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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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*A/N: Okay, um, people got mad at me for that accident! I am sorry, I had to add something to this story! Don't worry, Todd and Savannah are alright. There is one more chapter left and I am going to write that probably either here in a little bit or tonight after my nursing clinicals. I am already got a new story in mind and I am not giving it away until I release it of course. There is a surprise awaiting you in this story and I hope you enjoy it!*

Chapter 12

*Todd's POV*

I looked up and I am in a ditch a few yards away from the accident. The car is on its wheels, but I knew we flipped at least four times. I looked everywhere for Savannah, and didn't see her anywhere. I stood up and I am so glad that my legs are broken, but my wrist is hurting like a mother fucker! I didn't care for the pain, I want to see if Savannah is okay. I walked over to the car and I seen her in the passenger sea, buckled up and unconscious. I seen blood dripping from her forehead and I began to panic. I ran to the car and jerked the door open. My adrenaline is rushing and I got Savannah out of her seat belt and out of the car within seconds.

"Savannah baby, are you alright?" I cried out and I felt for her pulse and I felt one. Thank god she is still alive! I placed my hand on her chest and felt it go up and down, she is still breathing! I remembered from what my mom said when she worked in Neuro-ICU as the head nurse here in Oak Ridge. I found a flashlight and open her eye lids and checked her pupils to see if they react, and they did. She has no brain damage! I heard a car stop and a couple freaking out.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" a woman asked.

"Yes, but my fiancée is unconscious and I think my wrist is broke, call the ambulance!" I said and the woman called. The man, which he worked for the rescue squad done a little assessment and he said the same thing, no brain damage and she is breathing and has a good strong heart rate. When I heard the sirens coming down the highway, Savannah coughed and moaned.

"Todd?" She moaned out and I laughed and cried at the same time. I leaned down and I kissed her. "My head hurts," she cried out and I touched her cheeks and smiled.

"We are going to the hospital right now baby, we will be okay!" I said and a stretcher came and picked her up and I walked to the ambulance. We went to Oak Ridge General and they put us in the same room. We both went for x-rays and the nurses gave us some good pain medicine. The first people to see us is Vince and Denise. They started to freak out on us because Savannah is getting her MRI done since she was unconscious for a half hour. I was knocked out too, but only for ten minutes. It was kind of like getting the breath knocked out of me.

"Oh Todd, are you okay? Is Savannah okay?" Denise said and I sat up and looked at her worried parents.

"They are doing a MRI on her since she was unconscious for a little bit and they are going to keep an eye out on her overnight to make sure she will be okay. I only had the breath knocked out of me and a broken wrist…" I raised my bandaged wrist for them to look at it. "…and a cut on my head. I should have been injured more since I was thrown out, but thankfully I wasn't. I just wish Savannah didn't get hurt, I am sorry for driving in this snow," I said and I felt so bad. I hurt their daughter, they must hate me!

"Todd, it was an accident, it happens. As long as you two are alive, that's all that matters!" Vince said and I smiled. Savannah came in and she smiled at her father.

"Dad!" Savannah said and he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"I am so glad you are okay!" Vince said and she smiled at me.

"Todd, your wrist!" she cried out and I smiled.

"I'll be okay, I wish I was banged up and you just walked out of there with no scratches!" I said and she smiled at me. She told me to come over because she has an IV hooked up to her and I didn't. I walked over and sat on the bed with her and held her in my arms. I cannot see how she thinks she is overweight, she didn't lose any weight, actually, I think she gained some weight. She still feels so tiny in my arms. The doctor came in and I jumped off the bed and he smiled.

"Mr. Middleton, you don't have to get off, sit with her, I got some news for you," He said and I sat down on the bed. "I am Dr. Zane by the way and I have some good news for you. Todd, you only have a hairline fracture, so you don't need surgery to correct your wrist. We will get a cast on that tomorrow and in about six weeks, you will get it off and you will be fine. For Miss Loftis, you have a mild concussion and we thought you had some organ damage, but the MRI ruled that out, so you are actually free to go tonight. Also, we done a few blood tests on you, Savannah and I have some surprising news," He said and remained quiet. What the fuck is this? What is his hiding from us?

"What is it, Doc?" I asked and he smiled.

"Savannah, you are pregnant!" He said and I grew the biggest smile and I looked at Savannah. She immediately touched her stomach and she began to cry. Through those teary eyes, I seen worry.

"Is he okay? Did I hurt him?" Savannah cried out and I began to worry. What if the accident hurt him?

"Don't worry Savannah, you baby is fine. You are at ten weeks, did you know you we're pregnant?" He asked her and she shook her head.

"My periods we're always irregular, so no, I never knew!" Savannah said and a nurse wheeled in an ultrasound machine and Dr. Zane told her to lay back. I got to her side and he put that stuff on her and turned on the ultrasound. He moved the handle around and then, we heard the baby. When I heard my child's heartbeat, I began to cry.

"Todd, are you okay?" Denise said, also with tears in her eyes.

"I am just thrilled that I am going to be a father!" I said and Savannah laced her fingers through mine and we looked at our baby. He or she looks like a little peanut right now, but he or she is very active.

