Lust & Desire

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 5,


*A/N: I love this chapter. Not only Amy does move in with Christian, but she figures something out about herself. Sorry the last two chapters we're short, this is a little longer. After this, things will get tense and hot and somewhat funny! Enjoy!*
Chapter 5
Moving In
“Are you going to move in with him?” Dana said when we got home around ten that night. We had a very busy day at the tattoo shop and we are sitting on the couch, watching some TV.
“Christian really wants to be in this baby’s life, and that’s the only way both of us can come up with a logical solution to let him see his child everyday,” I said and she nodded. Today was my appointment and Christian and I went together. It was awkward because we are not married or even dating. When the doctor asked me to take off my pants and panties, I never felt so uncomfortable. Christian knew how unnerving that was, so he went behind the curtain and let me take them off. The doctor checked me over and took my information and put the fetal monitor on me. When I heard that heartbeat, I knew I was truly pregnant. The baby’s heart is so strong and so fast. Christian excused himself and I heard him sniff. Has he always wanted a child? Did something happen in Denmark that involved a baby? He has been acting more strange than ever. He is always on my side, asking me how am I doing, am I sick, do I need anything…I rather have the old silly annoying him then the paternal annoying him.  I am due on October 2nd, three days before my dad’s birthday. I am eleven weeks pregnant, and I can find out the gender in April, which is little over two months away.
“So, you are considering moving in with him? I thought you two despise each other since that night,” Dana said and I sighed. 
“I am going to move in with him. He said that we don’t even have to sleep together, I can have his guest room,” I said and grabbed my apple juice and lit a cigarette. Dana jerked the cigarette out of my mouth and lit to for herself.
“You can’t smoke for seven months, Amy. Do you want this baby to have problems or born early?” She said and I sagged. I’ve been smoking since I was thirteen years old, this will be so hard for me. But, this is for my baby. 
I went to the shop the next morning and Christian is already there, setting up for his first appointment and I closed the door behind me. “I will move in with you, if you are serious about letting me sleep alone,” I said and he smiled really big.
“Of course I am serious about it. I am glad you considered it, Amy. I always wanted a child of my own, this is still a shock for me,” Christian said and I sat down beside him, and I decided that I needed to get into his mind.
“Care to tell me why you moved to the United States?” I asked him and his chest, his beautifully sculpted chest, heaved.
“I was engaged to be married to a girl back home name Claudia. A month before our wedding, my parents decided to get us both checked to see if we can have kids. The doctor came back to the room and said…” Christian paused then looked out the window. “He said that Claudia was pregnant. Claudia and I never had sex, my parents we’re traditional and made me wait till marriage, but Claudia had other plans. She had sex with an ex of hers and well, she got pregnant. I broke off the wedding, I never felt so hurt.”
“I decided to research somewhere to live in the United States, and I skimmed over a pamphlet of Salt Lake City, Utah. I had enough money for a plane ticket over there and I found a place that would accept no deposit at the time, so I packed my shit and left. I have not stepped foot in Copenhagen in twelve years,” Christian said and I am stunned. He has a broken heart that is still tearing him up for twelve years. No wonder he is so ecstatic about this pregnancy, he knows that this baby is his. 
“Wow, I am so sorry that you went though that, Christian. Well, when am I moving in?” I said and he grinned slightly.
“As soon as you can.”
It was a little after two when we closed shop for the day. Dana said that I should spend the rest of the day getting my shit out, which I only have clothes and a few pictures. She also mentioned my mother. “You haven’t even told her yet,” Dana said and Christian looked at me and shook his head.
“I don’t know how Maggie would react that I got her daughter pregnant,” He said and I put the last box in my car.
“I’ll tell her today, I’ll invite her over and she will get the whole 411 on the situation,” I said and Christian didn’t say anything, but got in my car and he drove us away to my new home. He pulled into the familiar brownstone and I tried to forget the memories here. I still remember him carrying me to his bedroom with his soft lips on mine, I remember his hands on my breasts, the feeling of him inside me. I will admit, I ache for him again. Maybe it’s my mind telling me that we should have sex again, normal sex. I cannot do that, not with Christian! I have to admit, I have been dealing with him pretty good. I am over looking his annoyance and I now know that he is very down-to-earth guy. 
