she finds herself wanting him more and more. Kane Sheppard doesn't care that he is second to Brent Scott. He highly respects him. When Rose walks into his office for the first time, he wanted her right then. She is quiet, shy, and very beautiful and hard working. He knows that Rose want him as much as he wants her, but there is one problem, making her father, the most powerful business man, accept their relationship.


*A/N: Hey guys! Well, my first sequel of three. I knew "Don't Cry Tonight" had to have a sequel. I am doing things a little different. Instead of saying who the POV is, I am putting "*********" instead of their name. I am only switching between the two main characters, Rose and Kane. It wil be obvious as well who is talking. Hope you will enjoy, this will be a pretty hot story!*
Chapter 1
First Day of My Life
I turned on my stereo so Faith No More’s song “Epic” is playing and I am running through my loft. “Oh God, where is my blouse?” I said and my friend, Denise Easton, came out and she is holding the pink blouse I’ve spent the last ten minutes looking for.
“Rose, I think you are freaking out just a little,” Denise said and I grabbed it and put it on.
“Well, for one, I am proving to Daddy that I can take care of myself. I am also proving to my brother that I am not helpless. I am proving to myself I am worth something,” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“Just because you dropped out of UCSD last year doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re the kind of person that knew college is not for you.”
“Yet, my father bought me a loft and has been paying my bills AND buying my groceries AND giving me spending money the past year. Oh yeah, Rose Scott is VERY independent. I wanted this job, and I got it, now help me pick out my shoes,” I said and Denise followed me to my room and my Pomeranian, Russell, licked my toes as he ran out of my room. I looked at my room then at the view of the San Diego skyline and I sighed. It kind of sucks to be the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man not only in San Diego, but the whole West Coast. Since Bradley and I was born, he owns a business here in San Diego, Seattle, Portland and Miami. My father is a dedicated family man and he never went to long drawn meetings in those cities, he Skyped the meetings that didn’t take place in San Diego. Being a very powerful man means my family is the richest on the West Coast. I always got what I wanted, and at first it was cool. Now, it’s annoying because I live on my own, but my daddy is paying for everything! I heard the door open and I asked Denise to check who it is. “Hello Claire, Rose is almost ready,” Denise said and I immediately went to my mom and hugged her tight. 
My parents told me about what happened twenty-one years ago. When mom was nineteen, my father and lunatic brother kidnapped her. My dad loved her and my uncle wanted her for sex, and raped her a few times. Blake was killed by my mother when she just found out she was pregnant with me and my brother. “Hey baby, nervous about today?” Mom asked and I nodded.
“I am working for Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man on the West Coast,” I said and she nodded.
“Your father thinks you’ll do just fine, and requested for you to go over to his office when you get your break. I have to hurry because Dette is going to Skype me. I still miss her and Fritz and Christoph.” My Aunt Dette and her family had to move to my Uncle Fritz’s homeland of Germany a year ago. Dette says she feels like she is right at home in Berlin. I gave my mom a hug and when she left, I finished getting dressed and then took a good look at myself in the mirror. Being born and raised in Sunny California, my skin is tanned. I got my mom’s sunny blonde hair and dad’s light green eyes. I have my mom’s attitude and personality, I am outgoing around the people I know, but I am very quiet and shy around strangers. My pink blouse shows a little bit of cleavage and hugs my curves. My navy skinny slacks is complemented by dark navy knee high boots. Denise came in and she smiled. “Your fit for the first day at Sheppard Telecommunications!” Denise said and she rubbed my shoulders. Denise finished college, community college. She is a RN and works at a doctors office.
“Let’s just hope I don’t screw up!” I said and sighed and I am now ready for the real world.
“Rose, Mr. Sheppard is not in yet, he started his morning run late. Usually, his assistant starts the day by printing the finance sheets for the week. Then, you print all of his appointments for the day and his material he needs for his morning meetings. After that, he will tell you what he needs to do, understand?” A woman name Barbara said and I just nodded. She is the one that trained me a few days ago, so I sat down at my desk and done everything she asked me to do. As the final papers we’re printed, I heard everybody get very busy. “Morning Mr. Sheppard,” One woman said.
“Morning Kane, how’s the run this morning?” Barbara said and I peeked through my cubicle and I gasped. Denise told me that Kane Sheppard is hot, but not THIS hot. His dark blonde hair, almost a light brunette in color, is tossled and messy looking, but very stylish. He has this grey eyes that can melt your soul. He has light stubble on his very strong jaw and he has the American Boy smile with his perfect white teeth.
“Good Barbara, is my new assistant here? I would like to speak with her,” Kane asked and I slid down and tried to look busy. 
“Rose, honey, Kane would like to see you in his office,” Barbara said and I swallowed and walked slowly down the corridor and opened the glass door to his HUGE office. I walked to his dark cherry wood desk and he is sitting in a black leather seat, facing the San Diego skyline. “Well, Rose, I finally get to meet you,” Kane said and he spun in his chair to face me. 
“N-nice to meet you, Mr. Sheppard,” I said and he chuckled and smiled, which I feel like melting right now.
“Call me Kane, and from what your business instructor said, you are very intelligent. Tell me why you dropped out.”  I slid my hands to the front of my body and began to mess with my fingers, my nervous habit.
“College is not me, I didn’t feel right there, if you know what I mean,” I said in my shy, quiet voice. Kane just nodded and stood up and began to walk around.
“I am a Yale drop out myself. Father was not so thrilled, how did Brent react?”
