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Make Me a Woman

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Savannah Loftis is a 17 year old girl that doesn't think too highly of herself due to her weight. She meets 24 year old Todd Middleton and he thinks that she is beautiful and not fat. Todd slowly makes Savannah realize her natural beauty, and they fall in love in the process. He does take her virginity and makes her feel like she should be, beautiful and a woman. View table of contents...


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**A/N: Hello everybody! I wanted to wait a few days before I released this story, but I kind of got impatient! I wanted to tell you about this story, espicially the main character. I am not making fun of overweight people. I am overweight myself. She is not really overweight, maybe just chubby. You know how teenagers are, they are pure body image and she feels ugly and she is really not. So, please don't comment that I mean for making her feel like that, I felt like her when I was her age! Thank you! Oh yeah, go to my profile and the character pictures are there :D**

Chapter 1

"Savannah Loftis, what the fuck is wrong with you?" my friend, Jennifer Sparks, asked me during our lunch break at school.

"What do you mean, what the fuck is wrong with me? I don't want to go to a party!" I said to her and continued to eat my chili cheese hot dog.

"It's not just a party, it's Annabella Gregory's party and she actually invited YOU to the party!" Jenny said to me.

"And why would a girl like Annabella invite me? She just wants to humiliate me in front of the school body!" Let me introduce you to myself. My name is Savannah Loftis. I am seventeen years old, a high school senior and I never had a boyfriend that lasted long. You know why I never had a real boyfriend? I am not really attractive. Well, people say I am pretty, but I don't believe it. I have raven black hair, light green eyes with gold flakes, and I am a size 12. What part of me that doesn't appeal to guys? Me being overweight. I am about twenty pounds overweight and I have chubby thighs and a not skinny belly. My ass is huge and my boobs are big also.

"Just because Annabella made fun of you on our freshman year doesn't mean she will do the same thing now. People grow up!" Jenny said and I looked at her beautifully sculpted body. She is average, not skinny as a rail, but not fat like me. She has a wonderful boyfriend since our sophomore year name Fritz Schmidt. Yes, he is German, he was a German foreign exchange student. When he came over here to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, he fell MADLY in love with Jenny. He decided to stay here with her. Now, they are engaged to get married after we graduate and I'm the maid of honor. Fritz came over and sat beside Jenny and he wrapped his arm around her.

"May I take Jen away from you for a bit?" Fritz said in his German accent. His blonde hair and blue eyes shined when he seen Jenny. I think they look so cute together. Jenny has chestnut colored hair with light brown eyes and like I said before, she is skinny.

"Sure, why not!" I said and they ran off, giggling at each other. I stood up and grabbed my tray and took it to the lunch lady. As I walked back to my table, Annabella walked up to me with her beautiful blonde hair and sculpted body frame and smiled at me.

"Are you coming to my party or not, Savannah?" She asked me with her hands on her hips.

"I got things to do tonight," I said and she laughed.

"What, stuff your face in with food?" her other friends laughed and I rolled my eyes. "Listen Loftis, you are coming to my party. There will be beer and hot older guys there," She added.

"Are you going to embarrass me?"

"Why fuck no! I am trying to look good for the student body, after all, I am the student body president!" Annabella smiled and I sighed and gave in.

"All right, I will go, what time should I be there?" I said and she smiled.

"Party starts at eight, see you there!" Annabella walked away and her sexy football player boyfriend, Adam, grabbed her ass and she giggled like a little girl. I rolled my eyes and when I turned around, Jenny is behind me.

"I couldn't talk you into going but she did. What did she say to make you go?" Jenny asked me. Fritz is behind her, holding her by her waist.

"The hot guys?" I said and she laughed.

"Well, that would've got me to go, but I got my Fritz!" Jenny turned around and kissed her boyfriend.

"Wait, you are not going?" I said and she laughed.

"Of course not silly! Fritz has reservations at this place in Knoxville for a week now! You can go to this party alone!" I groaned in disgust but I cannot go to Annabella and tell her I can't go. I love Jenny and I hate her at the same time.


An hour before the party, I ran to my closet and tried to find something that will look good. Thanks to my weight, I cannot wear short skirts or low cut tops like Annabella and Jennifer. I found a pretty top I wore to a party with my family and the skirt to go with it. I went to my vanity station and I brushed my hair out and made sure my makeup looks good. My mom, Mary, came in and she sat on my bed. My mom is a full figure woman, but she became like that due to giving birth to me and my little brother, Cameron.

"So, you are going to a party. Will there be drinking?" My mom said and I have to lie. I kind of want to go to this party, and I don't know why.

"Of course not, its just a party!" I said and I can sense that my mom knows that I am lying, but she let it go.

