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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys! I am lucky to have this chapter out. My water pump in my car blew yesterday in a town about an hour away from my house! I am very stressed right now and it took an effort to write this. I hope its still good! There is 4 more chapters left, I am going to Chapter 13. So far, Teacher/Student is winning with 4 votes, then its the one night stand erotica with 1 vote and the poor western erotica has none. Remember to PLEASE vote! Voting ends when I release Chapter 13! The link is on my profile in the "links" box. Enjoy this chapter!*

Chapter 9

Right after my mom left for work Monday morning, I immediately got into my car and drove to Todd's garage. I went to the office and Todd is in there talking on the phone. He seen me and he smiled.

"I'll send Jack out to get it, okay that is fine. It depends how bad the damage is on the car, okay thank you!" Todd said and he hung up the phone. I turned around and locked the door behind me and turn the shade down on the window. I ran over to him and kissed him, actually attacked him. His hands went to my pants and he took them off along with my panties. He took his pants and boxers off and he grabbed my hips and sat me on his lap facing him.

"I don't know…" I tried to say but he put his finger to my lips.

"I'll show you how," Todd said and he lifted me up and I sat my wet pussy on his hard cock. I breathed heavily and his hands began to move my hips back and forth.

"That's it, oh my god, just move like that!" Todd said and I began to move faster and faster and I pushed my body down to feel more of him.

"Oh fuck!" I said as the head of his cock hit that spot. Jenny told me its called my G-spot and it's the spot in my pussy hole that makes me cum. I bounced and moved my body so his cock can rub and hit my G-spot and I began to moan and my orgasm began to build up.

"I want you to fucking squirt on my cock, Savannah!" Todd said and I kept hitting my G-spot and I felt myself squirt all over his cock and then he grabbed my body and lay me down on his desk. He began fucking me hard and it moved my whole body on his desk and I heard the papers fall to the floor.

"I'm cumming baby!" Todd said and he began to fuck me deeply and hard and then I felt the warm thick liquid fill me up. He got out of my pussy and I pulled my panties and pants back up.

"Wow, that's a nice hello!" Todd said and I kissed him.

"I needed you since I left your place yesterday," I said and he smiled.

"I did too, baby, I love you!" Todd said and I hugged him tight.

"I love you, too! I never want to leave you longer than a few minutes anymore!"

"Same here baby, but you got school and you need to spend time with your mom."

"I know…I wish January would get here soon!"

"I know, I already got plans for your birthday."

"I cannot wait to bring you in and meet my mom and dad and tell him that you are the man I fell in love with." Todd smiled and he ran his fingers down my face and I heard a knock on the door and Todd asked whoever it was to come in.

"Dude, Jack just left to get the wrecked car and the Chevy sedan is done," the guy said and smiled at me. "Is this your girl?"

"Yeah, this is Savannah, my beautiful girlfriend. Vannah, this is my best friend, Tim. Tim and I went to auto mechanics school together and me and him co-owns this shop," Todd said and I smiled.

"It's great to start a business with a friend. With the field I want to get in, I cannot start a business with Jenny. I believe Jenny is going to school to be a math teacher anyways," Savannah said and Todd smiled.

"Tim, when Jack gets in, make sure he filled out the paperwork and y'all can leave for the day when the owner gets the Chevy, okay?" Todd said and Tim smiled and agreed. Todd grabbed his things and he told me to follow him to the nearest café in town. When we sat down and waited on the waitress to show up, Todd grabbed my hand and ran his fingers down my hand.

"Savannah, I love you so much," Todd said and I pulled his hand to my lips and kissed it.

"I love you too," I said and our waitress came and we ordered something and we looked at the breakfast menu. I peaked over the menu to look at Todd and he is also doing the same thing. I giggled and looked at the menu again. I don't know if I can wait any longer. I want my mom and my dad to know. I don't fucking care if she doesn't like it. My dad will understand because he was overage when he started to date my mom. My mom should understand as well, she was in my shoes!

"Todd, I am going to tell my parents about us. I cannot wait any longer!" I said and he closed his menu and looked at me.

"Are you sure? Are you afraid that your mom will forbid you from seeing me?" Todd asked and I sighed.

"She cannot stop me from seeing you. If I have to, I will move out and live with either Jenny or you. Jenny's parents are never home."

"You can move in with me if you want to." I smiled and then I sighed again. I want Todd to be there when I tell them.