“Well, welcome home, Amy. Make yourself comfortable,” Christian said carrying my boxes into the house. He lead me to the guest bedroom and on the way, we pass his bedroom. The blanket on the bed is changed, maybe because of my virgin stain, maybe he doesn’t want to remember that night… “I had to toss the blanket and sheets out, the stain was too bad. I even called my mother to ask her for some tricks. She said a bunch of things, but none of them work. I think I let the stain sink in too long,” Christian said and I looked up at him, shocked. His mother knows about us!
“Your mom knows about us?” I asked him and he smiled that smile…oh wow, it’s that kind of smile that says “Hey, I know I am sexy and carefree!”
“Yeah, at least I can talk to my mom about it. She is thrilled about being a grandmother. Papa is the same way, they may make a trip over here soon to meet you,” He said and I got slightly irritated about his comment about telling his mom.
“My mom is way different than yours. She would flip when she finds out that not only I slept with you drunk, I am knocked up from it!” I huffed and once we made it to the room, I sat on the bed. “Please, Christian, help me tell my mom!” I said and he nodded. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. “Hey baby, how’s work?” Mom asked and I can hear her busy office life at her end. She works as a the head nurse at a nursing home, and she loves her job.
“Is it possible to come over this evening to my new place? I have something to tell you,” I asked now sitting on my hands, my nervous habit.
“New place? Did you and Dana have a fight honey?”
“No, I moved in with…Christian.”
“Christian, as in the sexy tattoo artist Christian?”
“Yes, as in that sexy tattoo artist Christian. His address is…” he mouthed his address to me and he smirked. “1457 Houser Street,” I said and I can hear her write it down. 
“I get off at five, so I should be there around six,” Mom said and I sighed.
“I love you, mom,” I said and I can hear her smile.
“Love you too, doll, see you this evening.” I got off the phone and Christian’s arms are crossed and he is still smirking at me.
“That sexy tattoo artist Christian?” He said and I blushed.
“I…um…” I tried my best to defend myself but my knees has gone weak when he leaned in and rubbed his lips across mine. I gave in and our lips connected. I remember this kiss, it’s heart melting and his lips are soft as rose petals. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. His tongue tickled my bottom lip and I opened my mouth and his tongue attacked mine. I moaned as our tongues wrestled each other and he pulled away and we just stared into each other eyes. His intense blue eyes into my light brown eyes. “I can’t kiss you like that, Amy,” Christian said and I swallowed.
“Why?” I asked breathless.
“Because if I keep kissing you like that, I want you in my bed and I will make love to you.” I bit my bottom lip and my eyes are smiling at him.
“I wouldn’t mind that at all, Christian.” I cannot believe that came out of my mouth. Christian leaned in to me again and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and he stood up and left, leaving me to unpack. As I looked down at my bed, I began to think, really think. I now wonder how long I can stand sleeping by myself. That will be a challenge I will LOVE to accept!
Mom came in with Chinese food in her hands and Christian opened the door for her. “Why, nice to see you again, Christian. I haven’t seen you since Sebastian’s funeral,” Mom said and Christian nodded. I walked over and hugged my mom. My mom pulled me away and she has that serious look in her eyes. She wants answers and answers now. “Now, you two better have some explaining to do!” She said and Christian offered her the couch and she sat down and I sat down beside her as he sat in the recliner.
“Mom, Christian, Dana and myself enjoyed some drinks the day of the will reading. Christian and I drank a little too much that night, and we had sex that night,” I said and Mom didn’t say a single word to me. She just stared at me. I will continue this as long she is quiet, scary quiet. “Three days ago, I found out I am pregnant with Christian’s child and I moved in with him because we want this baby to have his father around,” I said and mom stood up and began to pace back and forth. She ran her fingers though her hair and then she looked down at us.
“Are you fucking serious? First, you had drunken sex, that I can deal with. I had sex with your dad after drinking way too much cosmos. You’re pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me when you found out, Amy?” Mom said and I looked down at my hands and tried to fight back the tears.
“Because I was scared that you would hate me. I don’t regret being pregnant, I already love him unconditionally,” I said and she smiled.
“I loved you as soon as I took that pregnancy test. I even knew I was going to have a daughter.” I stood up and hugged my mother. Well, this turned out better as expected. I thought my mom would go ape shit on me. Now with one problem out of the way, there is one more problem. How am I going to contain myself from Christian? With this new found attraction to him, I cannot stop myself from wanting him again!

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