Lust & Desire

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, Amy Dale inherited her late father\'s tattoo shop after his long battle with Cancer. She can deal with being an owner of Salt Lake City\'s top Tattoo shop, but there is one man that she cannot deal with, the lead tattoo artist. Denmark-born Christian Madson cannot stand how bull-headed she is and he is the best tattoo artist in Salt Lake City. Amy cannot stand how annoying he is, and she cannot deny how sexy this man is. Christian also realizes how beautiful Amy is. One night of drinking, Amy and Christian shares one night of passion and sex, making Amy lose her virginity. The next morning, Amy leaves confused and ashamed. Two months has passed, and Amy is now pregnant with Christian\'s child. She wants her child to have a father that is around, unlike hers. Christian wants to be there for his child, so they had to come to an agreement. Their bumping personalities put them on edge everyday, but they start to feel an attraction for each other. Can they stand each other for their child? Will the attraction become more?


*A/N: I had this written after I finished "Don't Cry Tonight". I think I will enjoy this story as well. This is going to be sort of comical because the two main characters cannot stand each other! Well, read on and make sure to comment!*
Chapter 1
This is Going to be FUN!
Oh fuck, I am late, so late! I am late for the lawyer to read my father’s will. Hell, I didn’t even know he had a will! I parked my car in the public parking lot and wrestled my jacket over my shoulders to cover my half sleeve tattoo my dad gave me in his own tattoo shop. When I ran up the stairs and opened the door to the lawyer’s office, everybody that is there is staring at me. My mother and my dad’s brother and sister is here. Really, this is all is in his will including me? “Ah, Amy, so glad you can make it. We we’re getting worried about you!” The lawyer, some ass hole name Jack Snyder, said. I rolled my eyes and sat down beside mom. My aunt Ursula sat with her leg across her lap and her perfect manicured nails is tapping on her clutch. “Jack, everybody is here, so can we go on with the reading?” Ursula said and I rolled my eyes. My mom, her name is Maggie, hit my leg to tell me to behave myself.
“This is the will of the late Sebastian Dale. He wants to add that he loves you all and to not miss him too much. To his sister, Ursula Dale Richardson, he gives you five thousand dollars to help your daughter, Bernice, to go to college…” The lawyer said and Ursula stood up and pushed her brunette hair out of her hair.
“Cheapskate, where do I sign so I can get the fuck out of here!” Ursula said and I bit my lip as she signed, got her check and she ran out.
“Let’s continue, to my brother, John, I give you my prized possession, my 1974 Corvette Stingray. You always wanted to buy it, so hear you go…” John smiled and I know he is happy about it. “To my only child, my daughter Amy Louise Dale, I give you fifteen thousand dollars and the ownership of my tattoo shop, Liquid Fire. The only thing I ask is to keep the employees that are there and to NOT shut it down. This shop has been a Salt Lake City staple for twelve years, and I am not going to let it down…” I just sat there with my mouth gaped open. He gave me the shop? But I don’t know how to run a business! “Last but not least, my wife, Margaret, you have the rest of my assets which is my money and our home we raised our daughter. I will miss you too so much, hope you can go on without me.” The lawyer finally finished and we shook his hand and Mom is wiping her eyes and we signed everything that needed to be sign and he handed over the keys of the tattoo shop, the deed and my check of fifteen grand. I ran outside and immediately lit a cigarette. This is too much to take in. Mom came outside and swatted the cigarette out of my hand. “I knew he would give you the shop. I taught you…”
“Mom, you didn’t teach me anything about…well, anything!” I said and she sighed. Mom and I share the same auburn hair and the bright blue eyes and she leaned against the wall. I can see the tattoo Dad gave her before I was born, it’s a heart and flower tattoo on her ankle.
“Well, his tattoo artist, Christian, knows how to run the place. He can help you,” Mom said and I nodded. Well, better go check out MY tattoo shop.
I walked into the tattoo shop and a woman is arguing with Dana Stevenson, my friend and my dad gave her a job to pierce our customers. “But I am sober enough to get a fucking nose piercing!” The woman said and Dana sighed.