"Your baby is very active and very much okay. I would call your OB tomorrow and make an appointment to do your regular prenatal visit," Dr. Zane said and she nodded. When he left, Vince looked at us and then they left. Savannah looked up at me and she began to cry.

"This is the strangest and best birthday I ever had. Take out the car accident, and it's the best. I got engaged, moved out and found out that I am pregnant. You are going to be a wonderful father," Savannah said and I rubbed my hand over her stomach and I smiled.

"You are going to be a wonderful mother, Savannah. I love you so much," I said and leaned down and kissed her. She placed her hand on top of mine and she smiled into my lips. She tasted so sweet and heavenly, I cannot get enough of her. We made a child together out of our love and this baby will be very much loved.

*Savannah's POV*

We got to leave the emergency room a few minutes later. The doctor gave Todd a prescription but he didn't give me one. I don't want to take anything that can harm my baby. I am very surprised that I am pregnant. Ever since I started my periods at twelve years old, they have been highly irregular. I never expected to be pregnant, but I would've figured out soon anyways. My dad is taking us to our new place in his 4 wheel drive and I felt much safer than the car we drove.

"I am going to buy us a 4 wheel drive car now!" Todd said and I laughed. I cannot keep my hands off of my belly where my baby sleeps.

"Wow, I still cannot believe I am pregnant!" I said and Denise turned around and smiled.

"Who knows, I may be next!" she winked at me and dad laughed.

"That would kind of funny, you know? I will have a grandbaby and a brand new baby that are a few months apart," dad said and I joined the laughter. I remembered something too, Annabella is pregnant too. I will call her in the morning for some tips for some things. We finally made it to our new home and it's a beautiful brick style home with a few neighbors surrounding it. I am not in the city anymore, so I love it. The baby has a lot of play room to grow as well. Todd thanked them for the ride and my dad said that they will bring our stuff and my car in the morning. At least we have my car but its not a 4 wheel drive. Todd and I ran inside and when the door closed behind me and he turned on the lights, it's still empty.

"We still have to get the furniture for the other rooms, I only got my bed in here," Todd said and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You had an idea for us tonight?" I asked and he smiled.

"Not now, I want your concussion to heal. Sex will probably give you a headache, babe," he said and I nodded. I am also very tired, so we went to our bedroom and we went to bed.

The next day, it was hell. Mom, Henry and Cameron came over and mom and Denise sat with me as all the men (including Henry and Cameron) carried all the stuff to the house. Denise told my mom about my pregnancy faster than I can. I think Denise is excited about becoming a step-grandmother.

"Oh Mary, all the things we can do for this baby!" Denise said and my mom smiled.

"We will spoil this kid rotten!" mom said and I put my head in my hands.

"Please, no spoiling my baby!" I whined and both women laughed.

"That's what grandparents are suppose to do!" mom said and I leaned against my moms shoulder and grabbed Denise's hand.

"I am so glad to have you both. I am happy that y'all are finally getting along," I said and both women smiled.

"I finally realized I am really to blame for my divorce, not Denise. She was the scapegoat for me to blame on," mom said and Denise nodded. Someone knocked on my door and the pregnant Annabella showed up. She is four months pregnant and she is starting to show really good. She gets to find out the gender next week and she is really excited about that. I yelled for Annabella and she walked over with a smile. She sat down beside me and grunted.

"Pregnant lady coming, move on over!" Annabella said and I laughed.

"You are very beautiful pregnant, Annabella!" I said and she glowed. I think the pregnancy changed her outlook on life. She has not only become very nice to me, she has became very nice to everybody in the school. She may lost her popularity, but she gained a whole new attitude!

"Thank you, Savannah and I know already you are pregnant and I am glad our babies are going to be four months apart," Annabella said and I smiled.

"How can you tell?" I said and mom touched my hand.

"You got the pregnancy glow to you," mom said and Annabella nodded.

"You sure do, when you get pregnant, everybody says that you got the pregnancy glow!" Annabella said and Todd grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I looked at the time and knew where I get to go.

"Let's go to our appointment!" Todd said and I smiled. I get to know our baby's due date! I waved everyone goodbye and Todd drove me in dad's truck, which it stopped snowing about two hours after coming home from the hospital, and drove us to town. My OB is Dr. Vanessa Reed and she delivered Cameron on her first year as an OB. She done the blood work on me, the urine samples and the ultrasound. Everything looked good and Todd and I are waiting on when our baby is due.

"Your baby is due on September 15th," Dr. Reed said and Todd smiled.

"That is a couple weeks after my birthday!" Todd said and my doctor smiled.

"That is really cool, Mr. Middleton, and congratulations to you both on your new baby," Dr. Reed said and we left the office. We done a few more errands in town and we went home. By the time we got home, the furniture finally got moved in and mom, Denise and Annabella decorated it for me. Todd and I stood in the living room and just stared at our new home.

"Did you ever expected this to happen, Savannah?" Todd asked and I looked at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Us getting married, you having our baby and moving into our own home?" he said and I smiled.

"For some reason, I did in a way but not this soon."

"Meaning, you wanted this?"

"Yes, of course! I want to carry your baby and I want to be your wife!" I leaned to him and kissed him. This is the first day of the rest of our lives!


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