“He, um, accepted my decision. My mom, Claire, never went to college. They got married early, when she was pregnant with me and my twin brother. She told me that college is not meant for some people.”
“I met your father on several occasions, Brent is a very nice man, but strong powered. He has the West Coast in the palm of his hand. I called him up to see if I should even hire you, and he said that you got the brains and talents and that I should, and you are here.” So, he called daddy up to see if I am hirable? I feel sort of frustrated right now, my father basically gave me a job. 
“Well, he thinks highly of me. My brother Bradley is suppose to continue Scott Enterprises whenever daddy retires, but looks like he is into the weight lifting more than business.” Why am I talking about my personal life with Kane? He nodded and poured him some of bourbon.
“Want some?” He asked and shook my head and he chuckled. “I forgot, you’re twenty years old, still a few months before you can drink.” 
“Yes, let me go back to my desk and give your morning reports for you.” I turned around and headed out the door. That is so strange, it seems like he wanted to know me and I opened up to him like a flower.
Well, Rose is better than I thought. Highly professional, just like her father Brent. She seems sort of shy and quiet though. As I watch her walk out the door, I cannot help but to glance down to her rear and then her legs. Those knee highs, oh I love knee high boots. They can highlight a woman’s legs just right. I watched her fumble with the papers and she walked over back to my office without talking to anybody. Very obedient! She opened the door and she held out the papers and I grabbed them, purposely touching her fingers and I felt it. I felt electricity running between us, and I know she felt it too. She cleared her throat and jerked her hand back. “Is there anything you need me to do?” Rose asked and I smirked. She has a very quiet and gentle voice. It’s that kind of voice that can sound highly seductive when triggered. I took a quick glance at her breasts, and they are perfect. They are not humongous huge, but they are not little tennis balls. They are right smack in the middle. She is the right kind of curvy too, she is curvy in the right spots. I glanced over at my desk and then back up at her. “I will email you what I need after the meeting, that’s what I usually do. You can go back to your desk and take your break at eleven thirty,” I said and she nodded and turned on her heel and left my office. 
I went back to my desk and put my hands on the back of my head. I know I will never be as successful as Brent Scott. I am happy as second place to a man like him. He is one of the best business men in America, a dedicated father and husband, he is everything. Hell, he can even play fucking electric guitar and play Rammstein! “Kane, they are here to start the meeting,” Rose said, and I smiled. She even sounds sweet on the intercom.
“Send them in, remember, I will email what you need to do. It will take an hour,” I said and she said her okay and the men walked in and I greeted them with a smile. As they walked in, babbling about their lives, I kept thinking about Rose. Wonder if she would go out for some coffee with me tonight?
I walked into Daddy’s office and Gladys, his assistant greeted me and announced into daddy’s private intercom that I am here. I smiled at her and walked down the corridor to his office. When I opened the door, daddy smiled at me and I ran in for a hug. I am very close to my father, and my mom as well. Daddy has always been there for me, sometimes a little too much. “Hey, how’s your first few hours working for Kane been?” Daddy asked and I looked at the few silver strands in his hair. He looks pretty young for being fifty years old. Barely any wrinkles and only a sprinkle of grey hair in his raven black hair.
“Good, been pretty busy. I actually talked to him, he seems nice,” I said and he nodded and touched my upper back and pushed me to his desk. “But, he really dug deep into my family life.” 
“Probably because we have a few deals with each other, darling. We have worked together since he started eight years ago. He started young, unlike me. I started at twenty-three, he started at twenty-one. I see him going as far as me in the next decade or so,” Daddy said as he took apart a tableware dish with one of mom’s famous dishes, stuffed cabbage.
“He is pretty good looking too,” I said licking some of the sauce off my finger. Daddy laughed and ate a bite of the cabbage.
“Well, he is quite handsome, if I say myself.” I laughed and we ate our lunch together. I looked at my watch and I have to go or I will be late.
“I love you daddy, I have to go back to work!” I said as I gave him a quick kiss and he gave me his usual fatherly kiss on the cheek.
“Come over tonight, we miss you over there, especially Bradley,” Daddy said and I nodded. Well, off to work!
It is five till five and I just finished the last thing for Kane, which is typing out his weekly quota’s into another formant. I printed it off and walked back to his office. Before I entered, I took a quick glance at Kane. He is leaning against the window with the San Diego skyline smiling at him, on his cell phone. I have never seen such a strong jaw on a man, and it’s so hot. He has to work out a lot because he has muscles in his arms, legs, chest and probably his stomach. I sighed and knocked on his door. He turned around and waved me to come in and I opened the door. I can smell his cologne as I entered, he must have gave himself a couple of sprays not that long ago. “Ah, Rose, have you finished the quotas for me?” Kane said and I nodded. I handed him the papers and he looked through them and I took his silence as I am finished for the day. I turned on my heel and he stopped me. “Rose, care to go out for a coffee with me, to celebrate your successful first day here?” Kane said and I am astonished. A good looking, well drop dead gorgeous man, like Kane, asked me to drink coffee with me! Oh fuck, I am going to my parents tonight!
“I promised my dad that I will go eat with the family. Some other time?” I said and he nodded, looking kind of hurt.
“Yeah, tomorrow, if I am not working late?” He said and I nodded. I cannot believe I accepted a sort-of date with Kane Sheppard. It’s not a date, just coffee. Rose Elizabeth Scott, it’s just coffee between two colleagues. Just one colleague is a gorgeous and powerful man!

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