“Ma’am, this is state regulations. If you drink ANYTHING alcoholic, you cannot get a tattoo or a piercing. Come back later when you are sober!” Dana said and the woman stormed out, bumping into me on the way out. Dana told me to follow her outside and she grabbed her pack of cigarettes and the cool Utah air hit us. “Why can’t people understand that we cannot drink and get tattoos or get pierced anymore?” Dana said and she lit her cigarette. I lit mine and leaned against the wall.
“The shop is mine now,” I said and she just stared at me.
“For real? Thank God, I didn’t want either your mom, no offense, or some random person owning it.” I know what she means, my mom would just close it down because she hates this shop with a passion. Ever since the shop opened twelve years ago, he literally lived in it. He came home long enough to eat dinner, use the restroom and shower and sleep. 
“Don’t worry, this shop will remain the same and no body is gonna lose their jobs,” I said and the door opened and I looked up and I was stunned. A man that has dark brown hair and the brightest blue eyes came out and he looked down at Dana. “Did that lady leave?” He asked and he has a strong European accent, and it just sounds hot. 
“Yeah, she was pissed but she will be back when she is sober. Amy here is the owner of the shop now,” Dana said and he rolled his eyes.
“Please don’t make to a girly tattoo shop. My reputation is on the line!” The guy said and I gaped at him and put my hands on my hips.
“Excuse me?” I asked and he asked.
“I am the head tattoo artist here and I am not going to let Liquid Fire go down the dumps.”
“Trust me, Mr. Tattoo Artist, I love this shop as much I loved my dad!” What is with this guy? He is such a dick!
“Oh, I am Christen Madsen and trust me, you won’t forget me!” He walked inside and I growled.
“Christian is usually not like that. He is pretty nice,” Dana said and I rolled my eyes.
“He is just so annoying!” I said and she laughed. We walked inside and began to do the paperwork on the semi-daily sales. They do a lot of tattoos and piercing here, I am highly surprised. I took off my jacket and Christian came in and whistled then purred.
“You look like you have cheetah fur on your arm!” He said and I shooed him back to his room. I looked at my tattoo, which was done two years ago on my nineteenth birthday by my dad, and smiled. That is the only good memory I have of him since he opened the shop. I have a fascination of Cheetah’s and he put their spots on the top half of my arm. A couple came in and they wanted a tattoo for each other. I filled out the paperwork for them and took their money and Christian came in and introduced himself. For a man that is just annoying, he is good at customer service. He doesn’t have a over abundance of tattoos of him, he has a sleeve on each arm and I don’t know where else, probably some of his back and chest, and I don’t want to see! “Give me about a half hour to do both stencils and we will get started on your girlfriend’s tattoo, since it’s the smallest,” Christian said and the woman smiled.
“You’re not from around here, aren’t you?” she asked and I crossed my arms. Where is he from anyway, he has an accent that I cannot figure out. It’s sounds sort of German.
“I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. I came here when I was eighteen, done all the paperwork to be an American, so I am legal,” Christian said and the customers laughed. I can detect in his voice that he is being an ass. A half hour later, Christian took the people back and I can hear the music start. Dana came out with a sixteen year old girl getting her first nose piercing and I gave her a pat on her back. 
“It looks wonderful, enjoy!” I said and the mother smiled at me.
“Love your tat, I love cheetah’s myself,” the mother said and I just grinned and watched them leave. 
“At least somebody likes it,” I said and Dana gasped.
“Um, me!” Dana said and I threw a wadded paper ball at her.
“I don’t count you, bitch!” We laughed and Christian came out and gave me a sneer.
“Stay quiet in there, I am concentrating!” Christian said and I flipped him off. He grinned really big and I gaped at him.
“I would love that offer, Amy. I never had a red head before!” He winked and he went back in and I ran my fingers through my hair and screamed. “That sounds sexy too!” Christian yelled from his room. I stomped my feet on the ground and screamed some more. Oh, Christian Madsen, you are just one overbearing, annoying man. Why do you have to be so sexy? 

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