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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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**A/N: Heya! I just LOVE breaks! Thanks for all the reads for the first chapter. Continue to read this story and comment. I love all of my readers :D. Sorry if things are not sexy yet, but I promise they will be in the next few chapters. Todd has to get her comfortable to have sex and how to love**

Chapter 2

Fuck, my head hurts like someone is drilling into my temple. I woke up in my bedroom and the sun is hurting my eyes. I am still in my clothes I wore to the party and I heard drumming from across the hall. Cameron is already playing on his drums. I opened the door and walked across the hall to my little brother's room and he is playing away on his drums.

"Cut that out, dork face!" I said and he smiled.

"Mom said that I could, to teach you a lesson!" Cameron said and continued to play, which made my head hurt even worse. I walked to the kitchen and my mom is brewing some coffee and she handed me a cup of coffee.

"Hangover?" My mom asked and I nodded my head. I hate black coffee, but I know it will help my hangover. I don't remember anything from last night. All I remember is Annabella and myself dancing and she was VERY drunk. I remember that guy, was his name Tom or Todd? I remember him vaguely. I remember his charming smile and I remember that he is twenty-four or five years old.

"I'm sorry for lying, I wanted to go so bad," I said as I drank the coffee.

"You are not going to anymore of that Annabella's parties. Drinking is enough, and a older man brought you home. Was he at the party also?" My mom asked as she poured some pancake batter into the skillet.

"Yeah, he was, but what I remember, he is very sweet."

"He was nice enough to help you home and into bed. I made sure he didn't do anything to you. He helped you into your bed, covered you up and left. I offered him something to drink, but he said he is going home to go to bed. He said something about going to work tomorrow…" When she said the word "work" something inside me clicked. I finished my coffee and I excused myself to my bedroom. I went to my end table and I seen a piece of paper with "Oak Ridge Auto shop, Todd Middleton" written on it. I seen a flash back from last night and I remember him writing this down, and mentioning that it's his work place. I changed out of my clothes from last night to something more comfortable like a plain tee-shirt and a pair of old jeans. Mom hollered for us to come eat and Cameron ran down the hallway and made it to the dining room before me. I didn't feel good enough to eat anything, so I ate one pancake with butter and syrup. Cameron talked about his football game yesterday and how they beat the opposing team and my mom is so proud of him. I am not involved in after school projects or sports, never have and never will. I just want to go home after school, I cannot see how some people can do sports and activities after school. Jenny was involved in lacrosse, but she decided to not do lacrosse this year; she said something about wanting scholarships to colleges. I know the reason why she is not doing sports, Fritz. She wants to spend more time with Fritz and planning their wedding.

"Mom, I am going to town for a little bit, is that okay?" I said and picked up my plate and didn't want for an answer.

"I am okay with it, if you feel like doing it," she said and Cameron laughed.

"Vannah got drunk last night!" Cameron said and I smacked the back of his head. My mom yelled at me, but I don't care. I love the little dweab, he's is my little brother! I got in my car and I drove to the auto shop written on the paper and I parked in front of it and I heard a lot of noise coming from it and loud, manly laughter. Butterflies began to flutter in my stomach and I breathed a little and started to walk to the garage. I heard them laugh again and I seen two men drinking soda and they are shirtless. Todd is one of those guys, covered in black car grease, smiling and I could not keep my eyes away from his sexy body. He is not built like a body builder, but he has a nice, lean, fit body. He is also really tanned and I started to feel all hot all of the sudden. I walked up there and cleared my throat. Todd and the other guy turned around and the laughter stopped.

"Todd Middleton?" I asked and Todd smiled and leaned against the wall.

"That's me, how may I help you?" Todd said and I swallowed loudly and looked up into his light green eyes.

"To talk?" I asked and he excused himself and we went to the office. He sat down in the chair behind the desk and I sat down in front of him and nervously messed with my pants.

"So, Savannah, what do you want to talk about?" Todd asked and I looked up at him and he is smiling.

