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Lust & Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Amy Dale inherited her late father's tattoo shop after his long battle with Cancer. She can deal with being an owner of Salt Lake City's top Tattoo shop, but there is one man that she cannot deal with, the lead tattoo artist. Denmark-born Christian Madson cannot stand how bull-headed she is and he is the best tattoo artist in Salt Lake City. Amy cannot stand how annoying he is, and she cannot deny how sexy this man is. Christian also realizes how beautiful Amy is. One night of drinking, Amy and Christian shares one night of passion and sex, making Amy lose her virginity. The next morning, Amy leaves confused and ashamed.

Two months has passed, and Amy is now pregnant with Christian's child. She wants her child to have a father that is around, unlike hers. Christian wants to be there for his child, so they had to come to an agreement. Their bumping personalities put them on edge everyday, but they start to feel an attraction for each other. Can they stand each other for their child? Will the attraction become more? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Well I hope this chapter is longer, it seemed longer when I wrote it LOL. As you can tell, this is a very BIG moment for Amy and Christian. They find out the gender of this baby. I have to say, its getting close to the end for this story. Maybe 4 or 5 chapters. When you comment, tell me what you thought the gender is, I want to see what y'all thought the baby is! Enjoy!*
Chapter 8
And the Gender is…
Tomorrow, Christian and I gets to find out the gender of our baby. Christian thinks it's going to be a girl, but I think it's going to be a boy. Dana and her boyfriend, yes she met somebody and he is Danish also, thinks it's going to be girl. My mom and grandmother is on my side, they think's it's going to be a boy. Grandma Dale told me I am carrying the baby low, so that means it's a boy. My baby bump is pretty noticeable now, and Christian loves it.
Christian and I are more in love than ever. Since Valentines Day, we have not left each others sides. We bought a crib together, painted the extra room, which was my bedroom until I moved into Christian's master bedroom, a yellow. Mom said green and yellow are baby neutral colors, they can be both for a girl or a boy. At the shop, we are holding a contest for the gender and the weight and length. If the customers guess the gender right, they get either a free piercing or a tattoo under $150. When the baby is born, whoever is nearest to the weight and length gets a free tattoo. It was Dana's idea. I thought the customers would think it's stupid, but a lot, and I mean A LOT, voted for the gender already. "Sixty percent says boy, thirty percent says girl. I think they believe your grandmother, baby," Christian said as we finally finished the tally. I crawled on top of him, my slightly big baby bump is holding me up and Christian smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.
"So, names…we decided to name the baby Sebastian Kyle Madsen. I think my father would be proud if we name the baby after him if it's a boy," I said and he nodded.
"I agree, and can we name the baby Annelise Dannika Madsen, after my mother and sister?" He asked and I love that name. Very Danish and very uncommon here in the United States.
"That is a beautiful name, Christian, but I still think it's a boy."
"Girl!" I can see the playful look in his eyes.
"BOY!" I sat up and pinned him down and ground my hips against his. I can feel his growing erection hitting my pelvis and he pushed it so it can really grind against me. "How can you still find me attractive when I look big as a whale?"
"You are not that big and I told you, and told you, I think you look down right sexy with my baby in your belly," He said and put his lips on mine. His arms went around my waist and began to take off my nightgown. When it was off, he groaned because I am not wearing a bra or panties. I wiggled my eyebrows and sat up and pulled his boxers off and immediately got on him and slid his dick inside me. "I never rode you before, help me," I groaned, loving the feeling of Christian deep inside me. He put his hands on my hips and began to move me up and down and back and forth. I moaned and put my hands on his chest and began to bounce. His hands went from my hips to my breasts and pinched both nipples. I moaned and I fucked him harder and faster. I can already feel my muscles tightening inside me and I curse at myself. The only thing I hate about pregnancy is that I come VERY fast. Christian thrusted his dick deeper inside me and that is the end for me. I threw my head back and screamed as my orgasm erupted and Christian flipped me. He grabbed my hips and pushed himself deep inside me, once, twice, three times and he moaned loudly his orgasm. Wow, that was quick! "That was a quickie," I mumbled into his neck and I heard him laugh.
"You looked delectable all day and even more delectable in that nightgown. I needed you too much," Christian said and I pulled his face so I can see those sexy blue eyes.
"I always need you, I love you." He smiled and touched the bridge of my nose with his finger and smiled.
"And I love you."