"Be careful honey!" she said and kissed my forehead. When it became time to go to the party, I ran out the door and ran down the street since Annabella lived down the street from me. I heard loud rap music coming out of the house and a group of already drinking teens are on her porch. I squeezed my way by and I walked into a huge group of dancing teens. I walked into the kitchen and Annabella is standing there passing out beers.

"Oh, Savannah, want a slice of pizza or a beer?" She said and everybody laughed. I grabbed the beer and drank it down. I hated the taste of it, but it felt good to drink it front of Annabella and her group of cheerleaders.

"Another one please?" I asked and she gladly gave me one and she has a surprised look on her face. I walked into the dance area and after I finished drinking that beer, I began to dance. I actually had fun. I danced, talked to a few people, met a few older guys that are very hot. But one stood out to me. His dark hair and green eyes stood out to me like a fire in the middle of the snow. He is sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and ignoring all the teenage girls hitting on him. I didn't know how to approach him, so I decided to check him out without him noticing. When I wanted another beer, I walked pass him and I can smell his cologne and it heighten my senses. Annabella is not in the kitchen handing out beers and I opened the refrigerator and grabbed two beers. When I turned around, he is standing there in front of me.

"H-hello!" I stuttered out.

"Hello there, is that for me?" He asked and I gave him the beer.

"You can have it, it was really for me." I opened the fridge again and grabbed another beer and I heard him laugh.

"I seen you check me out in there," he said and my heart raced. I closed the fridge door with my ass and looked into his eyes which made me melt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it obvious!" I said and I tried to leave, but he lightly touched my shoulder.

"I'm Todd Middleton by the way," he said and I smiled.

"Savannah Loftis, I'm a senior," I said and he smiled.

"Wow, so you are seventeen or eighteen?" Todd asked.


"I am twenty-four years old." Wow, Annabella is right about older men being at her party. I don't care what age he is, Todd is one fucking good looking man!

"Oh Savannnahhhhh!" Annabella yelled and wobbled into the kitchen and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "This is my dad's bosses son, Todd. Ain't he a hottie?" Annabella said and I knew she is drunk, she would never be this nice to me.

"Yes, he is very good looking," I said looking at him and he laughed.

"Come party with me, Savannah!" Annabella said and I walked with her, looking back at Todd's smiling face and we danced together. Every time Annabella got a beer, she got me one too, so I ended up getting drunk as well. Around midnight, I decided to try to leave but my world is tilting and I felt so chipper and happy.

"Don't leave yet, Savannah!" Annabella said and I looked down at her and sat beside her on the floor.

"I have to go home or my mom would…WORRY!" I blurted out the word worry. She ended up passing out on the floor and I decided that she deserves to go to her bedroom. I tried to lift her off the floor and she is heavy. I thought I was fat! Todd seen me try to lift her up and I began laughing because its so funny how I cannot lift a girl that is a lot smaller than me.

"Having trouble, Savannah?" Todd said and I began to laugh.

"She is so fat, and I thought I was fat!" I laughed.

"You are not fat, Savannah!" Todd said and I blushed. He lifted Annabella over his shoulder and took her to her bedroom. I watched him put her into her bed and tucked her in. I tried to walk down the stairs but my legs felt like pudding, so I slid down the stairs. Todd caught me and I laughed.

"Whoops, clumsy me!" I said and he walked me to the door. I tried to walk off the porch, but I fell again and this time it hurt. I wailed in pain and Todd is behind me and put his arm around me to support me.

"Did you drive?" Todd asked me. I shook my head no. "Do you live close?"

"Yeah, I'll show you!" I said and he walked me down the street and I pointed out my house and he walked a little faster.

"I think somebody is up, the lights are on!" Todd said and I started to freak out.

"Oh shit, oh shit, my mom is up! She will see you!" I said and he laughed.

"I think I am the least of her problems, I think seeing you drunk will be the problem!" he said and I knew he is right. He helped me up the porch and he knocked on the door. I thought he would run off, but he help me stand up. My mom knocked on the door and I waved at my mom and burped really loudly when I tried to say hey to her and laughed because I burped.

"Mrs. Loftis, your daughter got drunk at the party and I escorted her home," Todd said and I hit on his chest and smiled.

"So you are sexy AND a gentleman!" I said and began laughing.

"Thank you young man, if you don't mind, can you take her to her bedroom and get her in bed," my mom asked and he walked me to my room and by the time I felt my fluffy pillows, I am feeling rather drowsy.

"When will I see you again, Todd?" I asked him.

"If you remember me, soon. I will write down where I work," Todd said and he found a sheet of paper and I fell asleep after that…


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