"I don't…remember hardly anything from last night. I just wondered if I done anything bad," I said, lying. I just wanted to see him.

"No, you didn't do any drugs, didn't fuck anybody, just danced and laughed the whole time." I sighed in relief and I looked around in the tiny office and then at him.

"I remember Annabella telling me you are her dad's bosses son, does he own this garage?" I asked and he laughed.

"Fuck no, my dad is the owner of the lumberyard. Annabella's dad is the head manager," he said and I felt like laughing. For some reason, I don't see Annabella as wealthy as she think she is. She acts like she is rich and she is a snobby bitch. If her dad is just the manager, he might get paid as much as my father, which works there as a truck driver. I looked over at Todd and I know he is checking me out. His eyes are roaming my body and I can feel them on me. My breasts are tingling in my shirt and I feel my nipples getting erect in my bra. He is the first man to do this to me, EVER!

"Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?" Todd asked me and my heart raced. I have not been out on a date, an actual REAL date…well ever! Guys has taken me to the football games at the high school and sat with me at the lunch table, but they never took me to a restaurant!

"Sure, when and where?" I asked and he leaned back and placed his hands on the back of his head. When he done that, it made the muscles in his chest and stomach even bigger and more desirable. I just want to lick him from his neck to his naval right now. Well, he has to clean up or I will be tasting grease!

"How about Baby Back BBQ at six?" he said and I agreed. I stood up and as I walked by him, he reached over and touched my hand.

"You know, I am glad that we met, Savannah. I don't care that you are seven years younger than me, I see you as a very beautiful woman," he said and I blushed.

"I don't think I am beautiful," I said and he half smiled.

"Trust me, you are beautiful, Savannah and you don't even know it." I looked down and I started to mess with the dirt on the ground.

"So, uh, six at Baby Back BBQ? I will see you there," I said and he laughed.

"Now, don't get shy on me! I think it's cute when you blush!" he said and I laughed. We said our goodbyes and I went to my car and went home.

I planned it all out, sort of. I know my mom would NEVER let me go on a date with Todd, since he is twenty-four. I called Jenny and explained to her about tonight. First, she freaked out that I am going out on a date with a much older man. Then, she finally got something planned out.

"Ah Ha! Tell your mom that you're going to be with me and Fritz tonight. Tell her that we are going to the movies together. If she calls me, I will tell her that you are in the bathroom," Jenny said and I squealed.

"Thank you so much for helping me, I feel so different around Todd and we just met last night!" I said.

"At Annabella's party?" Jenny said.

"Yeah, but he was different than the other guys there. He ignored all the girls flirting with him, he kept looking at me!"

"Maybe he likes you!"

"He keeps calling me beautiful, Jenny. I know I am not beautiful, but when he calls me that, I feel so warm and happy…"

"Sounds like you are getting horny!"

"Well, I did get hot and my nipples got all hard and tingly when he checked me out."

"Congratulations Savannah, you just got horny!" I laughed and Jenny joined me. We talked for several minutes longer and my mom came in.

"So, you got any plans for tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah, Jenny and Fritz are taking me to the movies tonight," I said and she smiled.

"Fritz is the guy I want to see you with! I am glad Jenny has somebody to love. Well, I hope you three will have fun!" When she closed the door behind her, I sighed in relief and I went to the closet and got ready. I kept the jeans on, but I put a nice top with a camisole underneath it and I put my hair in a ponytail. I didn't put any makeup on because I only had thirty minutes left to meet Todd at the restaurant. I ran out the door, kissing my mom on the cheek and I went to meet Todd. I never felt so nervous in my life. Is it because it's my first date, if it's even a date? Is it because I am highly attracted to Todd? Maybe my body knows something is going to happen tonight and if something does happen tonight, I know it will be good!

**A/N again: Whoops, you have to find out how the date goes for them in the next chapter MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, got carried away there! I will remind y'all again that if you are curious about what the characters look like, go to my profile!!!!**


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