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Lust & Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Amy Dale inherited her late father's tattoo shop after his long battle with Cancer. She can deal with being an owner of Salt Lake City's top Tattoo shop, but there is one man that she cannot deal with, the lead tattoo artist. Denmark-born Christian Madson cannot stand how bull-headed she is and he is the best tattoo artist in Salt Lake City. Amy cannot stand how annoying he is, and she cannot deny how sexy this man is. Christian also realizes how beautiful Amy is. One night of drinking, Amy and Christian shares one night of passion and sex, making Amy lose her virginity. The next morning, Amy leaves confused and ashamed.

Two months has passed, and Amy is now pregnant with Christian's child. She wants her child to have a father that is around, unlike hers. Christian wants to be there for his child, so they had to come to an agreement. Their bumping personalities put them on edge everyday, but they start to feel an attraction for each other. Can they stand each other for their child? Will the attraction become more? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys, three more chapters after this one. I am glad you enjoyed this. Please refer to my profile for my future plans after this story and "Hiding in the Darkk". I highly recommend you to read that story please! Enjoy, something BIG happens in this chapter!*
Chapter 9
Our Son, I Can See Him!
"Why can't I come with you? I always wanted to see a 4D ultrasound!" Dana said and I pulled my tee shirt over my head and of course, it didn't fit. I tossed it over to the pile of shirts that didn't fit. In two hours, I get to see Sebastian on the 4D ultrasound. Sebastian will be here in nine weeks, I cannot wait! I am fucking huge! I don't think I can grow anymore, but I am! I think Sebastian is going to be a big baby.
"Because only one other person can see it, and it's going to be Christian. He is the father!" I said and pulled another shirt and it finally fit. Once we finally made it to the shop, Christian is already working on a tattoo and Paul just finished one. Dana got on her knees and I rolled my eyes and laughed. This is Dana's daily talks to Sebastian.
"I cannot wait to see him! Aunt Dana is already wanting to meet you, Sea bass!" Dana said to my stomach. Dana already gave him a nickname, and it's kind of cute. I laughed and Sebastian moved inside me from the sound of her voice.
"He knows his Aunt Dana already. Wonder if he knows Uncle Paul yet," I said and Paul came over and Dana asked him to talk to my belly.
"Come on baby, we want to know if Sea bass knows you!" Dana said and Paul nodded. He rolled his sleeves up, showing off his tribal sleeve and he got on his knees. He looked up at us and gave us a questioning look.
"Um what do I say to him?" Paul asked and I giggled.
"Tell him hello and who you are," I said and Paul swallowed.
"Um, Hello Sebastian, I am Uncle Paul," Paul said and the baby moved.
"Yep, he knows Paul!"
"Wonder if he knows me," Christian said as he walked out of the tattoo room and Sebastian began to REALLY move. He is moving so much that he is kicking my kidneys.
"Quit it Sebastian, mommy cannot handle another blow to the kidney! Oh yeah, he knows daddy," I said and Christian wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I can feel his love and desire in the kiss. Sebastian kicked my stomach and Christian jerked back and put his hands up.
"Okay, I won't kiss mommy anymore, well for a little while at least!" Christian said and we all laughed. Christian gave me a quick kiss and went back to the tattoo room where his client is waiting on him. He turned on the music and Rammstein blared out and I laughed when he began to sing. I went to the room and peeked in.
"I hope you don't teach our son to sing Rammstein," I said and Christian and the client laughed.
"I would love to hear my daughter sing Rammstein!" The client said and I looked more closely at the client. She turned around and I smiled.
"Abby, what are you doing here? How's Whitney?" I asked her and gave her a quick hug. You cannot tell that she just had a baby two months ago. She is model thin and you can tell she loves being a mom.
"She is fine, she is with my mom so I can get this tattoo…" I looked down and Christian is putting a footprint with "Whitney Grace, 4-25-13" on the top of her foot. "Hurts likes a mother fucker, but I want this done so you can get that 4D done," Abby said and winked. "That's what Christian is been talking about. He think Sebastian will look like you."
"I hope he looks like his daddy!" Christian laughed and I stood there and talked to Abby through her tattoo and about an hour later, it is finished. Dana and Paul came in and I introduced them to her. They all loved her tattoo and Dana looked at me.
"What kind of tattoo you gonna do for Sea bass?" Dana asked me.
"The same thing, but on my arm," I said and I pointed to the empty spot on the arm that does not have a tattoo.
"I am getting his name and birthdate on my chest," Christian said and I smiled.
"Y'all better get going, it's gonna take an hour to get to the place!" Abby said and Christian and I nodded and we grabbed our things and ran out.
The facility is packed with women waiting on tests to be done and the famous 4D ultrasound. I am so glad I am only here for the ultrasound because when you come here for tests, there is something wrong with the baby. A young girl, not even seventeen, is crying into her mom's arm and her mother is rubbing her hair. "Your baby is fine, they just want to check her," her mother said.