"Come on everybody, they find out the gender in three hours! Place your votes in!" Dana said and then giggled as he boyfriend, Paul Petersen, tickled her side. I put my hand on my hip and giggled at her. They look as happy as Christian and I, but I think we are much happier. A customer grabbed my shoulder and smiled as they walked out the door and I can hear Christian working on a tattoo. He said that this will be his last tattoo until we go. Paul is our new tattoo artist we hired because we need to keep the business going, we cannot keep closing down whenever I have my appointments. "Christian should be done in about two hours. That will give you more time to get there and get impatient. When is your 4D appointment? That is the one I cannot wait for?" Dana asked and I grabbed my wallet and pulled out my appointment card. 4D ultrasounds are a big thing now, you can really see the baby good. I want to know who's nose, eyes and face the baby has. If it's a boy, I want him to look like Christian. If it's a girl, of course I want her to look like me. "Ah ha, it's in June, a month and a half away," I said and Dana smiled. I failed to mentioned also, my due date has moved to an earlier time. I am due at the end of August to early September. I cannot wait, I want to see Sebastian or Annelise!
We sat together in the waiting room of the OB/GYN. There is women in all different stages of pregnancy. There is one lady that is around the same gestation age as me, another one that is about to pop and one that has a tiny bump, like I did on Valentines Day. I began to feel the baby move in my belly, a feeling I come to notice the pass month, and place my hand on my belly. "You better not hide your thing from us!" I said to my belly and Christian chuckled and put his hand on my belly and his eyes grew when the baby kicked his hand. "He knows when his daddy is touching me," I said and he wiped a tear from his eyes.
"He is active, ain't he?" Christian said and I nodded.
"Ready to mommy and daddy to see him. My daughter does that," The woman that is about to pop said with a smile.
"How far along are you?"
"Five months," I said with a smile and she nodded.
"I got one more week, I began to nest and clean everything. I am Abby by the way and my daughter is Whitney Grace," Abby said and she touched her baby where baby Whitney sleeps. Abby has beautiful chocolate colored hair and dark brown eyes. She is a very pretty woman, wonder where is Whitney's father? "Oh if your wondering where the dad is, he jumped ship when he found out I got knocked up. I don't care, my mom raised me alone and she done wonderfully! We should hang out before I have her!" Abby said and she wrote down her number and I put it in my purse. We sat around and talked about everything we can come up with, which is mainly about being pregnant. "Miss Amy Dale," the nurse said and Christian grabbed my hand and walked me into the office and they weighed me. "Good job, Amy, you gained another five pounds. You are doing great!" The nurse said and I groaned. I gained about twenty pounds since I got pregnant. I will have to work my ass off once Sebastian or Annelise comes into this world. They took us to the room and I took my clothes off and put the gown on. Christian helped me onto the table and he held my hand. I think the baby knows I am nervous because he is moving again. "Quit that, Sebastian or Annelise! Mommy is very nervous!" I said and Christian stood up and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.
"I am nervous too, baby. I cannot wait to find out if we will have a son or daughter," Christian said and I smiled.
"I love you so much, Christian." I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips and he slid his tongue into my mouth and I moaned. When he let go, he touched my high cheek bone and he is smiling that genuine smile I feel in love with.
"I love you, too," Christian said and my doctor, Dr. Whitson, came in and the nurse is behind him, with the ultrasound
machine. The baby moved faster as my heart raced. "Quit it now, or your grounded as soon as your born!" I said to my belly and everybody in the room laughed.
"Mama is setting rules already, ain't she?" Dr. Whitson said and Christian nodded and grabbed my hand. The doctor measured my uterus and it's growing perfectly. He done a pelvic exam to make sure everything inside is in working order and make sure my cervix is still closed. He raised his head up and gave me a thumbs up. I like him, he has a sense of humor. "Now, the big finish!" Dr. Whitson said and the nurse got the machine started and the doctor exposed my huge pregnant belly again and put the goopy stuff on my belly. When the machine is running, he put the probe on my belly and began to look for our baby. I squeezed Christian's hand and he leaned in closer so he can see the baby. We heard the heartbeat and I smiled. Our baby always has a strong heartbeat, I am so proud of him! "This baby might be a football player or a ballerina how much it's moving!" Dr. Whitson said and I swallowed. He paused the screen and looked closely then moved the probe again. Oh God, please don't tell me he cannot find the gender. "Ah ha!" He said as he paused the screen and then he began to type. "IT'S A…" He stopped and looked at us. "You don't want to know, do ya?" He said and both Christian and I shook our heads fast, agreeing. "BOY!" he finished typing and he looked at us. "You are having a boy, maybe a future quarterback!" He said and I began to cry. I leaned into Christian and he is crying also.
"We are having a son, baby, a boy!" Christian said into my hair and I nodded. We sat up and the doctor and nurse is printing out copies of the ultrasound where he typed "IT'S A BOY!" and gave it to us. He gave us about five copies. One for me, one for Christian, My mom and one will be in the shop and the last one…I will mail it off to his parents. "So, what is your son's name?" The nurse asked me and I smiled at her then looked at Christian.
"Sebastian Kyle Madsen, and we cannot wait for the final four months for him to come into this world!" Christian said and our hands connected on my belly and we are just thrilled that we are having a son, A SON!


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