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Make Me Yours

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) -Sequel to "You're Mine Now-

Jennifer Harris is twenty-two, a med school drop-out and enjoys her job as a CNA at a Miami nursing home. As when she thinks her life is getting slightly boring, a new face shows up at her work place. TJ Morris is a very good looking man and he is starting out his new career as a CNA. Jennifer is stunned with his looks, and gets blown away when he asks to join him at his old club he use to work at. When she goes to the club, she is shocked to see that this is not no ordinary club. When TJ asks her to join him in his dark world, she is intrigued and wants to join him.

TJ Morris was raised by his mother, no father in the picture. At eighteen, he found the world of BDSM. He had woman at his feet, but it just gets boring after a while. When he meets young and innocent Jennifer, he wants her as his submissive. He wants to show her how pain and pleasure can be good things and can really feel good.

Along the way, the couple find things about each other that makes them unique. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys. I got more people fanning me (which I don't mind that one bit) than comments now since Booksie Silk came about. PLEASE comment and fan me as well! Plus, my reads has gone down...huh! Well, enjoy. Also, their relationship is purposely going fast!*
Chapter 3
Cannot Resist Him
"Hey booger head, it's your little brother, Jacob!" Jacob yelled the next morning and I covered my head up and groaned. I hate how he calls me by the name he called me when we was growing up. I just hate and love my annoying nineteen year old brother! "I heard about your little date last night and how he is picking you up tonight. What is his name?"
"None of your business, now leave!" I mumbled and he laughed and sat on my bed.
"Come on, tell me!" He pushed my leg and I sat up finally, with my messed up hair.
"His name is TJ Morris, we work together at the nursing home, we went to the club last night and yes we are going to his place…NOW LEAVE!" I said and lay back down. Jacob just laughed and he left the room. Right after he left, my phone rings. Great, this morning is just getting better and better! I looked at the number and my heart races. It's TJ! "Um, hello?" I grumbled and tried to get my bearings straight.
"Good morning, beautiful; I am at the supermarket now, getting things for our dinner. Do you like marinated steak and baked potatoes?" He asked and I smiled. Just hearing his voice makes me feel so good. I remember his kiss from last night, my lips start to tingle.
"Y-yes, I do! Need me to bring anything?" I asked and I can hear his smile.
"A bottle of wine? I am a fan of a good white wine."
"I think we got some in the wine cellar, my parents drink wine on occasion."
"Well great, well I will see you later. I cannot wait to see you, I hope I can impress you tonight, babe."
"S-see you later!" When we got off the phone I covered my face. He makes me feel like a bumbling idiot! I cannot talk around him. Someone knocked on the door and it's my mom. "Hey mom," I said and she closed the door behind her.
"Jenn, are you seriously going to this man's house tonight? You barely know him!" She said and I sighed.
"Yes mom, I like him and I want to actually be near a man for once!"
"Honey, I just don't want you to make the same mistake I made twenty-three years ago, before I met your father."
"What mistake, does it involve this Darin dude?" Her eyes grew big and her face went white as a sheet. She shook her head and told me that breakfast is done. She left the room and I got more confused. I really need to get information about this Darin dude. What did he do to my mother?
"Can I take this Cabernet with me?" I said around four-fifty. I went to the wine cellar and tried to find a good white wine. My dad joined me as he picked the wine for his quiet dinner with Mom.
"Yeah sure, what is he making for dinner?" Daddy said and I wiped the dust from the bottle.
"Marinated steaks and baked potatoes. Daddy, I know you are very uncomfortable with me going to a man's house, but its time for me to explore, have fun. I am twenty-two and I never been on an actual date with a man until last night! God, you didn't let me wear make-up till I was sixteen!"
"I know baby girl, but your mom went though a hellish month with her ex-boyfriend a long time ago and I just don't want that to happen to you." I sat the wine down on the table and wrapped my arms around my dad and hugged him tight. I love him so much, even with his over-protectiveness.
"I love you, Daddy, I'll be fine!" I said and he nodded. The door bell rang and my heart raced. "He's here!" Dad smiled at me and dusted the dust from my white cocktail dress and he smiled.
"You look so beautiful, just like your mother," He said and I smiled and we went upstairs and TJ is standing there, smiling straight at me. He looks so rugged in his uncanny hairstyle, his grey eyes looking straight at me and he is wearing a nice dark polo shirt and some dress slacks. His eyes left mine and went to my father.
"Hello Mr. Harris, I'm TJ, your daughters date," TJ said and held his hand out and Dad took it.
"Hello TJ, please call me Carter. This is my wife, Summer…" Dad held his hand out to my mother and she smiled. Jacob came out messing with his phone and Dad pulled him in and smiled. "This is my overbearing ass of a son, Jacob!" We all laughed, but Jacob. He had his headphones in, oblivious to the world. He let him go THEN Jacob looked up.
"Oh, you're booger face's date!" Jacob said and I smacked the back of his head.
"JENNIFER MARIE, JACOB TAYLOR!" Mom yelled and we both bowed our heads down, just like we did as kids getting in trouble, but we are twenty-two and nineteen years old. "Jacob, quit calling your sister that name. Plus, TJ is here and he doesn't want to hear you two bicker!" Mom said and Jacob mumbled sorry to me and shook TJ's hand and left.
"So, when are you two be coming back?" Daddy asked and I sighed.
"Probably around midnight sir, I got things for us planned," TJ said and he looked down at me and I blushed.
"Well, you two just be careful. What do you have planned?"
"Dinner and a movie and probably a little walk." And probably make-out time! I want his lips on mine right now!
