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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hello my loves! This is shorter than usual, unlike the past few chapters. I just wanted to remind you to please go to my profile and go down to my links. I have a poll started for my new story! This story here is not finished yet, so don't worry! This has like five more chapters left. I want my fans and readers to choose what story I will write next. Each chapter I put up I will update y'all what is winning so far. Thanks for reading and I love you all!*

Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning very happy. I looked down and Todd is sleeping away, snoring lightly. I smiled and I touched his cheek and then leaned over and kissed his cheek. I jerked the covers off of me and I sighed. I seen the bloody stain that I caused when we had sex last night. No, we did not have sex again, I think we wore ourselves out. I didn't want to wake Todd up, so I grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom. I actually took a shower, shampoo and wash my body off, without any interruptions. I walked back to the bedroom and Todd is still asleep, so I decided to make breakfast. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some bacon and pancake mix and made some breakfast. When the bacon finished, I heard footsteps and I looked over and Todd is standing there, rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning, sunshine, the earth says hello!" I said cheerfully and he smiled at me.

"You are nice and refreshed this morning," Todd said and I slid the last thing of bacon onto the platter and looked at him.

"I took a nice refreshing shower and made some breakfast. It should be done here in five minutes, I got to make some pancakes for us."

"That is so nice of you, you didn't have to do that baby."

"I wanted to!" Todd walked to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me lovingly.

"I love you so much, Savannah," he said and I wrapped my arms around and brushed my nose across his.

"I love you, too, Todd," I said and he pulled me to his body and hugged me. His hands went to my ass and pulled me to his erection and I looked up at him and winked at him.

"Can you wait till after breakfast?" I said and he looked over at the bacon and licked his lips.

"Yeah, that bacon is sure looking really good!" he said and I laughed. I mixed up the pancake batter and made some pancakes. I served them and we ate in the living room. Todd sat very close to me and when he finished, which he finished first, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and began kissing my neck.

"I got a few more bites, Todd," I said and he kept kissing me. I began to moan and I put my plate down and turned my body towards him and he lay me back on the couch. I opened my legs and he fit into my body and I felt his hands on my shorts. He pulled my shorts down and my underwear went along with it. I swallowed and he pulled his pajama pants off and I took my own shirt off. He pushed his cock inside me and I moaned loudly. I wrapped my legs around him and he began to fuck me hard and fast.

"I love you, I love you!" I moaned and Todd kissed my neck.

"I love you, too, my love!" Todd said into my neck and I felt my orgasm build up and he began to tense up like he is fixing to cum. "Cum for me, Savannah!" Todd said and I cum for him and a few seconds later, he cum inside me. He lay on top of me for a few moments, kissing my neck and he got off of me.

"That is called a quickie my dear Savannah!" Todd said and I laughed.

"I like quickies, but I like what we done last night better!" I said and he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his nose into my neck.

"I got plans for us today, so finish what you are eating and we are heading out." I finished the half of a pancake and the slice of bacon and I put the plate in the sink. Todd took me to the car and he took me to the shopping centre here in Oak Ridge. We walked around and he bought me a few things like a tee-shirt, a bra and underwear combo because he wants to see me in it and a new pair of shoes.

"Stop spending money on me!" I said and he laughed.

"I want to spoil my baby," Todd said and kissed me. I didn't care that everybody is watching me, they don't know who I am. They may know Todd, but since Todd's dad knows about us, they won't say anything.

"I love you so much!" Todd said and I kissed him again.

"I love you, too, with all my heart and soul!" I said and he grabbed my hand and we walked over to the electronics. He wanted to find a certain artist, so I walked across the way to the jewelry section and something caught my eye. A engagement ring and wedding band set. It is so beautiful! I just kept looking at it and I knew that I am going a bit too far looking at it and somehow, I wanted. I shook my head and Todd wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Why are you looking at the wedding stuff? Already planning to marry me?" Todd said and I sighed.

"No, just looking, we just been together for a week," I said and he kissed my temple.

"My dad wanted to marry my step mom within a week, so its possible, but you are right. We need to let our relationship have a chance. I still love you though," Todd said and I hugged him. Deep inside me, I knew Todd wanted to marry me. Give me a few months, after I turn eighteen, I will want to marry him then.

Sunday came so quickly. Todd had things to do at his father's house, so I left a few hours early. Todd and I made love last night and it was not hard and fast, it was loving and soft and romantic. Afterwards, I laid on his chest and he ran his fingers up and down my arm. I remembered falling asleep and I heard him talk to himself.

"Savannah, I love you so much. I love you more than life itself. I want to marry you. I want you to get pregnant with my babies. I want to grow old with you. I will propose to you after you turn eighteen. Fuck, I wish you would turn eighteen soon!" I heard Todd said last night. I was half awake when I heard him and he doesn't know that I heard him. I knew it, I knew that he wants to marry me!

"Mom, I am home!" I said as I walked through the door. My mom came to the front door and she hugged me.

"Did you have a great time at Jenny's?" she asked me.

"Except for her and Fritz making out every five seconds when he came over, it was fun," I said and she laughed.

"Did you seeā€¦him?" I looked at her confused. "You know, the guy you wanted to tell him that you loved him?"

"Oh him! No, Jenny said that he had something to do with his family. Jenny said he loves me too, he cannot stop talking about me!" I smiled and my mom also smiled. It kills me to not tell my mom that I lost my virginity Friday. I wanted to sit and talk to her and tell her how I feel. I wanted to tell her that he loves me so much that he wants to marry me. I can't, she will forbid me from seeing Todd. Mom told me that we are going to evening services tonight and that I can relax in my room, she has a visitor. I went to my room and I called Todd.

"I already miss you baby, I cannot believe that I won't see you till Tuesday!" Todd said and I frowned.

"I might make a visit to the garage tomorrow, my mom works in the mornings," I said.

"That sounds good, I want to show you off to the boys!"

"Oh no, what will they do to me?"

"Nothing at all, they better not do anything!" I laughed and we talked for a little while longer. When he had to get off the phone when his dad came to the room, I heard his dad's voice, he told me he loved me and I told him I loved him, and we got off the phone. I sat around for a few hours, got ready and went to church with my mom and brother. For the rest of the night, I talked to Todd and Jenny over the phone and Jenny freaked out when I told her that I had sex.

"Oh my goodness, Savannah has blossomed to a woman! Did you like it? Was he rough?" Jenny asked me and I laughed.

"I love sex, of course! He was so gentle with me at first to get rid of the virgin pain and then I begged him to fuck me hard!" I said and she gasped.

"Wow, we got a wild woman here!"

"We had sex probably three times this weekend, and one of them was a quickie."

"I love quickies, Fritz and I have those every morning in his car before we get to school."


"What, I love sex too. Fritz made me a sex-aholic! I think Todd is so good for you. I think you will be just like me and Fritz a few months from now, engaged!"

"I sure hope so, Jenny, I sure hope so!"


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