Lust & Desire

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 3,


*A/N: Sorry, these two chapters are kind of short. The first one is just the day after their night of sex. The next chapter is a special event. I am loving all these comments from my fans, and I love y'all! Comment please!*
Chapter 3
The Day After
I have a busting headache. I sat up and I stretched my arms, letting the sheets fall off my naked body…naked? I looked down and I am completely naked. What the fuck! I never sleep naked! I looked around the room and this is NOT my bedroom. Where am I? I hear somebody stir up beside me and I looked down and I screamed. Christian jumped off the bed, now standing up, oblivious that he is naked. I don’t care how good he looks naked, I just want to know what happened. “What the fuck is going on? Where am I?” I asked and Christian ran his fingers though his hair and then looked down at himself. He grabbed the nearest pillow and covered his dick. 
“Your at my place, do you even remember what happened last night?” Christian asked. I pulled my knees up and sat my forehead on my knees. I remember almost everything about last night. I remember going to the German bar to drink, coming here with Christian, and I remember him inside me, fucking me like there is no tomorrow. 
“Oh God, we had sex last night!” I groaned and he nodded. I opened my legs and I seen the reddish-brown stain on his sheets. “Did I even tell you I was a virgin?”
“I recall you telling me,” Christian said and I grabbed his sheet and wrapped it around my naked body. I am so stupid! This was the LAST thing I wanted to do, lose my virginity in drunken sex! Christian is cool as a cucumber, probably planned it all along! I am so disgusted with him!
“You planned this from the beginning, didn’t ya?” I scowled at him. 
“What? No, no I didn’t Amy! We we’re both drunk, horny and we had each other. I’m sorry for this, I swear to you!” Christian said, sounding pretty hurt.
“No you are not, I lost my fucking virginity drunk! I lost it in a one-night stand! I got to get out of here. Where are my clothes?” Christian didn’t utter a word to me, and he gathered the clothes I wore yesterday and he turned around and left the bedroom. I put my clothes on and I went to the bathroom that connected to the bedroom and tried to comb the tangles out of my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and I sighed. I fucked Christian, the man I find annoying, last night. I drank to the point that I fucked him. I walked out of the bathroom and Christian is finally wearing something to cover himself, but it is still just gray sweat pants. “Your car is still at the bar, want me to take you?” Christian offered and I shook my head to disagree.
“I need to leave here, alone. I’ll see you tomorrow at the shop,” I mumbled and I pulled my jacket and I ran out the door. I called a taxi and told him the bar name and he took me there. On the way, I began to think about last night. I have faint memories of the events. I remember his soft lips on mine, I remember his taste, the feel of his skin, the feeling of his dick inside me, filling me…Amy, you we’re drunk! You fucked a man that you barely know! The driver pulled over and I paid him and ran to my car, which I am glad it’s even here still. I drove to my apartment that I shared with Dana and her car is parked here. I don’t feel like discussing with her about last night. She probably recovering from her hangover as well. I walked through the door and Dana is drinking her some coffee, but I didn’t feel like even talking to her. “Amy, what happened to you? Amy?” Dana asked and I just kept walking. “Amy, talk to me!” I slammed the door when she tried again. I jumped on my pillows and cried into them. I am so stupid! I am so ashamed of myself. I thought I was better than this, I never wanted to lose my virginity like this. Dana knocked lightly and I just ignored her as she came in and sat down. “Amy, please talk to me!” Dana said running her fingers through my hair.
“I am so ashamed of myself!” I cried into my pillow.
“Why, what happened?”
“I went to Christian’s house last night and we had sex. I was a virgin…A VIRGIN!” I sat up and Dana has a shocked expression on her face. “Christian seemed so cool about it, he planned this all along. He wanted in my pants, and he got in them!”
“Christian is not that kind of man, Amy. He would never deliberately get a woman drunk to have sex. You both drank a lot and your minds we’re not clear. It’s a mistake, a lot of people have sex when they are drunk, just move on okay? It’s over Amy, just relax and we will just spend the day at home.” 
“How am I going to move on? How am I going to face Christian?”
“Just do what you do around him, be annoyed with him because he is sort of annoying…” I laughed and I leaned against my friend and sighed. Maybe I can just move on and go on with life. I learned my lesson, don’t get drunk ever again!

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