"Mama, they said that her heart is not big enough. They may have to induce me early. She is not due for another twelve weeks!" She said and I immediately touched my stomach. I am not due for another nine weeks, what if there is something wrong and they have to induce me early?
"Amy, Sebastian is fine, he will go to full term and born healthy as a horse!" Christian said to me and I leaned against him. Christian is still highly attracted to me, even this huge. I cannot see my toes anymore, my ankles is swollen and he has to help me put my shoes on and get out of the car. "Miss Dale, we are ready for you," the nurse said and we walked in and they told me I gained five more pounds, I gained almost forty pounds! We finally got in the technician room and its nice and warm. "Strip your pants and underwear off and pull your shirt up to your bra line," The nurse said and I done just that. A few minutes later, the Ultrasound technician came in and she smiled really big and her blonde hair is in a neat bun. "I am Yolanda and I will be doing your 4D ultrasound today. So, what is your sons name?" Yolanda said as she put that goopy stuff on me.
"Sebastian Kyle Madsen. I am naming him after my father that passed away nine months ago," I said and she nodded.
"Sorry for your loss, and I bet he is so honored for naming your son after him," Yolanda said and the computer booted up and the ultrasound is not that gray screen, it's tan in color. She put the probe on me and began to move around. "Christie, put some music on, it sets the mood," Yolanda said to the nurse and a romantic eighties song came on and I smiled. Christian grabbed my hand and Yolanda smiled again.
"Girlfriend? Fiancée? Wife?" Yolanda asked him and he smiled really big at me.
"The love of my life," he said and I feel a tear leaving my eyes and he wiped it.
"I love you too," I said and the probe stopped moving.
"Here is Sebastian!" We both looked and I can see his face. He is so chunky and Christian rolled his chair closer to see who he looks like.
"He looks like me…he has my nose!" Christian said pointing at Sebastian's nose and he is right, he has the Danish straight nose he got from his father.
"He has his mother's eye shape and lip shape," Yolanda said and Christian agreed. So, he looks like the both of us. "I estimate him around four pounds right now, and you have nine more weeks?" she asked and I nodded. "He is gonna be a big baby. If he is four pounds now, he will be about nine to ten pounds at birth."
"Big boy! I can tell by those chubby cheeks. I already want to pinch them," I said and Christian just stared at him more. Yolanda moved the probe down and I seen his hands, which they are laying demurely on his chest and showed us his manhood.
"He is defiantly a boy!" Christian said and I smacked his arm. Yolanda laughed and she showed us his ten toes.
"Counted ten fingers and ten toes, and he has no abnormalities. He is a perfect baby," Yolanda said and printed the pictures off and gave them to me. I just stared at his face picture and I can see a smile.
"Christian, look…" I said and he came over. "He is smiling at us." Christian held it and he began to smile and a tear slipped out of his blue eyes.
"He knew mommy and daddy is seeing him," Christian said and I nodded. Christie the nurse wiped my stomach off and I got dressed again. "I think this calls for a celebration. This may be the last time we can have a date before he comes," Christian said and I nodded. He is right, we better get our one-on-one time in!
Christian took me to a very nice restaurant that faces the Rockies. The sun began to set and the waiter brought Christian some red wine and me a glass of mineral water. I have not had a drink of any kind or a cigarette since I found out I am pregnant. I am very proud of myself. "I am proud of myself, Christian," I said and he sipped his wine and smiled. "I have not smoked in five months, since I found out about Sebastian."
"And I hope you are not planning to go back to smoking after he is born," He said and I agreed. I don't want to smoke around him, so Christian should not either.
"Same goes for you," I said and he laughed.
"I'll smoke outside, promise!" Christian is acting sort of strange to me. He kept looking in the kitchen right after we ordered our chicken dishes. He is tapping his feet on the floor and he is acting nervous.
"Christian, are you alright?" I asked him and he looked at me and smiled at me, but it's not his usual smile.
"I am fine, baby, I love you," He said and he grabbed my hands and squeezed them.
"I love you, too." I gave him a questioning look and our food came, and Christian seemed MORE nervous. I cut my chicken and it's very hard, like metal. I shredded the meat up and I seen something glisten in the light. I pulled it out and I held it up. It's a ring…a diamond ring…wait.. I looked down and Christian is on his knee and he grabbed my hand. Is this, no way, is he going to…
"Amy Rose Dale, I love you so much. In nine weeks, I get to meet my son. Amy, will you marry me?" Christian asked and the room got quiet around us. I began to cry and I covered my mouth with my hand and weep into it. I began to nod quickly and then finally, "Yes," I said and the crowd cheered and I got into Christian's arms. Sebastian began to kick because we are too tight and we both laughed. We put our hands on my stomach and we smiled. I am getting married, OH MY FUCKING GOD, I am getting married!


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