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Lust & Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Amy Dale inherited her late father's tattoo shop after his long battle with Cancer. She can deal with being an owner of Salt Lake City's top Tattoo shop, but there is one man that she cannot deal with, the lead tattoo artist. Denmark-born Christian Madson cannot stand how bull-headed she is and he is the best tattoo artist in Salt Lake City. Amy cannot stand how annoying he is, and she cannot deny how sexy this man is. Christian also realizes how beautiful Amy is. One night of drinking, Amy and Christian shares one night of passion and sex, making Amy lose her virginity. The next morning, Amy leaves confused and ashamed.

Two months has passed, and Amy is now pregnant with Christian's child. She wants her child to have a father that is around, unlike hers. Christian wants to be there for his child, so they had to come to an agreement. Their bumping personalities put them on edge everyday, but they start to feel an attraction for each other. Can they stand each other for their child? Will the attraction become more? View table of contents...


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*A/N: A lot happens in this little chapter. Of course THE sex scene everybody anticipated about. Also something else does too. Yes, this is a Valentines Day chapter, cause today is Valentines Day. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!*
Chapter 7
The Perfect Valentines Day
His hands are all over me, touching any surface that he can find. "Are you sure?" Christian said and I nodded.
"I want you so much, Christian. Make love to me!" I moaned and his lips attacked mine again. I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head and kissed his Celtic tattoo on his chest. My lips went down to his nipple and I brushed it with my tongue and he moaned. He pulled my bra off and my breasts, which are growing, is freed. "I want you to feel magic, Amy," Christian said and he cupped my breasts in his hands and I threw my head back. His hands, oh God his hands! He leaned in to me and nibbled on my neck, lightly biting me. His hands left my breasts and went behind me and cupped my ass and pulled me closer. "I want you so bad, Amy," Christian whispered into my ear. He pushed me against his bed and I fall into the pillows and he pulled my panties down then off. I looked into his beautiful eyes and he is smiling down at me. He crawled up and he kissed me again as I reached for his sweats and I pulled them down. His erection is making a tight tent in his boxers and he pulled them off. "We are not going straight into sex, I'm gonna love you first," He said and his lips went to my naval. The feeling of his lips on my heated skin is exciting and arousing. His kisses went down to my inner thigh and I raised my hips up, wanting so much more. I can feel his warm breath against my sex, which is wet and wanting his lips on it.
His tongue went straight for my clit and I moaned loudly. His lips joined his tongue and he sucked and licked me into oblivion. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. "Oh God, this feels so good," I moaned and he moaned too. He slid two fingers inside my hole and moved him at the same tempo as his lips and tongue. My world began to tilt at the pleasure I am feeling right now. I cannot think of nothing except for how good I am feeling. My legs began to stiffen as my climax began to build. "I am close, Christian!" I moaned.
"Come on my face baby, let me taste you," Christian said and with him saying that to me, I exploded. I bucked my hips into his face and he moved his lips faster and faster on me, making sure I come hard. When it ended, I relaxed on the bed and he climbed on top of me and I can see my arousal on his lips, I can smell it on him. He kissed me and slid his tongue inside my mouth, making me taste myself. I actually taste good, and it turned me on. He grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his waist and he pushed his dick inside me, slowly. I gasped at the feeling of his huge dick filling my tiny hole. He groaned into my neck and bit my neck, which I am finding out that I really like getting my neck bit and nibbled on. He began to move and he moved fast. He hit my spot every time and I panted his name over and over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and moaned into his chest. This feels way too good. "Oh god, Christian, more! Fuck me harder!" I screamed and he thrusted inside me, hard. I can feel myself build up again and I can Christian is getting closer to his climax. A few minutes later, I climaxed again, and he joined me and he closed his eyes and moaned loudly my name. He relaxed and rolled me so I am on top of him. He ran his fingers down my spine and I smiled into his chest. "That was fantastic," I said and he chuckled.
"I told you that you will feel magic," He said and I put my chin on my forearm so I can see him.
"I don't think I want to sleep alone anymore." He smiled and pulled me up and he gave me a kiss.
"I want you in here, with me."
The next day, I woke up and I am in Christian's bed. I smiled because I want to be here. I look over and Christian is not in bed. Well, he always got up early, so I got up and put my underwear on and went back to my bedroom, which I guess I should bring my clothes in here sometime today. When I went to the bathroom to wash my face, I seen something in myself and I realized something. It was not the hormones that made me want him. I wanted him because I am in love with him. He gave me a gift, my baby. I felt the love when we had sex last night. I know he feels the same for me. I quickly washed my face and I went to the kitchen, and Christian is not here. Huh, must went to the shop already. I grabbed a bagel and smeared some blueberry yogurt on it and got in my car. When I made it to the shop, Christian is not there either. Okay, I am getting worried now. I dialed his number and he answered. "What happened this morning?" I asked him and I can hear people in the background.
"I am picking something up, I'll be at the shop in about ten minutes," He said and I sighed in relief.
"I just got worried…"
"If you think I would leave…"
"No, I didn't think you left cause of last night. Last night was a dream come true for me." I can feel his smile at his end.
"And it only gets better after that, see you in a little bit." I got off the phone and walked into the shop and Dana is putting up heart decorations on the wall.
"HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" Dana yelled and I gave her a confused look. Valentines day, today is Valentines day? "So, how did last night go?" She asked and I smiled.
"I loved it, we made love and he wants me to sleep with him and I do too," I said and the door dinged and I turned around and gasped. Christian is standing there with a dozen roses with a "I love you" balloon attached to it and a box of chocolates. My throat got dry and I can feel tears building in my eyes. Dana excused herself and we are finally alone. "Amy, I love you. I loved you for a very long time. I am sorry about that night two months ago, yet I am not sorry. Because of that night, it brought us together because of our child. I know this is fast…"
"No, it's not fast. I…love you too," I said and I ran over to him and kissed him. He sat the presents down and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back. I never knew this would happen to me. At first, I couldn't stand this man because he was annoying. Well, he is still annoying at times. Now, if he leaves me, I will be heartbroken. I fell in love with him over the two months since that night. He is right, that night brought us together. I let go of him and we both smiled. "Happy Valentines Day, be my valentine?" Christian said and I laughed.
"Of course, silly!" I leaned against him and snuggled into him closer. This has to be the best valentines day EVER!


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