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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys! Sorry that it's shorter than my previous chapters. I am having a writers block and it was hard to write this. It may not be as good as my other chapters and I am sorry. A heads up, the italics part is a dream ;) yes, that kind of dream! Thanks for reading and I love you all!**

Chapter 4

Even though Todd wanted to take me home and walk me to the door, he couldn't. He did follow me to the beginning of my street and said good bye to me. I forgot to mention, Todd has a fucking nice car. He has a 1969 Dodge Charger, you know, the General Lee car from Dukes of Hazzard. It's not orange with the confederate flag on top of it, it's cherry red with a black leather interior. It's a very nice car. I got out of my car and Todd is already walking to me and when he got to me, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I will never get tired of his kisses. His lips are soft as rose petals and he tastes like sweet honey. When he let go, he kissed the tip of my nose and then he smiled. His smile is so warming and sweet, I feel it down into my soul.

"I'll call you sometime tonight," He said and I nodded. We finally exchanged numbers, which I had to give him my cell phone, so we can talk of course!

"Okay, when can we see each other again? I have to go to church tomorrow and my mom is the head Sunday school teacher, so I cannot miss it," I said.

"We can see each other Monday after you get off school."

"That's sound good to me."

"Bye baby." He pulled me closer and kissed me goodbye and I watched him drive away in his car, waving at me from the drivers seat. I got into my car and I drove back to my house. My mom is still up and I walked into the living room and she smiled at me.

"How was the movie?" she asked me.

"It was good," I said.

"You took a lot of bathroom breaks, are you okay? Do you need to see the doctor?"

"I just drank a lot of water and couldn't stop going."

"Well, I am glad you got to have a good time with Jenny and Fritz. Better get to bed honey, we got a big day tomorrow." I kissed my mom's cheek and walked down the hallway. I opened my little brother Cameron's door and seen him on his Playstation 3 playing some army game. I laughed when he cussed the guy he is playing with and I went to my bedroom, got undressed to my tee shirt and waited on Todd's phone call. He called me about an hour later and we didn't talk long because we we're both tired. After the phone call, I immediatly went to sleep.

"Oh Todd, touch me there!" I said as Todd touched me all over my naked body. Todd reached down to my pussy and played with my clit with his finger. I moaned loudly and when his tongue touched it and licked it. I raised my hips up to feel his tongue more and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt my orgasm build up and I moaned louder and I cum all over his face. Todd looked up at me and licked his lips.

"Oh Savannah, you taste so good!" Todd said and I got on my hands and knees and grabbed his erect and HUGE cock. I ran my hand up and down his cock and his head jerked back and his hand went to my head and he gently pushed me down to his cock. I knew what he wanted, so I placed my mouth on him and sucked his cock. My tongue circled and licked his head and Todd began to moan my name over and over. It got to the point where he cannot stand it anymore, so I got on my back and he crawled on top of me and he kissed me.

"I love you, Savannah!" Todd said and I kissed him back.

"I love you, too, Todd!" I said and he pushed his cock inside me. I felt the quick pain of losing my virginity, but the pleasure of Todd's cock inside me and fucking me overcame the pain. He enter and exit me over and he fucked me harder and faster every time he entered me. I moaned even louder when he hit that certain spot inside me. I felt the build up of another orgasm and he fucked me harder and harder and I loved it.

"Oh my fucking God, I am about to cum. Your pussy is so fucking tight and juicy…" Todd moaned out.

"I am about to cum too, Todd!" I moaned and we moaned in sync and I felt my release…

"Savannah! Savannah!" I heard Cameron's voice outside my door. I jerked awake and I looked around. Did I just have my first sex fantasy? I shook my head and try to get my bearings together to wake up. I reached down between my legs and my pussy is throbbing with need and I slipped my fingers inside my pussy and its very wet and there is a wet spot on my sheets. Wow, it was that good!

"Savannah, mom said that you have five minutes to get ready for church!" Cameron said and I ran to my closet and tried to find my church attire. During this time, my phone rang. I grabbed it and it's Todd.

"Hey Todd, I am kind of busy right now…" I said as I pulled a dress out of my closet.

"With what?" Todd asked.

"Getting ready to go to church or my mom will kill me!"

"Want me to get off?" I put the phone on my chest and I heard Cameron's radio on and I put my phone on speaker.

"You are on the speaker," I said and he laughed.

"Are you stripping for me via phone?" Todd asked and I giggled.

"I don't know if it's considered stripping if I am over the phone," I said and he laughed also.

"Just tell me what you are wearing."

"A bra, thong and I am trying to wrestle a dress on so I can go to church!"

"Mmmm, I cannot wait to see you in your underwear, even naked. I am sorry baby, but I had a fantasy of you and me fucking last night and it made me hard as a rock." I am not the only one that had a fantasy as well. At least his was not interrupted by a little brother.

"Oh really? I sort of had one too, but it never finished. My brother woke me up," I said.

"I am more than willing to wait on you, Savannah, but it's going to be hard to wait. You have a sexy body and I want it," Todd said and I swallowed.

"Maybe you don't have to wait long. I just want to make sure I am ready before we do anything."

"I will show you things before we have sex. I want to know how loving feels like, and I know you will like it." I want Todd to be the one that shows me and I actually cannot wait for that to happen.

After church, I went to Jenny's house, since Fritz is spending the Sunday with his family. Jenny decided to paint my toe nails as we done our girl talk.

"I had a sex fantasy last night with Todd," I said and she stopped and looked at me.

"Wow, y'all started dating yesterday and you already having sex dreams about fucking him. My first sex fantasy with Fritz was a week before we started dating. That's probably why we fucked the day after we started dating," Jenny said and I laughed. I looked down at my toes and she is painting each toe a different color.

"Can I ask for another favor, Jenny?" I asked.

"Sure?" Jenny said switching nail polish.

"I won't turn eighteen till this January, so can you like, lie for me to my mom while Todd and I spend time together till then?" Jenny looked at me and then sighed. I know she hates lying but she's been wanting me to have a man for a very long time. She has to do this for me.

"I will, but I ain't going to like it! You deserve a man, Savannah, even though he is a lot older than you!" Jenny said and I jumped on top of her and hugged her.

"Thank you! Thank you! You are the bestest friend I ever had!" I said and she hugged me back.

"I just hope y'all work out!" Jenny said and I hope so too.

Monday afternoon came so quickly. I done my homework, talked to Todd practically all night long last night. I went to school and I was bored and anxious all day long. I cannot wait to see Todd! Todd gave me his address to his house last night and after school, I quickly hugged Jenny bye and we decided on a plan. If my mom calls, I am studying over at Jenny's house. I will spend the next few months studying at her house. We just not have decided where we are going to do on the weekends when I will see Todd. I drove through downtown Oak Ridge and when I pulled into the driveway of Todd's place, my heart raced. I wondered what is he going to do to me today? I know he is not going to fuck me yet, but I know he will slowly get me use to loving. I want him to make me a woman, I have been wanting to become a woman for a while! I may not be ready to have sex yet, but I more than willing to be a woman!


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