"Todd, I am going to tell them tonight and you are going to be there," I said and he nodded. The waitress came back with our drinks and we ordered some pancakes and sausage. We ate in silence the whole time and when Todd paid and we walked out, I dialed my parents numbers. I just told them that I needed to talk with them both as soon as possible. Dad said that he will take his break early and come over to my house and mom said she is on her way home from work anyways. When I got the phone with my mom, I looked over at Todd and inhaled deeply from being so nervous.

"Ready?" I asked and he kissed me.

"Ready, I love you and I will always love you. I just hope this works out really good," Todd said and I smiled.

"I do too, I hope my parents accept you." We got in our cars and we drove to my house. My parents cars are parked in the driveway and Todd parked in the street. I walked over to him and grabbed his hand. When we got to the front door, I closed my eyes and tried to gather my nerves.

"You can do this, baby. I love you!" Todd said and kissed my cheek. I nodded and I walked in. I heard my mom and dad talking in the living room and I walked into the room and stood in front of them, still holding Todd's hand. My parents just stared at us, shocked. My mom talked first.

"Is that the guy that took you home when you we're drunk?" My mom asked.

"Yes, his name is Todd Middleton…" I said and my dad finally talked.

"You're Bob Middleton's son!" dad said and Todd nodded.

"Yes sir, I am; Savannah has something to say," Todd said and I swallowed.

"Todd and I are dating and I love him. He also loves me and I decided that y'all needed to know about us," I said and my parents stared at me and my dad stood up and looked at me.

"Honey, he is much older than you," dad said and I closed my eyes.

"I know dad, but age doesn't matter to us. Mom was sixteen when you met her, and you we're like twenty-two," I said and my dad looked down. I can tell I won him over when he hugged me and smiled at Todd.

"Todd, as she said, I was in your shoes when I was younger. I got with her mother when she was sixteen and I was twenty-two. Age doesn't matter and I will adjust with y'all's age difference. It will take me some time, but I will," my dad said and I hugged my dad and he hugged me tight.

"I love you so much, dad!" I said and my dad kissed my cheek.

"I love you too, darling, I am just glad you are very happy!" My mom cleared her throat. I looked at my mom and she looked sort of angry, maybe surprised.

"Savannah, it may take me some time to adjust too, but it's just weird to me. I will let you see, Todd, but I am so mad about you hiding this from me!" My mom said and I looked down at the floor.

"I am sorry mom, I was just afraid that you won't let me see him," I said and my mom's face soften.

"I remember when I told my parents about me dating your dad. They actually kicked me out and I just moved in with him. I want you to have the freedom my parents never gave me." My mom let me go and walked over to Todd and she put her hands on her hips. "If I hear that you broke my daughters heart, I will hunt you down and I will kill you," she said and Todd smiled.

"You don't have to worry, I will never break Savannah's heart. I love her more than life itself," Todd said and I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him. I looked over at my parents and both of them are smiling.

"My baby girl is finally in love," my dad said and my mom squeezed my dad's shoulder.

"You are right, our baby girl is in love," my mom said and Todd and I smiled at them.

The next day, Todd actually drove me to school. Since my parents accepted our relationship, which I am still shocked about, mom told me that Todd can take me to school and pick me up. When we made it to the school, I leaned over and kissed him.

"See you after school," I said and he smiled and touched my cheek.

"I love you," Todd said and I smiled at him.

"I love you, too." I kissed him one more time and grabbed my school things. Jenny and Fritz are waiting on me and they waved at Todd, which he waved at them back. I walked to my locker and I felt a presence behind me and it did not feel good.

"You are a fucking whore, you know that?" Annabella said and I turned around and looked at her.

"Why am I a whore?" I asked her putting my hands on my hips.

"I wanted Todd and you took him away from me!"

"He never liked you! He has told me things about you that made me more disgusted about you then ever before." Annabella knew what I am talking about. Todd told me last night that Annabella goes to his dad's lumberyard and fucks all the workers there, excluding my dad, but she tried to get with him.

"Now, you can leave me the fuck alone or I will announce to the whole school that you are the biggest whore of Oak Ridge, Tennessee!" I said and she leaned closer and she looked worried.

"You better not!" she said and I gave her a mean look and a cruel smile.

"If you talk, look or even think about Todd, I will tell the whole school about what you really do at the lumberyard, got that?" I said and she just looked at me and I growled, "GOT THAT!"

"Yes," she mumbled and she walked away and I shook my head. My dad told me that a little blackmail goes a long way!


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