"Well, you two have fun!" Mom said and my parents hugged me one last time and we finally left. When we got to his far, which is a Black Ford Mustang, I grunted and sank to the seat.
"I am SOOOOO sorry about my overprotective parents! They are treating me like a teenager!" I said and he laughed.
"It's fine baby, they are just worried about you."
"It's something to do with my mom's ex twenty-three years ago, he done something to her that made them scared for me."
"They will tell you whenever they are ready. My mom didn't tell me about her little love triangle until I was twenty-five!" He turned on the car and began to drive down the street. Love triangle? You only hear that in the movies and read it in those ooey gooey romance novels.
"Apparently, my father was a real ass to my mom at first. He was one of those men that only wanted her for one thing, to get some pussy. His brother, my uncle Ellis, loved her with a passion and she did as well. My dad seduced her and well, she fell in love with him and dad loved her too. When Ellis found out, they fought and my dad ran off. They chased each other off a cliff and both died." I am in total shock. Wow, that really happened! A real love triangle!
"I'm sorry to hear that, since you never met your father or uncle," I said and he shrugged his shoulders.
"Don't feel sorry for me, my mom needs the pity. She married two times already, she gave up on love after her failed second marriage when I was twenty. She looked for a father figure for me, but…"
"But she never found one. I was raised by a perfectly good woman, no man is needed in my life." I just nodded and he made a few turns on the highway and we finally made it to a medium size loft and there is one more car here and he cursed under his breath. "Tucker is suppose to leave, I told him about our date at our place," TJ said and a man, probably a little older than TJ, came out and he is sort of cute. He is not down right sexy like TJ, but he is pretty cute. He had light brown hair, hazel eyes and slightly shorter than TJ, and has less build than TJ.
"Tucker and I met when I first moved down to Miami about three years ago. He works at a car factory here full time, he is off this weekend as well," TJ said and Tucker came up and he smiled at us.
"Hey there T, is this Jennifer?" Tucker said and he has a VERY strong southern accent.
"Yes, this is Jennifer," TJ said and I just waved at him.
"Well, I'm going to hit the bar with some buddies of mine, hopefully get hooked up with a gal, see you later dude!" They did some fist pump and Tucker got in his big Dodge truck and he finally left. TJ got out of the car then went to my side and opened my door. He let me walk in front of him and I heard a groan. I turned around and he is smiling at me.
"Did I tell you that you look totally delectable in that dress?" He said and I blushed and ran my hands down the fabric.
"Thank you, I haven't wore it since my high school graduation, its old," I said and he walked to me and his hands went around my waist and he pulled me closer to him. I can smell his cologne, it's intoxicating me. I can feel this overwhelming desire for him. He rubbed his lips across mine and then his tongue went into my mouth. Oh God, I love the taste of him. I ran my hands up and down his shirt and he groaned and kissed deeper. "Jenn, if we don't quit, we won't make it to the house and I can make that meal for you," He said and I nodded my head and we walked hand and hand to his loft.
The first thing I smelled is pure masculine smell. I can smell TJ's cologne in the air and the smell of garlic and onions. TJ told me to sit down on the couch and kissed my cheek as he ran inside the kitchen and I seen two wine glasses on the table. I poured us some of the wine and I can smell the food. My stomach began to growl as he sat the food down and I can smell the butter and the potatoes… "Told you I can cook," TJ said and I laughed. I took the bite of the T-Bone steak and it about melted in my mouth it's so good!
"Who taught you to cook?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulder, it's obvious…his mother.
"Actually, it's the mix of my mom and I attended cooking classes in high school to waste time. I played football in the fall, and cooked in the winter and spring," He said and I smiled. We finished eating and drinking our wine, I poured us another glass and we both done the dishes. He took me to the living room where his entertainment center is at. He picked out a movie for us to watch, which is the new "Red Dawn" with Chris Hemsworth. Half way during the movie, TJ began to get a little closer to me. Out of pure instinct, I put my head against his shoulder and he ran his fingers up and down my arm. I looked up at him and my hazel eyes attached to his grey's and we both felt something. I felt this charge run though my body and we both dived to each other. His tongue attacked mine and my hands ran though his thick hair and pulled him closer to me. He lifted us off the couch and with lips still attached, he took us to his bedroom. When he closed the door behind us, I let go and stared at his room. It's navy in color and I see a chest in the corner of the room.
Thoughts of the previous night came in mind. That is probably his BDSM box. Wonder if he will use that stuff on me. "Your first time with me will be love making, I will not use my toys on you. I will probably wait until you are completely ready to use them on you," TJ said and I nodded. "Jenn, I want you more than I ever wanted any woman. Do you want me?" He asked and I swallowed and his desire in his eyes said it all. They have darkened, his voice huskier, his breathing shallow. I feel myself pool between my legs and my heart racing. I want this man, I really want him! I nodded and he smiled.
"Say it, Jenn. Be my lover, be my submissive, be mine!" TJ said and it reminded me of poetry.
"Yes, I'll be yours, I want you!" I said and his lips attacked mine and when he let go, his hands went to the zipper of my dress and I can hear it unzip.
"Well, first things is to make love, Jenn. Let me love you, right here, right now!" I looked between his legs and I can see the obvious tenting of his erection and I bit my lip. God, that just made me soak my underwear!
"Please do, love me TJ!"


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