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Love Thy Family

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(CANCELLED) After resigning from the Navy SEALS, Derrick Desmond wants to have a normal life with his seventeen year old sister, Cathy. When he went to the bar with a friend, Cathy is ambushed by men and Derrick gets worried. When he arrives home, there is a note, but no sister. An Irish woman named Teila O'Malley knows who took them and is there to help Derrick get his sister back.

Teila still remembers that dreadful day four years ago. She watched her family and town get killed by the same men that took Derrick's sister. She wants to help him get his sister back, also get her revenge. Along the way, Derrick and Teila finds themselves attracted to each other, more than they should. Will they get his sister back? Will Teila get her revenge? Will the attraction go further than expected? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Once again, sorry for the short chapter. This chapter is sexually intense, and you shall see why ;)*
Chapter 3
Step One of Finding Her
The club is very loud and the line is very long. Teila cussed under her breath and sagged in the taxi seat. "It will take us forever to get in there!" Teila said and I sighed.
"Maybe we can lie our way in," I said and she jerked her head, looking at me now.
"And tell them what?" She asked and all of the sudden, two VIP passes is between us. I looked up and the taxi driver tilted his hat and smiled.
"I use them all the time to get into clubs…you can keep them, I got five more," He said and we smiled at the man and put the passes on. We got out of the taxi and we went to the bouncer and showed him our pass. He motioned for us to go in and the music got louder. A young man came up and has a smile on his face. "Welcome to Club Miracle, please go to the VIP section and enjoy your time!" He said and he motioned us, putting his hand in the middle of Teila's back and I felt like punching him right there. I want my hands on her, not him! We went upstairs and there is some people up there and they look like they have more money than they can deal with. We sat down in a booth and I scooted closer to Teila, making sure nobody will touch her again. "Do you want anything to drink you two?" The waitress said and I ordered a beer and she ordered some whisky, like the bar. When she left, I began to laugh.
"In Ireland, you are allowed to drink at eighteen, not twenty-one!" Teila said and I nodded and the waitress came back with our drinks. I began to look around, trying to see if any of these people look like they could be soliders. Teila stood up and went to the edge of the balcony and began to look down at the dancing crowd. I walked over and I looked down at the crowd and she began to jump. "That's them, that's them down there!" Teila said and pointed at two men with women. They have Army shirts on and they look like they are around my age. "Come on Derrick, lets get down there!" Teila said and grabbed my hand and we ran down the steps and got in the middle of the crowd. "Dance with me!" Teila said and I just nodded and she grabbed my arms and wrapped them around her tiny body. She began to move up and down, grinding against me and I can feel my hard-on coming back. Oh fuck, she's is going to feel it! I began to move against her, staring at those men and Teila is looking at them as well. I love the nearness of her, her body against me, but we can't enjoy this time, we are on a mission. We are going to save Cathy. The men left and Teila immediately let go of me and began to follow them and I am running behind her. They got to the alleyway and they began to fondle with the women they are with. Teila wanted to make a mad dash to them, but I stopped her. I put my hand right under her breasts, not even touching them, and she is staring at me. Our eyes connected, I have never seen anyone so beautiful in my life. We turned back to the group and one of the men slapped a woman and that made me mad. Teila and I ran over there and I grabbed one man and she grabbed the other. "Where is my sister, ass hole?" I yelled and punched him.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" The man said and I punched him again.
"The American girl, where is she?" I asked again. "Don't make me hit you again!"
"Oh her…she is a dish! Wonder if I can put my hands on those tits!" I punched him again and he spit out blood!
"That is my sister, you fucker! Where is she?"
"Last time I seen the babe is the plane. They had her knocked out cold. I don't know where she is dude, I swear!" I stood up and looked over at Teila and she had her guy pinned.
"What do they want from her?" Teila asked him and slapped him.
"All I know is that we had to go to the house and get her. The boss didn't tell us why he wanted her. All we got is get Catherine Desmond and bring her to Dublin. They had a limo waiting, going to the base in Lancaster!" The guy said and Teila dropped him to the ground. She backed up and then looked at me.
"Lancaster is about a two hours north of here. We head out in the morning, and for you two fuck faces…" Teila kicked the guy she held up in the stomach and as he groaned in pain, she kicked my dude. "That is for the people you killed in my town and taking an innocent girl from her family!" She yelled and she began to run away, and I am right behind her.
"Did you find them honey?" Nona said and Teila and I dropped on the couch as we entered the house.
"Yeah, she is in Lancaster, the base. We are heading out in the morning," I said and she nodded.
"Take Garrett's car, I am sure he doesn't mind you using it," Nona said and she left the living room. When I heard her bedroom door shut, I looked over at Teila and she is leaning against the couch and she is staring back at me. I feel this electric feeling in my body and I leaned over and put my lips on hers. She didn't move away from me, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her to me. Her lips are so soft and delicate against mine and I brushed my tongue on her bottom lip and she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue into her mouth and moaned. She tastes so good. I ran my hands down her back and pulled her closer to me, pressing my hard-on against her and she let go for a split second to look at me. "Your hard because of me?" She asked so innocently.
"Yes, I've been hard since before we left the club. You look so delectable in that dress," I said in my deep husky voice.
"I've never…"
"I will be gentle with you, Teila…" I kissed her again and my hands went around her back and to her breasts and I squeezed the globes and she moaned. She threw her head back and pushed her chest closer to me. I pinched her nipples and she groaned. She wants me, I know she does. Teila jumped back and she rubbed her upper arm and she is looking down at me.
"Derrick, I've never felt this way before. I am scared, I-I'm going to my room," Teila said and before I could say anything. I heard the door close and I ran my fingers through my hair, she is a virgin, she is just scared of the unexpected. I stood up and I decided to turn in myself, with a fucking hard-on and Teila O'Malley on my mind.
"Derrick, are you still up?" A faint whisper asked and I turned on my light and Teila is standing there, in nothing but a pair of panties and a white tee-shirt.
"What's wrong?" I asked her and she walked over slowly to the bed and she sat down beside me.
"I'm still scared, Derrick. I've never even touched a man before. I kissed this boy when I was fourteen, but that was it. Derrick, I want you to show me…" Teila said and my hard-on began to stir up.
"Show you what exactly?" I said and cleared my throat. Where is she getting at? Show her what, my sleepy mind is making this more complicated than it should be.
"Show me how to fuck you. Take my virginity, make me a woman!"


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