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Lust & Desire

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED) Amy Dale inherited her late father's tattoo shop after his long battle with Cancer. She can deal with being an owner of Salt Lake City's top Tattoo shop, but there is one man that she cannot deal with, the lead tattoo artist. Denmark-born Christian Madson cannot stand how bull-headed she is and he is the best tattoo artist in Salt Lake City. Amy cannot stand how annoying he is, and she cannot deny how sexy this man is. Christian also realizes how beautiful Amy is. One night of drinking, Amy and Christian shares one night of passion and sex, making Amy lose her virginity. The next morning, Amy leaves confused and ashamed.

Two months has passed, and Amy is now pregnant with Christian's child. She wants her child to have a father that is around, unlike hers. Christian wants to be there for his child, so they had to come to an agreement. Their bumping personalities put them on edge everyday, but they start to feel an attraction for each other. Can they stand each other for their child? Will the attraction become more? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey y'all! Sorry it took me a while to upload this. I wanted the weekend off with my hubby and then I brain farted writing this LOL. This chapter is shorter than usual, but you will find out why at the end hint hint! Please PLEASE read my story "Hiding in the Darkk" it's going to be so good and I know it!*
Chapter 6
This Overwhelming Desire
It's been exactly ten days since I moved in with Christian. Damn, he is so sexy. The way he moves, the way he walks around with no shirt on in the mornings. The way his pajama pants hangs so slow on his slender hips. I am not going to hide it from myself anymore, I fucking want him. I want him inside me again. I want to feel his lips and hands on my skin. Christian has not made any advances on me, and I tried kissing him two days ago, but he just smiled, kissed me back and walked off. I think he knows I want him, and he is teasing me. Sometimes, I don't think he even notices me. I am getting more pregnant cause I have a small bump now. I think he thinks I am fat, but he doesn't say anything and it's killing me!
At the tattoo shop, everybody is taking notice of my baby bump. It's not that big, but all the customers thinks it cute. "Aw, you must be at two months," A woman said and I nodded. "I bet the dad is so happy."
"I am, I think Amy looks quite adorable with my baby inside her," Christian said and he put his hand on my belly. I smiled and love the feeling of his hand on me. Even though its not on my skin, he is still touching me and it's igniting my skin. Christian finished the woman's stencil and Dana finished doing six tongue piercing customers. "Dear lord, when one wants a tongue piercing, all his little friends wants them too. Two of them needed to brush their teeth," Dana said and fanned the air. I laughed and Christian came out and I covered my face. Damn, what is with my attraction to him?
"Is it the hormones, but why do I just want to attack him and just…fuck him!" I said and Dana shook her head.
"I don't think it's the hormones. You have two connections to him. One is him taking your virginity and the other is Junior in your belly," Dana said and I looked down at my feet. We called the baby Junior because calling the baby "It, He, She" kind of bothers me, so we gave the baby a mini name.
"He avoids me at all costs! I tried kissing him to start something the other night, and he kind of blew me off!" I said and Dana laughed.
"Just be up front about it. Don't hide in the bushes about it. Just go up to Christian when y'all get home tonight and said 'I want you, Christian!'" Sometimes, you do need to be up front about your feelings. Maybe I should just go up to him tonight and tell him how I feel.
Around eight, we closed shop for the night. Dana elbowed me and winked at me and waved bye to Christian. Christian drives us back and forth from the shop and before we even reached the house, he stopped at a cute little café. "Hungry?" He asked and I snorted.
"I am always hungry," I said and he laughed.
"Well, Junior needs food too." We went in and sat down by the window and I can tell that it's fixing to snow. Snow makes me happy, brings great memories of my father. We ordered our drinks and looked at the menu. When I peeked over my menu, Christian has this very cute expression on his face, he looks confused.
"What's wrong, Christian?" I asked and he ran his fingers through his hair.
"I've been in this country for twelve years and I still don't know what a fucking Reuben is!" He said and I laughed.
"It's a corned beef sandwich with thousand island dressing." He nodded and the waitress came back and he ordered the sandwich and I ordered the chicken tender platter. We just stared at each other and I can see this look in his eyes, like he is hiding something from me. He licked his lips and I had to look away, his tongue is causing all these feelings inside me. Our food came and I immediately dived into the chicken. Oh fuck this tastes good. I never ate chicken like this in my life until I got pregnant. Junior must like chicken, hope I don't give birth to one! Christian looked at me and he laughed. "I guess you are really hungry, or is Junior hungry?" he said and I rolled my eyes.
"I guess me and Junior is hungry," I said and he smiled.
"I think your pooch is sexy. I cannot wait to see you full blown pregnant. You already got the glowing skin." I touched my face and then I blushed. He HAS been paying attention to me. I just feel so giddy right now.
"Why do you want to see me fat? I think I will look gross!" I said and he smiled.
"No you will never look gross, you are one sexy woman." I looked up at Christian and his eyes got darker with lust. He wants me, I can tell. I have to make my move when we get home. We finished eating our dinner and Christian paid the bill and we went on home. Christian went to his bedroom to watch some TV and I went to the bathroom. I washed my face off and put a little lip gloss on and hit my cheeks so they can look rosy. I am about to make the biggest move in my life. I am going to get a man, Christian, to make love to me. I closed the door behind me and went to my bedroom and took off my clothes off, only wearing my pink bra and matching boy short panties. I ran my fingers through my hair, making myself look like a siren. I smiled and nodded at myself. Amy, you can do this! Make Christian want you! I walked out of my bedroom and down the hall and knocked on the door. Christian opened and he just stared at me with his eyes wide open. "Christian, I want you," I said bluntly and he just swallowed and moved out of the way for me to come inside. When the door closed, he pressed me against the door and put his lips on mine, kissing me with fervor. I think he wants me too!


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